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I purchased some tiles on the 13th August from Topps Tiles in London, I wont say which one. But the tile came all different batches, the tiler then fixed them I understand that this is accepted at times but you need to mix the tiles to make them at least uniform and mixed.

Please what can I do? The tiles are now fixed. The tiler was good. Perhaps shouldnt have fixed them but we are here now.


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Hi. Once the tiles are fixed then i am pretty sure you have no claim. Shades/tono and batch numbers should be checked prior to installation. If incorrect then you have to bring this up with the supplier but seen as you have already installed them then i think you’re claim in invalid. Speak to Topps customer service and see what they say.


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@Dan Could you offer any advice on this?


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As above really the tiler can mix some, should have said at that point that the batches are way out. Unless they're so out he thought there were a few shades of the same colour intentionally. Customers need take a pic of the display in the store these days as could maybe go to the store manager and say this is what you supplied me.

But once fixed you'd have to really kick up a fuss to get them budge now.

If there are a few way out try pry them off. If they've been fixed with any type of ready mixed they might have a chance but if they don't pop off don't force them you'll end up with chips in them too then.

Got any pictures?

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