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First time on here, new to DIY and have my first challenge:
Decided to floor tile our first property and having done so with hardie backer boards and Lauara Ashley Dove tiles.
The floor had slight movement in certain areas, so we nailed down floorboards as secure as possible without me messing with the wooden beams below the floor. Also when tiling I decided to apply adhesive onto the back of the tile rather than the floor as I didn't want adhesive coming through the gaps (as wanted tight finish without grouting). Realized after it would look better grouting, so grouted it....(poor planning all round, not enough research done I know...never again will I make this mistake with DIY)

To cut the long story short having tiled and grouted, now some of the grout keeps cracking and coming out on certain tiles.

What do you suggest my plan to manage these tiles going forward ? Should I leave constant re-grouting, allow the tiles to break if they do and replace if they do ? or should I start ripping up the tiles which I really don't want to do.

Any advice here would be much appreciated - I can attach photos late if necessary


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Welcome to the forum, our members will be able to offer advice to you. Can you post some photos?


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Probably your grout is sat on top of tiles rather than in the joint is one reason it could be cracking also I expect your tiling technique didn't promote proper adhesion to the hardy so may be letting go . Suggest you take one up to have a look
Full strip out and needs to be re done I’m afraid. Unfortunately with these things, we train for many years in subfloor preparation, tile fixing techniques and suitable products to use and that knowledge can’t be learned and applied easily on a DIY job. I’m not saying it can’t be done, it just takes a lot of research to do it properly when it’s not your forte. Pop a few tiles up and show us what you have. Sounds like a lot of movement.

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