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Hi everybody,

I've come up with a new way that I'd like the forum to work. I've built a quick test site here:

All forums tend to be on the cliquey side, its in their nature. New members may appear less knowledgable because they're not contributing as much when in fact they could be an expert in a certain area of the industry.

So I've tried to come up with a way to include all companies, in a fair and balanced way.

In the sidebar on the test site you will see several brands, and each one links to their forum profile. I'll build up 15-20 of the main companies, and they're all welcome to have a forum account (if they don't already have one), or several if they'd like to have News posted under one account and support under another for example.

The new forum system means a brand doesn't need to get involved in each individual thread because when 'trigger words' are typed in the first post of any thread then the forum automatically adds a footnote to the bottom of the thread.

You can see examples of that by clicking on any of the threads in the test forum:

One thread can trigger several footnotes, and the page will change and equally share those views per page change. So if 2 footnotes (or brands) are triggered then those two share 50% of the total pageviews each.

News can then be posted to the forum under a brand, and when that brand is mentioned in a forum thread, the news will be linked to automatically, for example. But not just news, anything can be put into a brands footnote. So current advertising campaign, company contact details, web address or support system. Or they can contain just a link to the forum profile too.

At the moment Dan needs to setup these footnotes for a brand, this can't be done under your forum account. But in planned future versions of this we will be allowing members to edit their own footnotes HTML.

I've done this to try and create a decent free forum that yes, you can subscribe to so that google ads don't show, but it can also be free for all users including brand names.

For now, this is only going to be rolled out on and not any other construction forums of ours. We will be testing it for 12 months or more before considering rolling it out network-wide.

Please get in touch with me via [email protected] or 07779 555 007 during business hours. :)

Hope to be hearing from you soon, as it will be limited in space. I'm not sure the 12 or so that exist are right sizewise so if we need to make the banners a little bigger, then there wont be as many brands shown.

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