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Tornadoes, cyclones, and other storms with strong winds damage or destroy many buildings. However, with proper design and construction, the damage to buildings by these forces can be greatly reduced. A variety of methods can help a building survive strong winds and storm surge.

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  1. Lou

    Global Ceramic Tiling Ltd - Tilers in Hampshire

    Lou submitted a new resource: Global Ceramic Tiling Ltd - Tilers in Hampshire - Hampshire Tilers - Global Ceramic Tiling Ltd Read more about this resource...
  2. O

    BAL Board under shower tray

    Hello! New to the forum and my first post on this after doing a bit of searching. I'd be interested to know your thoughts/experience of fitting BAL Board or Hardiebacker under the shower tray. The reason I ask is that with the build-up i'm looking at, if I installed the shower tray on the ply...
  3. T

    BAL Football thread - 2019/2020 season.

    It’s here! For those who are interested the new football season has started. State your club and watch their season progress. From Premier league to ..... Sunday morning park games - whatever you follow. Let’s go....
  4. T

    BAL BAL or Mapei - Decoupling membrane/anti-frac?

    Looking for a mat to help stop any movement between solid hallway floor and suspended ceiling over cellar. Victorian geometric tiles over top. BAL or Mapei - any preference? Cheers TN.
  5. L

    Tiler wanted. shower area to be tiled. Tiles roughly 400mm x 200mm with bal adhesives and grouts

    Hi. I have a shower area to be tiled. Tiles roughly 400mm x 200mm with bal adhesives and grouts. Walls prepped with moisture board and tanked. It is approximately 6.5m2. The job is in Ealing. If anyone is keen please contact me. Regards Lee
  6. Tile Fix Direct

    BAL Free Hoodie when you use BAL Flexbone2Easy!

    Buy Flexbone2Easy lose lay de-coupling mat from TileFix Direct and we will send you a free hoodie! Just send us pictures of you laying the sheet. We're Making It 2Easy To Get a Free Hoody -...
  7. J

    BAL bal flex bone 2 easy

    hi all has any one used this decoupling mat by BAL yet. Was talking to there REP today and am thinking about using it on a job which is getting an anhydrite screed. there seam to be alot of advantages to using this product but need to know your views
  8. M

    BAL In search of porcelanosa bali antracita tile 44.3 x 44.3.

    In search of porcelanosa bali antracita tile 44.3 x 44.3. One box ideally two. I have check with porcelanosa and it is discontinued and they have none in stock. We are hoping to get some work done in our kitchen and need only 6-8 tiles if we can’t get them then we won’t be doing the work as it...
  9. B

    BAL BAL coming out with a new name and range?

    MUDD Tiling -
  10. O

    BAL Bal Grout Swatches....

    Much as I can'knock Bal for the speed in which they sent out these grout swatches(I only rang up yesterday morning. I only wanted 1! Not 5! On a sidenote surely there must be more colour variation than this?
  11. Tile Fix Direct

    BAL BAL Flexbone, put it the right way up!

    I was looking a the two new BAL Flexbone products yesterday, and nearly made a mistake as to which way round the Flexbone 2Easy should be laid. Flexbone Varied is the product on the left, this should be fixed with adhesive with the fleece on the underside. However, the Flexbone 2Easy MUST be...
  12. S

    BAL BAL Prime APD on Cement Board - Dilute or Not?

    I’m about to tank Hardie Backer cement boards using the BAL WP1 waterproofing kit. I’m a bit confused with the Prime APD. Should I just paint this straight on, undiluted, or should I be diluting at all? If I do need to dilute, what proportions? Cheers.
  13. James C

    BAL Advice needed - tiler almost doubled verbal quote on invoice, never quoted in writing

    hi all, I’ve had some stellar advice from these forums in getting some split face stone tiles installed on my walls safely and correctly, and based on the advice I insisted they were installed on marmox boards rather than the existing plasterboard. I supplied the boards, the washers, the...
  14. J

    BAL Bal rapid flex one vs ultra pro flex sp

    Any opinions on either of these? I’m used to tilemaster setaflex but my local tile shop has just taken on ultra instead. But I’ve been looking at the rapid flex one as well. Anything to take on board before testing either?
  15. L

    BAL HELP Bal Micromax Inspirations Two Grout problem,

    Please help, we have used Bal Micromax inspirations two on stone flooring and it’s got around the edges of the stone and we are struggling to remove it. Because the stone is pitted it looks awful and water and wire wool helps but just seems to smear it around. We are getting nowhere fast and...
  16. T

    BAL Which Colour Bal do you recommend?

    Hi, I want to tile onto WEDI type backing board with mosaic tiles 30x27. The location is the bathroom but not around the bath area. What adhesive do you recommend? Bal Green Star, Blue Star or White Star?
  17. C

    Bal or tilemaster ??quartz

    sorry I know there are already many different threads on what adhesive to use for quartz tiles but I’m still a bit nervous about what advise to go with . The tiles are from tile mountain who say to use Mapei Granirapid , but I can’t get hold of it in time for when I need it . Bal technical say...
  18. B

    BAL BAL and Gypsum based Screeds

    Have a read of this from BAL
  19. Smiley mel

    Bal ivory wall grout

    Hello I have tiled a kitchen using marble arch grey metro tiles (the are more greenthan grey) iv always used mapei jasmin on past kitchens with cream metro tiles, iv gone off mapei recently and would like to use bal ivory I think, i wondered if anyone had any advice on bal products or grout...
  20. O

    BAL Bal Micromax 2 Grout

    BAL Micromax2 White 5kg | Topps Tiles - What a pleasant surprise today turned out to be! As I was told the customer had chosen the said grout I was expecting Grouting Armageddon,15m2 of 750mm x 300mm ribbed ceramics with a 2mm...
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