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Okay, so we've upgraded the forum, we've changed domain name from .co.uk to .com. We've got a couple of tags to encourage members to post really good content, and those seem to be working. We've changed the name of the TilersForums Arms tag to Tilers' Arms Tag. We've added country flags to post content because we're getting users now from all over the world. (Our sparky forums is booming with overseas members more-so than here but it should have its turn soon enough.)

And now we're working with the Trusted Advisor tag.

Originally when we created the tag, we wanted it to be given to those who ended up contributing to the running of the forum. Deciding which direction to take it. Helping guide members to become awesome forum information sharers as well as tilers. And that worked back then, we were online before Twitter and Facebook. These days with the likes of Social Media, people share a lot, all the time, (perhaps too much sometimes? - that's for another thread), so the tag is now marking those who have posted advice that for sure can be trusted.

The thing is, over time, a post in 2008 marked as trusted right now in 2019, 11 years later, may not be the correct recommended way of doing things. Not today with all the new products, processes and systems. Old threads have been automatically locked/closed. So that newer members post new threads so that we don't mix up content and advice.

So those members who posted said content in 2008, may not be about today to contribute to the newer thread. So the tag really needs to be given to those who are giving out content today. If a member who posted in 2008 is still posting today, then they'd be able to reply to a thread questioning the 2008 one, and perhaps we could even have the chance of editing the old original thread, or cross-linking them to direct visitors from the 2008 thread to the 2019 one.

But if the original Trusted Advisor isn't around these days, or just logs in and posts a couple of posts a year just to keep the tag, then that's skewing content and advice, and the use of the tag.


We're removing the tag from those who aren't posting LOADS of awesome advice today. Right now. This year. If not this past few months alone.

And we're giving the chance for newer skilled tilers to offer awesome advice by linking to decent resources and materials, sharing course information and suppliers pricing (in the arms of course) and helping newer members around the forum. But of course, the main thing, is sharing their awesome tiling advice with their fellow tilers and the odd DIYer.

So the tag is up for grabs by all members. Equally.

But if you're not currently posting for whatever reason, that's fine, you just might need to earn the tag again sometime in the future, of course, only if you want to.

I'd say don't unnaturally post to the forum. Don't aim to post just to get the tag. Just post naturally, and if the moderators notice your advice rocks, you'll perhaps one day end up in the hat for other moderators to checkout. Trusted Advisors don't discuss and vote on members anymore. It'll be the moderators and other staff that do it.

So I'll leave this thread here for a week or so while we collate some stats of Trusted Advisors. There will be a notice for those in the Trusted Advisors group. EVERYBODY in the group will see the notice. It's not chosen just for a certain category. So don't worry if you see the notice, everybody in the TA's has seen it. But just be aware of it.

Just to add, this has always really been the case. Not much has changed. We would always add newer members to it, and remove the ones who have had it ages and stopped posting so much. I just can't find the original threads about it to update it. So there is this new one here you've read just now. :)

Thanks to all, whether newer member or original member, for being part of TilersForums - Nobody has ever managed to copy what we have here. And it's because of all you lot. You make it impossible for somebody else to come up with anything even near what we have here. And I thank you billions for that.

*Bows to you.

Sarcastic replies to this thread will get removed. :) Leave the sarcy comments for other social media sites.

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