1. D

    Hi Guys My Introduction and my Query

    Hi everyone. Introduction time to this great forum. My name is David Alp, and have joined this site to try to get some help and advice regarding my "Beige" White Floor Tiles which I bought in August 2020 (during the covid Pandemic) from "Topps Tiles" in Thurmaston Leicestershire. If you...
  2. L

    Sub floor query (transitioning between types)

    I've got a kitchen install coming up and the client wants floor tiles. Half the room is a concrete slab and half is floorboards on joists. It will all have backer boards. Could there problems with grout cracking on the transition between sub floors?
  3. N

    Tile trim finish query

    Morning all, I like the finish of the window reveal of the attached. My question is, how do you finish the top of the tile trim? Is it a case of a dab of silicone or something to finish off the exposed edge? Many thanks
  4. P

    Rubi DCX-250 Saw length query

    Hi, Is anyone using a Rubi DCX-250 expert 1250 bridge saw? I'm trying to find the total length of the saw table to ensure it fits in the van prior to purchase. Trying on google but it's telling me packaged length is same as cut length...1250...which cannot be correct. Have a berlingo van and...
  5. T

    Self Levelling Query.

    Hi All, Doing an install at the moment which requires me to self level in two stages. I have put leveller over leveller in the past (priming between coats) and not thought much of it. However today I had a query and decided to call the manufacturers technical team and to my surprise they told...
  6. B

    Hex mosaic floor tile query

    Hello - any advice welcome. My tiler laid our mosaic floor sheets incorrectly so the pattern was incorrect. After flagging it and asking what was the best option to fix. He said he could swap over the individual tiles to make the pattern right. He's done that, but I've noticed that several of...
  7. H

    Thickness of grout line query

    Fired Earth recommend using a 3mm grout thickness on their 200x100mm tiles when fixed onto plaster, to allow for movement. My tiler has gone ahead and used 2mm spacers, he says he always does this for walls. Could i have a problem. British Standards say a minimum of 2mm.
  8. A

    New build query

    Apologies in advance. This question might be asked a lot. My new house is due completion in May which has a downstairs area of of 65.4 sq.m of concrete screed. I am hoping to get the tiled with 60cm x 60cm large format tiles. While fishing locally for quotes I have had very contradictory...
  9. P

    Adhesive query..

    Going to be doing a job with quartz resin tiles, the ones with the sparkly bits in them. It'll be on to No more ply, with no UFH. The builder has supplied bio gel no limits for the job, and i am wondering if this is suitable for the job, as I normally use a 2 part for these sort of tiles. Thanks...
  10. N

    Old tile query in 1950s house

    Afternoon all. I'm just starting a cloakroom toilet project and i need some advice regarding old tiles. Having just ripped some old skirting off, i discovered that it had been bonded to some very old looking tiles that transition 90° bewteen the floor and the wall. Unfortunately some of them...
  11. P

    Shower Room Floor Tiling Query

    Hello, I am fitting an offset quadrant shower cubicle (which has a large rounded corner) and would like to have a fully tiled floor (as in a wet room) rather than the usual surface stone tray. The problem is that all of the wet room preformed trays are oblong and I can see there will be a...
  12. P

    Tilers day rate costs query

    Hello all, Can anybody please advise an approximate day rate that a tiler would charge in South East England (specifically Sussex area)
  13. Boggs

    Renault Trafic adblue query

    Do any of you good chaps own or drive a new Renault Trafic or one of its clones? I have a 2017 lwb and it’s the first vehicle I have owned that needs adblue. Problem is it seems to go through the stuff almost as quick as diesel. I have only done 7800 miles in it and I have just put my 3rd...
  14. P

    tile fixing to stud wall query

    hello all, I am having an ensuite room built and want it tiled all over. one of the walls will be a stud wall which I want to have wood covered so as to have good fixing for cupboards etc. My questions are: 1) I thought of using thick plywood which I thought will need waterproof protection...
  15. J

    British Standards Query

    Hello, I recently received some great advice from you all regarding an ongoing dispute (Is this an acceptable edge cut? - https://www.tilersforums.com/threads/is-this-an-acceptable-edge-cut.84202/), and I wondered if I might impose on you one more time for some information regarding BS 5385. I...
  16. F

    Hi fellow tilers, quick query

    hi everyone, I'm about 6months in to my new tiling career and things seem to be going well. Look forward to getting involved with some Of the discussions. One quick query (and the main reason I joined), I'm currently pulling up some tiles that were laid in an upstairs ensuite over chipboard...
  17. S

    what m2 of tiles would you be fitting on average in a day

    Reading a post just now it was stated that a good tiler could be fully booked up 6 months in advanced. Obviously thats great but what I was wondering is how much work would you be getting through to be booked up that long Like what m2 of tiles would you be fitting on average in a day ? I'm...
  18. D

    Sealing query

    Guys, I'm currently doing a job for a customer with some Fired Earth metros with a crackled glaze. Question is do I need to seal them before grouting or after?? They are two tone with a pebble colour half way up the room and then white at the top, grout colour is going to be a silver grey. Just...
  19. Archie69

    Floor levelling query

    Hi everyone, I have three public toilets to prep for a floor layer, someone suggested uzin 65 is a good repair / levelling compound? What's your thoughts and recommendations?? All ideas appreciated..
  20. O

    Concrete floor residue query

    I went to look at a small domestic floor job this morning and have a query over the floor prep. On lifting the existing cushioned vinyl flooring there is a 0.5mm film of black sticky residue on the concrete floor. Is this likely to be the adhesive that was laid to fix the vinyl. The vinyl is...
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