1. Dan

    *** THINK YOU CAN RUN A FORUM?!?! MWaaahahahhahaaa - Alright then, let's do it.

    It's come to my attention again that we're in another phase for TilersForums. And it's one I'm perhaps going to need to step back in. I've been toying with the idea for a bit. And I think it's a shame to lose this place. No other forum setup will work. It's too late in the game. The other...
  2. C

    DIY Ardex

    Hi everyone, new member of this forum, thanks. Need advice on Ardex wpc. Applied a few days ago 2 coats as specified. I am tiling my shower area shortly but find the Ardex to be mildly tacky, is the tile cement and tile going to adhere or is there a problem heading my way. Many thanks ChrisD
  3. M

    Pictures Thank you, forum! Job complete

    Recently (finally!) wrapped up our bathroom so just here to say a big thanks to the advice gained from this forum! Lots of posts read and a few of my q's answered.. Was my first job at our home so I could take my time and I learned loads from doing it, can't wait for the next job soon, cheers!
  4. M

    DIYer New To Forum

    Hello. Ive been tackling a lot of my own home projects for 20 years, including 3 different tiling projects. However I am always learning and always encountering new issues for which I spend a lot of time researching. Some issues are not always easy to find answers for. I'm hoping that being...
  5. Dan

    The URL for this forum is so you can access it quickly should you need to

    The URL for this forum is so you can access it quickly should you need to.
  6. L

    Tile Forum Joined - Hello to all

    Hello to all Joined the forum to try and get some info on a project that I will be undertaking around Easter time Lots of planning going on as we speak
  7. 3_fall

    Forum email.

    Anyone else experiencing a problem with forum emails? Not had any in the last 24hrs. @Dave @Dan
  8. E

    Newbie to the forum

    Hi All, I've been reading through the forum for a few months now and thought I should pipe up and say hello! I've been tiling since October following a career change due to redundancy. I find I'm learning on a daily basis and the forum has helped me massively, so thank you all. Many of my...
  9. Mike the Tiler


    Hello guys I'm new to this forum m, but not new too tiling. Been tiling for over 28 years now. Happy to help always willing to tile. Kindest regards Mike
  10. Uheat - Jake

    uHeat New Website - Forum Special Offers

    Recently we've launched our new website with a stylish new design and some new products but with the same exclusive discounts to forum members. All forum members receive 5% discount using the code tilersforum at the checkout. Trade members can get a 15% discount, the...
  11. Dan

    Christmas Forum Themes / Styles - And a nighttime reading one - Feedback wanted :)

    Go easy on me. I've spent ages sorting these out for the forums. But I do want some feedback so please do try and find something that needs improving on. :) We have some new themes for the forum. If you scroll all the way down the forum. Past all the content. Past the footer. You get a...
  12. Dan

    How's My Tiling? How's my tiling? - New prefix added to the main tiling forum

    @3_fall and I were trying to come up with a way, or a name for a forum, for this. We wanted to somehow identify this type of thread, and even push the 'homeowner' (not always a homeowner but you get what I mean when I say that) to either a forum of its own, or at least mark them with a prefix...
  13. Dan

    Get Push Notifications to your Phone When People You Follow Post the the Forum

    We have another new feature. (Been here a while actually but I tend not to overwhelm you with instructions else nothing sinks in ;) lol) If you follow somebody on the forum these days, you get some extra options. You can opt to get an alert when people you follow post to the forum. So if you...
  14. Dan

    Tiling Tools and Materials Forum

    This is me still customising the forum. Check this page out: Tile Materials and Tiling Tools - It's the forum categories related to tools and products. As well as having its own section now in the main menu. And the...
  15. Dan

    We're hoping to shift some threads to this area of the forum.

    If you spot any threads (or know of any off the top of your head) then please give us a shout via reporting the post and we will move those over to this area of the forum for you. We're aiming to get this forum category stacked up with tiles and tile advice threads. There are a lot of people...
  16. Dan

    Quattro anni sul forum - Happy Forum-Day Antonio. :)

    Quattro anni sul forum - Happy Forum-Day Antonio. :) :D
  17. Dan

    The Flooring Forum - DIY and Pro Floor Fitters Advice Forum

    Discuss all types of floor coverings in this forum category. Including (but not limited to):- Vinyl Flooring Wood Flooring Carpets and Rugs Stair Carpets Laminate Flooring Underlays and fixing materials Anything else that can be installed on floors Whilst 99% of our members are floor tilers...
  18. justynp

    New to the forum Professional sealant / mastic applicator West Yorkshire

    Hi Im new to the forum ive been running my own Professional sealant / mastic detailed application business with a team of sealant applicators in the UK construction industry for over 20 yrs, following many late payments and financial hits from large contractors I am now back working as a sole...
  19. Dan

    FIXRADIO Forum Player

    Okay, so I tested a way to play FIXRADIO when you wanted to play it, but it took over the world and started to breed and everything! - So I've reconfigured it and it's just a link in the menu now on the Forums tab. So here it is on Desktop/Laptop It's in the grey sub-menu. You'll find it...
  20. Dan

    New Forum Homepage on I think this is news-worthy, it's not often we change the actual structure of pages. Even during the domain name change, and software upgrade, all threads and posts have the same links/URL's to them. So this is fairly big. I've just changed the hompage layout...
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