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Would anybody have any advice the best way to silicone these bumpy tiles. I think doing a bead profile would be really messy as the silicone bead would be up and down up and down. Was thinking running a bead of silicone along and using flat edge of profiling tool to make silicone flush with the edge of the skirting tile. Any advice would be great 😊


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I’ve got the same coloured silicone. Was just thinking it would look a mess cause the stones don’t create a flat surface. Do you reckon siliconing flush with the skirting would look ok?
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Masking tape the stones and edge of skirting tile and it will leave a nice smooth joint once you pull it off
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Decided to leave it anyway as wouldn’t work because tiles and grout were not in a perfectly straight line due to the tiles I picked. Tackled the silicone today, and turned out great considering I’ve not done it very often and the style of tiles. 😃🍻

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