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  1. Hobnob

    I need your votes please....

    Hi, My tiling business has been shortlisted for the Simply Business "Britains best small business name" competition. I'm going to need all the votes that I can get so please follow the link and vote for "Grout of this World" before 8th March...
  2. T

    The best tilling systems (spacers) in your opinion

    Hello, My name is Theodor and I am head of technical sales in a building supply store in Greece. I am looking to import a value for money tile laying system (maybe the traditional system with the clips and wedges or what ever is the best in your opinion), Unfortunately as well I know, there is...
  3. R

    Cutting What would be your tool of choice for cutting plinths etc

    Trimming down kitchen plinths and end panels? Don't do many but have one coming up, usually use masking tape a a saw with high tpi. Any power tools better?
  4. Dan

    Delays due to lack of lorry drivers causing any delays in your work?
  5. Dan

    Add your news for free; Tiling News, Plumbing News, Electrical News

    Add your news for free; Tiling News, Plumbing News, Electrical News What's Involved in Posting Company News or Tiling News to then? Register for your free Account Edit your details in your account options (not required but handy as it leaves an about us bit...
  6. J

    Can you share your budget for kitchen remodeling ideas?

    Can you share your budget for kitchen remodeling ideas I also had a misconception that kitchen remodeling or makeover would cost a leg and an arm. The fact is, it’s not always true. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give it a fresh new look. All it takes a little time, effort, and creativity...
  7. Dan

    Register your tiling business with our new website please

    Hello lads and ladies, I've been working on a new website. It's a directory but it will come with some awesome features and it's well optimised. I'm aiming for a check-a-builder and mytrader type website, but free for both the customers and the tradesepeople. I need...
  8. C

    Porcelain to anhydrite screed whats your favorite method?

    Hi i'm self building my own barn conversion and have a anhydrite screed and underfloor heating. Screed was laid 8 months ago and latence removed about 5 months ago, the heating cycled during the winter but off now as its 'summer'. I dont have any way of testing if its dryed out but have had a...
  9. Sean Kelly

    What's up your chimney?

    Doing a bit of spring cleaning today on my fireplaces. I put my hand up and pulled out these items!
  10. S

    Your professional thoughts please.

    Hello, we have just had some tiling done. The tiles look ok in the daylight, but when you turn the lights on they don’t look very straight/ flush. When you run your hands over them you can tell where some of the tiles aren’t quite flush. The wall is new and was freshly plastered before tiling...
  11. Sean Kelly

    Claim your complimentary Marcrist 850 INOX cutting disc!

    Not sure if this is allowed, but I got an email the other day from CTD. It contained a link to Marcrist for a free 850 INOX cutting disc. Give your details and show/print voucher to your chosen store...
  12. Lou

    Show Us Your Pumpkins!

    It is Halloween and I have not done a pumpkin this year, no time! So I want to see yours :)
  13. Dan

    Tilers Link Exchange – Swap links with tilers outside your area

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  14. Dan

    Get Push Notifications to your Phone When People You Follow Post the the Forum

    We have another new feature. (Been here a while actually but I tend not to overwhelm you with instructions else nothing sinks in ;) lol) If you follow somebody on the forum these days, you get some extra options. You can opt to get an alert when people you follow post to the forum. So if you...
  15. Dave

    Plasterers who try to undermine your advice

    Just had a call from my customer asking why I recommended the bathroom walls not to be skimmed ( fully tiled ). he said the plasterer found it very strange and asked that he double checks with the tiler as he advises that they are skimmed. More like he wants to charge him extra instead of just...
  16. D

    Tilers Coin Challenge! - Let's see your no-lippage floor tiling!

  17. Boggs

    Moroccan and geometric style floors

    I have a customer looking for a Moroccan or geometric style floor in her bathroom. Any chance of some pics of ones you’ve completed and where the tiles were from as it might help her visualise the finished job. Thanks :)
  18. J

    Water UFH What is your choice for retro fit wet ufh

    There are many different types out there, I have one I recommend. Which one do you lads recommend / fit and is it different for different substrates?
  19. Dan

    Choosing your tile well, will guide your cost

    A huge factor when buying tiles are the cost of them. But not just them, the adhesive and grout too. But not even just those three things, the products needed to prepare your background (substrate) to tile to is often the part that is missed out when it comes to costings. We've made a whole new...
  20. Dan

    Pictures I want to host all your tile videos on our forum here

    I'm going to set something up tomorrow so that we can host all your videos, no matter how big or how long. Upload them for free. Not get lost amongst cat videos and stuff like they do on YouTube. I'll rip all the good ones and host them on here. Let people ask for us to take them down like...
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