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The Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles (traditional Chinese: 台灣花磚博物館; simplified Chinese: 台湾花砖博物馆; pinyin: Táiwān Huāzhuān Bówùguǎn) is an art museum in West District, Chiayi City, Taiwan.

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  1. Zaney1987

    Can anyone recognise this old tile please?

    Total long shot of course but owner needs only one tile for a very exposed position and can’t afford to replace entire floor. Thanks in advance
  2. T

    Old tile match?

    I've had to replace an electric shower and have been left with a hole on a tiled wall in bathroom. The tiles seem fairly old and I can't see anything that matches locally. Size is 250 x 330mm and colour as per image attached. Tje hole isn't quite as full tile size. Just hoping someone knows of...
  3. T

    24 year old tile over cement slab floor failing-tenting and popping up

    Hi, I've put down quite a bit of tile over the years but always worked with backerboard. I'm renovating a house in Florida (first one in Florida) that was built in 1996. It's concrete slab foundation and the tile was laid directly on the slab with what appears to be basic thinset. When I was...
  4. M

    Quartz Help is needed

    Any one know what type or name of this tile? Were I can get a box or two?
  5. C

    Room to room transition... do I have to rip up the old tile?

    DIYer tiling my whole house. Done smaller projects but in this I am concerned about the current use of tile and carpet and the transitions from room to room. Can I “build up” the carpeted areas once the carpet is out so that I do not have to rip up the old tile? I have attached a couple of pics.
  6. N

    Old tile query in 1950s house

    Afternoon all. I'm just starting a cloakroom toilet project and i need some advice regarding old tiles. Having just ripped some old skirting off, i discovered that it had been bonded to some very old looking tiles that transition 90° bewteen the floor and the wall. Unfortunately some of them...
  7. A

    Looking For Advice On Finding An Old Tile Type

    Hi Guys Ive just joined this and am asking all tilers for their help. I have just had a radiator replaced with a heated bath towel rail and its unfortunately left broken tiles behind it that need replacing. Ive measured the current tiles and they are at 19.5 x 14.5cm - which i understand is a...
  8. R

    Tling over old tile adhesive

    I have removed tiles from ply and obviously old adhesive is left behind on the ply. How much prep does this surface need before re tiling? Will the new tiles adhere properly if old adhesive is left behind?
  9. U

    I need an old tile

    I am looking for white beveled tiles to match some in the bathroom . Size 20 x 33. Can't seem to find this size anywhere. Does anyone know if they still make these? Thanks
  10. J

    Old tile adhesive on concrete floor turned to powder...

    We have just pulled up our old kitchen porcelain floor tiles as we are going to be laying new slate ones in a few weeks. The porcelain ones were laid by us about 4 years ago. They were very easy to pull up, but once up we noticed that the adhesive was so crumbly like a powder in a lot of places...
  11. A

    Advice for self-levelling over old tile adhesive, using Wickes latex?

    Hello all, I'm helping a friend decorate her new place on a very tight time limit as she's been moved at short notice by the housing authority. The flooring in most of her new place is old florr tiling with a sticky black adhesive residue on it, we are thinking that the old tenant had some...
  12. S

    tiling over old tile adhesive?

    Hi, I have just started my first bathroom refit - DIY on my own house! I had a bit of a nightmare getting the old tiles off though and want to know how to proceed. Basically there were two sets of tiles straight onto plasterboard. Looks like the original tiling went around the bath at waist...
  13. D

    Removing Old Tile Adhesive From Floor

    We've started lifting the ceramic kitchen floor tiles ready to start laying the new ones (ceramic also). The problem we've got is getting the old adhesive up. Picture attached :hurray: The adhesive has a cement quality to it as it is hard. We've tried cold chiselling it, grinding it, hitting...
  14. U

    Tiling on to old tile adhesive? HELP

    Hi, I have an internal concrete block wall that was tiled when originally built. A couple of the tiles 'lifted', off the wall, and when i took them off, the tiles next to them also came off!!! The original tile adhesive remains on the concrete block, and is tough to knock off, even with a...
  15. T

    Removing old tile trim

    Hi Everyone, Just completed a job for a customer tiling there en-suite bathroom and now they have asked me if I could quote them for adding a row of border tiles to there main bathroom. At present the bathroom is half tiled with a tile trim around the top. Obviously I would need to remove...
  16. Z

    Removing old tile adhesive - Or replaster over the lot?

    Hi folks,Just removed a load of ceramic tiles from my bathroom and most of the old tile adhesive is still on the walls.Does anyone have any tips on how to make the job of getting this off the plastered walls any easier as pure scraping will take me about a week!Regards
  17. D

    Wanted Your old tile boards (Tile shops) that you advertise ranges on

    Are you a tile shop or showroom? Do you have any old out of date tile boards. Looking for the ones with the handles on and a single tile. Or group of tiles. I use them to set out our range for demos and as give-aways. If you are thinking of dumping a load of boards on the skip call me and I...