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  1. A

    Self leveler required vs lay down tile per instructions?

    I have a 12'x'12' room on concrete slab. The floor is relatively flat, but using a 8' spirit level, I can see there are slight high and low spots. I'm installing 8" x 48" porcelain tile so Im assuming they are prone to breaking easier if the floor isnt perfectly flat due to their length. Do I...
  2. C

    Cutting Cutting down a big tile into smaller

    Bit of a funny one. Not something I have messed with before. In the small amount of tiling I have done, cut edges have always been hidden in corners. Looking at doing a small repair for a client after new shower installation. Please see photos. Customer couldn't find exact match for these old...
  3. K

    Can anyone help me track down these tiles?

    I've attached a pic. They are 15 x 15 quarry tiles. Cream/beige in colour with a brown speckle. I have scoured the internet and can't find them anywhere. They are on a front doorstep. They are also on the doorsteps of just about every council house in the area, but still can't find them Thanks...
  4. Localtiler

    ...Tiling efficiency

    How efficiently do you think you work ? Do you think there's room for improvement? What things have you picked up allong the way that save that extra bending down, that extra few mins here and there? Kneeling down and realising you left your tape measure and pencil at the other side of the room...
  5. Adey1980

    Mapei Mapei drinks bottle to cut down on waste

    thank you to @Mapei UK Marketing for the drinks bottle and other freebies. My son 6yr old son is going to use the drinks bottle. Good to see companies making people aware of plastic waste
  6. M

    DIY Have they glued this down?!

    Any idea what has been done, looks like they have glued them down onto the floor below, which is like a cement lyno?!
  7. AndY mac

    Marble and stone specialists from down sowff

    Just gets finished tiling this couples ensuite and gets the question could you tell us what you think of this work. Marble ensuite they got specialists up from down south to do work had to pick my self off the floor.
  8. N

    Cheap tile adhesive down under

    I know this product is unlikely to turn up in the UK anytime soon, but wanted other tilers take on it. I was offered adhesive to buy (C1TES1) and it was almost half the price of Mapei equivalent. I read the datasheets and found some fairly poor spelling and the incorrect use of < & > signs...
  9. O

    If you go down to your local CTD your sure of a big surprise

    Today's freebies 15 hardiebacker boards, 4 hardiebacker score and snap tools, 2 air fresheners, 1 phone charger, 1 mince pie, and 1 sausage roll, Not a bad afternoon!
  10. S

    down the deep end oftown

    So this week ive been staying on Oxford Street in little London village, had the pleasure of meeting up with Mr Walsh on monday, and Mr 3 fall last night, what a couple of nice blokes they are, not the elitists we all imagine them to be :D both went out of there way to make me n the misses feel...
  11. R

    Grind down tiles to get rid of lip page?

    I lost a large job on price, the client who I've been doing other work for has asked if I can rectify the tiling that's been done as it's quite poor in places and the people who have done it have had 3 goes at putting it right. It's all been done wrong, wrong adhesive, no decoup matting, no...
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