Looking is the act of intentionally focusing visual perception on someone or something, for the purpose of obtaining information, and possibly to convey interest or another sentiment. A large number of troponyms exist to describe variations of looking at things, with prominent examples including the verbs "stare, gaze, gape, gawp, gawk, goggle, glare, glimpse, glance, peek, peep, peer, squint, leer, gloat, and ogle". Additional terms with nuanced meanings include viewing, watching, eyeing, observing, beholding, and scanning. Looking is both a physical act of directing the focus of the eyes, and a psychological act of interpreting what is seen and choosing whether to continue looking at it, or to look elsewhere. Where more than one person is involved, looking may lead to eye contact between those doing the looking, which raises further implications for the relationship established through that act.

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  1. J

    I'm Looking For This Tile PV03 Daltile Warm Walnut 20 X 20

    Looking for PV03 Daltile Warm Walnut 20 X 20 needing 9 but will purchase any
  2. P

    Looking for this tile

    Can anyone suggest what tile or where I could buy a match to this bathroom wall tile? The only info I have is CMCER/PROG-B. Progressive Beige 40 x 40 External Walls. It was originally sold by Elite Tiles in Hendon, but they closed down. I think the code may be the shop code only Any help...
  3. D

    Looking for Zamora Beige 30 cm x 30 cm manufacturer Megastone

    Only few tiles required. Any idea where I can get them? Maybe anyone has surplus?
  4. G

    Looking for a good soft grouting float

    Where the best place to get soft grouting float from? At a decent price ?
  5. CharSheer

    Non Aus resident looking for work

    Hey all, I posted on here before asking for work when I first arrived in Sydney as I'm on a WHV around Australia, I was wondering if anyone knows if non-Australian residents can do some sort of tiling apprenticeship/ sponsorships without your visa/right to work running out? Any help would be...
  6. W

    Porcelain Desperately looking for …

    I am looking for a mega stone tile namely Zamora grey porcelain 60x60 x 10mm. Topps riles stopped them in 2015 but due to moving stuff around I need 6 tiles. I’ve tried Google but to no success. Can anyone assist
  7. N

    Tiler looking to relocate to Newcastle

    Hi there, I'm a self employed tiler based in Wales and I'm looking to relocate to Newcastle Upon Tyne however I need to find new continuous work to secure a mortgage. I'm wondering if anybody knows of any contractors that work on the new build housing sites up there as that's the sector I'm...
  8. UKTT Darren

    Are you looking for a career in tiling

    UK Pro Tiling Training have developed a how to tile for a living program that you can follow anywhere in the world and learn to tile like a professional just by following along with the instructor. 45 professional lessons which include everything from how to apply tiles correctly to background...
  9. A

    Looking for Platt England tiles

    I am looking for a supplier of these particular tiles:- PLATT ENGLAND - FERROLITE - REG No 282442 They are dark grey and have one rounded edge 6 inch square and 7/16 thick (most tile stockist only have 1/4 inch thick tiles) I would love to hear from anyone who can tell me where to get the...
  10. J

    South East Looking For Professional Installers - Grand Cayman

    Please message me for more information
  11. C

    looking for help to find a tile

    HI, I,m looking for a tile which is not in stock anywhere anymore. It was made by British ceramics. (who have gone out of business) The tile is a Laura Ashley tile, it's a ceramic, (250mm x 500mm) white and called "cottonwood" the tile code is = LA51454, i have tried all sites and have had no...
  12. T

    Looking to learn In Sussex

    Hi all. First time poster. I am looking to learn tiling. When I left school years ago I was learning multi trading. I’ve been doing a very different career for over 20 years and I am looking to learn tiling and multi trading again. If there are any tilers in East /West Sussex that would like...
  13. CharSheer

    Looking for casual work (Sydney)

    Hi all, Currently backpacking around Australia and landed not so long ago so my plans to stay in Sydney for a few months for work and then start travelling I have around 8 months or so experience under a qualified tiler, I was mostly laying subway tiles, plenty of grouting on all sorts of...
  14. D

    Tiler Looking for some tiling,work

    Hi all I am a professional tiler Luton based looking for some tiling works Thanks Daniel
  15. M

    I'm Looking For This Tile Looking for Merola (possibly) kitchen floor tiles?

    Not sure of name (Merola or Alora?), or if they're porcelain or ceramic (suspect the latter), these are fitted on kitchen floor and am struggling to identify them, or find on-line. They were fitted in the house when we bought it back in 2005. The tiles measure 13"x13" (33x33cms), some are...
  16. B

    Looking for champagne silicone sealer

    Hi, bit of a long shot, I’m trying to buy some champagne silicone sealer to match my kitchen, that I did several years ago, I have to remove a piece of worktop, due to water damage. Any help would be appreciated Thank you
  17. H

    I'm Looking For This Tile Looking for spanish tiles 315mm x 450mm Chelsea Marfil VLO 2296 Cream

    Hi Looking for spanish tiles 315mm x 450mm Chelsea Marfil The invoice says VLO (maybe VCO?) 2296 Chelsea Marfil Definitely spanish "Made in Spain" is the only marking on a spare I have Thanks!
  18. shanabdul

    looking for Commercial bathroom floor cleaning in NSW

    Hi, I have a new project, its a small commercial office. Will be cleaning the carpet there. They also asked me to clean the bathroom floor. There are 12 bathrooms with what looks like linoleum (the kind they have on commercial bathroom floors) I only have carpet cleaning tools. It probably needs...
  19. N

    I'm Looking For This Tile Looking for Waldorf negro tiles I only need 12

    Looking for Waldorf negro floor tiles just 2 boxes or 12 tiles needed
  20. D

    DIY tiler here! Looking forward to learning

    Hi Im Adam, Having done a little bit of tiling in the past, I'm now trying to do a bit more (in a new home). I've been searching for answers on a few bits (always looking to do things right) and I keep getting drawn to this forum. So thought its time to join up. I am currently tiling my...
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