1. H573


    Hi all, I was taught when sealing corners etc to masking tape before. Trouble is the tape here to be honest is terrible, it doesn’t stick and peels off whilst smoothing the silicone. Any alternative ways? Other posts mention fugi tool, do I still have to mask up when using these?
  2. R

    People who specialise in silicone sealing

    I remember reading somewhere that there's a specific trade or at least people who are very skilled at silicone sealing. I have a lot of corners in a soon to be completed bathroom that will need this doing and I want it done really well as if not, it can really spoil the final appearance. I...
  3. T

    Adhesive Silicone in joints instead of grout ?

    Hi all Im curently constructing a new patio at home using porcelain tlies , the tiles are 1000x500 with 5mm joints , they’re a white / very light grey colour . I’m toying with the idea of using silicone in all the joints as apposed to grout , I’m a dab hand with a mastic gun & could get a...
  4. J

    Neutral cure silicone & Mapei tanking

    I'm installing some acrylic shower panels onto Aquapanel. Ideally I'd like to seal the shower tray to the wall with Classi seal or similar then tank over before installing panels, for the best possible seal. The glossy acrylic panels I'm putting in (lustrolite) need a neutral cure silicone...
  5. J

    Does silicone adhere to silicone

    Just wondering Does silicone adhere/seal to it self For instance, is it ok to seal a shower tray to the tiles and then seal the wall corners, down to the tray. You know, if you've not much practice at applying sealant. Or should it all be done at the same time?
  6. I

    Any ideas please tiles stained from Ardex coloured silicone

    Please can you help i have just had my bathroom done. I bought Ardex coloured silver shimmer silicone to match grout. The residue from silicone has stained tiles. I have tried: White spirit Meths MultiSolve by CT1 Viakil (normally does everything for me) HG grout cleaner Fila tile and stone...
  7. J

    Adhesive Best mould resistant silicone

    Hi. I'm just wondering, in your experience which are the best mould resistant silicone sealants? I used one to sort the tired silicone in our shower about six months ago and already it has a speck of mould, so I don't want that to happen with the brand new shower that I'm installing. So, have...
  8. A

    Internal corner trim or silicone?

    Hi Can you please let me know if a product like Schlüter DILEX-EKE or equivalent internal profile trim is generally visually cleaner than using silicone? I assume 3 way internal corners could look messy if not cut correctly but was wondering if I should go for some sort or trim like this for...
  9. R

    Silicone joins at bottom of wall profiles

    Hi. Hope someone more knowledgeable than me can help. I am about to install a Merlyn Series 10 shower (sliding doors fitted in a tiled recess) and the instructions state that the inside of the vertical wall profiles need to be silicone sealed against the wall tiles (after the tray has been...
  10. callatiler

    Cramer fugi kit for silicone work

    I purchased this kit lately as to stop me using finger and have used it a couple of times, first time I used a fine mist spray bottle with soapy water, second time I used kit dry and just used builders wipes to clean tool often. Must say I think silicone took a very good hold onto both sides of...
  11. Stevev

    Which silicone for double glazing profiles

    Hi, I'm putting dbl glazing profile back and they are usually siliconed together, but, which one? A general builders one?
  12. B

    Lithofin Stain Stop: before or after silicone sealant?

    Hi there I'm a DIYer restoring a shower in my house. The tiles are limestone. Grouting and tiles have been throughly cleaned - and grouting sealant applied. I'm now ready to apply Lithofin Stain Stop. Should it be applied before or after silicone sealant? If before, how long must I leave it to...
  13. Rosco100

    New silicone gun tried and tested

    Been using one these all week and what a great bit of kit,Highly recommend getting one(we've got them in stock) but they're not cheap but worth it
  14. Julian 'Farmer' Bonsall

    Silicone joints and Cramer

    After a member posting about the Fugi 5 Piece kit I thought I would see what they were all about (More easy silicone joints | Cramer FUGI Professional -, and subsequently buy the kit. I have always use the angle nozzle + wet finger...
  15. Julian 'Farmer' Bonsall

    How To Choose The Right Silicone Sealant - Univar - General

    Overview of Silicones Sealant Chemistries - Ref. Univar Specialty Consumables - Silicone sealant is actually quite a broad term that is used a lot...
  16. theandroids

    1mm gap for bath silicone?

    Hey, is 1mm gap too small for last tile row above bath for silicone?
  17. M

    Colour match silicone

    Hi all So I've just grouted a floor in ardex fl barley sugar Low and behold they have 13xolours in the range but nothing to match the barley sugar It's dried like the colour of sand and cement between brickwork Any ideas ? Thanks
  18. H

    Silicone removal, light film on edges

    I have recently done a job where I have siliconed like normal after a job and have noticed that because the tiles have small dimple patterns on that silicone has just stayed there. Also there is a light film down each side of the corner where the silicone tool has left it. Iv never had this...
  19. F

    Expansion gap help please

    I have searched but not found the info I need - perhaps it its just too oblivious a question but what size silicone filled expansion gap should I leave around the perimeter of the area. Room - Kitchen Floor concrete Build New - floor dry 3x3 m ish giving 10m2 plus a 1x1 section Skirting is...
  20. T

    Neutral cure silicone

    The acetoxy silicones stink. How do the neutral cure ones compare? Are they harder to work with or do they give a poor finish? I'm planning to use the Mapei ones so that I can match the colour to the grout, but some of it will be white, so I could use other brands for those bits.
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