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  1. Dan

    Get Push Notifications to your Phone When People You Follow Post the the Forum

    We have another new feature. (Been here a while actually but I tend not to overwhelm you with instructions else nothing sinks in ;) lol) If you follow somebody on the forum these days, you get some extra options. You can opt to get an alert when people you follow post to the forum. So if you...
  2. Dave

    Plasterers who try to undermine your advice

    Just had a call from my customer asking why I recommended the bathroom walls not to be skimmed ( fully tiled ). he said the plasterer found it very strange and asked that he double checks with the tiler as he advises that they are skimmed. More like he wants to charge him extra instead of just...
  3. Boggs

    Moroccan and geometric style floors

    I have a customer looking for a Moroccan or geometric style floor in her bathroom. Any chance of some pics of ones you’ve completed and where the tiles were from as it might help her visualise the finished job. Thanks :)
  4. JulianSidney

    Water UFH What is your choice for retro fit wet ufh

    There are many different types out there, I have one I recommend. Which one do you lads recommend / fit and is it different for different substrates?
  5. Dan

    Choosing your tile well, will guide your cost

    A huge factor when buying tiles are the cost of them. But not just them, the adhesive and grout too. But not even just those three things, the products needed to prepare your background (substrate) to tile to is often the part that is missed out when it comes to costings. We've made a whole new...
  6. Dan

    Pictures I want to host all your tile videos on our forum here

    I'm going to set something up tomorrow so that we can host all your videos, no matter how big or how long. Upload them for free. Not get lost amongst cat videos and stuff like they do on YouTube. I'll rip all the good ones and host them on here. Let people ask for us to take them down like...
  7. Dan

    Is your tile adhesive coverage better than his?

    Just found this video and wondered if your tile coverage is better than his? 1568309703 And then there's this guy. Who is using lash clips. I thought they helped get a more even coverage by pulling the tiles together. Did he need more water in his mix so it became a bit smoother? I know...
  8. Lou

    Brexit and your business

    We don't want to discuss what you voted for and who likes who the best - but for discussing how your think your business could be affected by Brexit then use this thread. So How do you think your business will be affected by Brexit? Would it be better to leave or stay? Has your business...
  9. Dan

    Want to delete your own account? Do that here!

    I've always let members have their account deleted by me if they ask. I used to talk them into staying, I think that's against privacy laws now. As a firm with their details - if they request it, it's done. https://www.tilersforums.com/account/delete You can see where Dave's, Doug's (and I...
  10. timeless john

    Photo of your day/weekend off.

    24-08-2019 1st day of August Bank holiday and off to the seaside. Only a couple of miles away BLYTH in Northumberland.
  11. Dan

    Tiler How to rank your listing well and get calls coming from it

    Hi everybody, I've setup the new tilers directory and started to transfer old listings over to it. But it's doing my head in now. So I'll show you how to do it instead. Do it in these stages and you will rank well in search engines. The listings I've done are already ranking one first page of...
  12. J

    tilers in your area

    what ever happened to tilers in your area site?
  13. Dan

    How to work out your reaction ratio

    So the new tags that automatically get dished out by the forum work on a ratio of your posts versus the likes those posts have received. So here's my profile: As you can see I have 23,000 posts and just under 5,000 'reaction score' (basically, likes). So my score isn't even 1:1. Or even 2:1...
  14. Dan

    Deactivate your account at any time

    If you have received all the advice you needed, or just want to take a break from the forum, you can deactivate your account at any time. https://www.tilersforums.com/account/thui-deactivate/ You can reactivate it within 30 days.
  15. Dan

    Change your own username colour

  16. Dan

    Pictures Photos of your work! - Professional Wall and Floor Tiling Pictures (2019 Public Thread)

    There's a thread in the arms that I thought should have some of the pics shared publicly. So here's the thread. Feel free to post away! :)
  17. Localtiler

    Preparation What's your favourite levelling compound ?

    Ive used Tilemaster levelflex a lot recently but I'm looking for something that flows better, and behaves better, whats your go to leveller ? Rapid level 30 is the best flowing and the best final finish I've ever known but it's not always suitable with its working time and limited depth. Does...
  18. B

    Wetroom dilemma's - want to pick on your professional opinon on this

    All professional opinon appreciated - Had a wetroom done and the tiles are falling off in the wetroom, the tiler used the dot and dab method in a wetroom. I have up loaded the images to see what your opinon should we take the tiles off and start again.
  19. Localtiler

    What's your daily grinder

    What's your everyday grinder for cutting ? I have a bosch but the cord is driving me mad it's so rigid, not sure if it's getting more rigid as time goes on! I have a variable which has a lovely supple cord, so I bought the same model but none variable from PTT and that's got a normal cord on it.
  20. D

    Your honest Views folks

    Hi all i have my floor tiled now for the second time.. this is is the pictures of what is left from the removal of the tiles for the 2nd time. What's your honest views
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