1. Dan

    Deactivate your account at any time

    If you have received all the advice you needed, or just want to take a break from the forum, you can deactivate your account at any time. You can reactivate it within 30 days.
  2. Dan

    Change your own username colour
  3. Dan

    Photos of your work! - Professional Wall and Floor Tiling Pictures (2019 Public Thread)

    There's a thread in the arms that I thought should have some of the pics shared publicly. So here's the thread. Feel free to post away! :)
  4. Localtiler

    Preparation What's your favourite levelling compound ?

    Ive used Tilemaster levelflex a lot recently but I'm looking for something that flows better, and behaves better, whats your go to leveller ? Rapid level 30 is the best flowing and the best final finish I've ever known but it's not always suitable with its working time and limited depth. Does...
  5. B

    Wetroom dilemma's - want to pick on your professional opinon on this

    All professional opinon appreciated - Had a wetroom done and the tiles are falling off in the wetroom, the tiler used the dot and dab method in a wetroom. I have up loaded the images to see what your opinon should we take the tiles off and start again.
  6. Localtiler

    What's your daily grinder

    What's your everyday grinder for cutting ? I have a bosch but the cord is driving me mad it's so rigid, not sure if it's getting more rigid as time goes on! I have a variable which has a lovely supple cord, so I bought the same model but none variable from PTT and that's got a normal cord on it.
  7. D

    Your honest Views folks

    Hi all i have my floor tiled now for the second time.. this is is the pictures of what is left from the removal of the tiles for the 2nd time. What's your honest views
  8. Balloo

    Have you got a man cave

  9. timeless john

    Pictures 2018 - Your Best Job - 1 picture only.

    Post your own personal best picture of your work. No comments or dislikes - just likes! Everyone welcome. ONLY ONE PICTURE EACH - So make it a good one! No prize it’s just going to be a viewing gallery of 2018 styles. Let’s see them.
  10. 3_fall

    C’mon then, show us your tanking.

    What’s your preference, how did you tank your last wet area? Wedi board with Butyl tape applied.
  11. timeless john

    Xmas songs - your top choice!

    It’s whats Xmas was all about when I was growing up!
  12. Anthony Wills

    Your thoughts on coverage?

    Hi I layed 4 tiles for a customer in a front door entrance. The customer then wanted me to rip up the carpet and tile the whole hallway in the same tiles. This meant taking up the tiles I layed. They came up with no difficulty and saw there was pretty good coverage in under most of the tiles imo...
  13. Dan

    Automate your bookkeeping with Albert!

    Albert is the perfect app for your daily bookkeeping. Download it now and simplify your daily life by having your invoices automatically setup and your expenses automatically created. With Albert, you can send unlimited HMRC compliant-invoices and store as many expenses as you need for free...
  14. LEE MAC

    Adhesive How much are you getting from your adhesive

    This week for the first time I used @ISOMAT UK AK 20 to install @Schlüter-Systems Ltd Ditra and a 1200x600 porc tile. The area was 65 mts. I used the standard Schluter 4mm notch to install the Ditra and a 13mm square notch to bed the tile with a flat back skim to the tile as well of course, the...
  15. Q

    What is your grouting technique for very riven slate ?

    Hello guys, I have a 40 metre slate floor to lay in opus next week. The slate is highly riven and will grout in silver grey. The slate will be washed and then sealed with Matt stone sealer. Will lay around the heating mat with an s2 adhesive, s1 elsewhere. I have 2 questions ; What grout would...
  16. JohnsonL

    So what is your goto smoothing compound

    Im curious to know what every tilers goto levelling (smoothing ) compound is to get a floor in your eyes perfect for the job. If you need that glass smooth flat/ level finish what product do you guys use and why? My interest is purely that, as an experienced floorlayer my company is always...
  17. macten

    Pictures Pics of things you hate that make your job harder

    Todays pain in the ass:
  18. Adrian mcc

    Porcelain New to the forum hope your all ok

    Hi all thought I would just say hi as I’m new to the forum I am 29 and have been plumbing and Tiling since I left school. Really enjoy the tiling side to my career and hope a can share a few pics in the future with you guys. Love the forum u people have excellent knowledge and I hope I can learn...
  19. S

    South East Earn your place in Heaven (Kent)

    Ok, So this isn't going to make you rich, but it may make you famous... Had a tiler, removed the chancer (Adhesive between tiles? - ).....I now need a tiling hero to snatch my walls from defeat and drag them closer to victory...
  20. Andy Allen

    Home schooling your children....

    Do any of you home school your kids ?? Be interested to know a bit more about it especially if there teenagers....
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