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Anyone got a fix for a scratch on polished Chrome shower screen?

Certain we didn't do the scratch but I said I'll try and sort as a gesture of good will


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I wouldn't be hopefull , I tried polishing a scratch out of a polished trim and very quickly got to the base metal but you could try solvol autosol or tcut is less aggressive or some farecla cutting paste .


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You could try Tcut metal polish, have removed light surface scratches from course grout before, but if you can feel the scratch I think it will need to be replaced.


Generally it’ll need replacing. The only alternative would be to try and source one of the snap on compensating profile covers that you get with some Merlyn enclosures (for example)

Not ideal really but just trying to find a solution.


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Thanks all.. I'm wondering if it could have been seen to us from the supplier with the scratch already done.. we are always extremely careful with all such products so I would bet my life it wasn't us

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