british standards

British Standards (BS) are the standards produced by the BSI Group which is incorporated under a royal charter and which is formally designated as the national standards body (NSB) for the UK. The BSI Group produces British Standards under the authority of the charter, which lays down as one of the BSI's objectives to:
Set up standards of quality for goods and services, and prepare and promote the general adoption of British Standards and schedules in connection therewith and from time to time to revise, alter and amend such standards and schedules as experience and circumstances require.
Formally, as stated in a 2002 memorandum of understanding between the BSI and the United Kingdom Government, British Standards are defined as:

"British Standards" means formal consensus standards as set out in BS 0-1 paragraph 3.2 and based upon the principles of standardisation recognised inter alia in European standardisation policy.
Products and services which BSI certifies as having met the requirements of specific standards within designated schemes are awarded the Kitemark.

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  1. E

    Advice on which Tiling, British Standard, to Purchase Please

    Hi everyone, this is my first post so thank you for reading my question. I am looking to purchase the British Standard for tiling but am a little unsure of which one I should purchase and as they cost so much money I am keen not to purchase the wrong one. I would like it to cover workmanship for...
  2. D

    Floor tiling - dot and dab over electric under floor heating

    Bathroom fitter says this is the correct way to lay tiles and nothing in the rule book says he can’t dot and dabb
  3. Kilo

    British Standards 5385 1/5

    On the off chance, does anyone on the forums have access to BS5385 or know if there is anyway I could access? I am trying to access through local/national libraries without success. Renting them from BSI is well above my paygrade! Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Dan

    Is there an Alternative to The Tile Association (TTA)? (Unless you are with an association, you can't now tile to British Standards!!!!!)

    A couple of options perhaps, but they tend to come back to TTA.
  5. Dan

    Is there an Alternative to The Tile Association (TTA)? (Unless you are with an association, you can't now tile to British Standards!!!!!)

    Alternative to The Tile Association (TTA)? We have no alternative to The Tile Association do we? So tiling is apparently only done to spec if you're a TTA member. "Or some other association". So I'm wondering what...
  6. T

    British Standards access

    Morning all. A while back I posted this thread about how to access british standards after Newcastle Library stopped doing them: British Standards no longer available at Newcastle Library.... But here's another way. -...
  7. J

    British Standards Query

    Hello, I recently received some great advice from you all regarding an ongoing dispute (Is this an acceptable edge cut? -, and I wondered if I might impose on you one more time for some information regarding BS 5385. I...
  8. T

    TTA and British Standards.

    I emailed the TTA regarding a tile supplied by a TTA registered retailer, although this "issue" is common for many tiles and relates to nominal sizing. The nominal size is only a guideline. Size "in name only" for identification purposes. The size a tile is advertised as, but due to calibres...
  9. Dan

    Tiling Standards - British Standards In Wall And Floor Tiling Bs 5385 For Free

    British Standards in Wall and Floor Tiling BS 5385 for Free Okay, so if you've been following the forum over the last few days you'll see we've firstly moaned about the price of British Standards in Wall and Floor Tiling, then figured out by a poll that nearly nobody has a copy of the British...
  10. Dan

    Uk Libraries With Access To British Standards In Tiling

    Libraries in the UK with BSOL UK Libraries with access to British Tiling Standards BS 5385 Company City Post code Kent Libraries and Archives Maidstone ME14 2LH MLA - Bolton Public Libraries Bolton BL1 1SA MLA - Essex Libraries Chelmsford CM1 1LH MLA - Hull Libraries Hull HU1 3TF MLA...
  11. Dan

    How Many Tilers Own A Copy Of British Standards Literature?

    How many of you own a copy of the British standards for tiling? There's a list of UK Libraries that have free access to British Standards in Wall and Floor Tiling the following thread. Tiling Standards New way to access tiling standards for free (2019 thread)...
  12. J

    Tiling British standards

    Can anybody give me a free link to the Tiling Standards lippage. Just finished a big job various rooms and it has been classed as a bodge! Complete **** take! Worked there a week and not received a penny. 15 years tiling and this has never happened before!!! Not amused...
  13. M

    How do I learn about the british standards of tiling?

    anyone got a good link for me?... had a look on google but it only says buy the book.
  14. M

    Does anyone have the British Standards?

    Was wondering if anyone on the forum had the British Standards available for less than what it is on the website?
  15. L

    British Standards - Who is to blame

    Hi, I've posted her before and everyone was very friendly and helpful. I am fighting a case with a tiler who did poor works for me. I am now at the final stage where the a final question is being asked. I had a calcium sulphate Gyvlon screed laid on underfloor heating. It was left to dry...
  16. M

    british standards

    does anyone know the british standard level variance for tiling? can't find it anywere. thanks:thumbsup:
  17. C

    Required Tiling Standards | Wall and Floor Tiling

    As someone who does some tiling but is not a professional tiler, could someone tell me if there is a British Tiling Standards which specifies allowable errors in tiling work? i.e. all tiles must be laid with a lippage of less than 0.5% of the longest length or something similar? I appreciate...
  18. T

    British standards

    British standards are they rules or guidelines? Just wondering what your opinion is.
  19. F

    British Standards code of practice

    Hey. Quite a lot of people on here talk about setting out the tiling job to the british standards code of practice. Anyone got a link for some info on this ? as I want to see if we were taught any different to these so called propper standards. Cheers.
  20. M

    british standards?

    Where can i find out about b.s relating to wall and floor tiling because i think it is a must that you know as much of your job as possible and as im new i dont know enough