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Hello all, I could do with some advise if anyone would kindly help me.

first of all, I’m not a professional tiler.... plumber by trade so I’m not going to even pretend I know what I’m doing.

im currently tiling my small en-suite floor and was wondering if the adhesive I’m using would be okay. The old tiles were all cracked so I’ve ripped up them all to find they were stuck straight on to chipboard flooring.
I thought about ripping up all the subfloor and replacing it with plywood but the chipboard goes under the stud walls etc and it looked a right pain to do.
The chipboard is p5 22mm and it was just nailed down and it wasn’t even nailed down very much, so I have put plenty of screws in to hold it down and stop as much flex as I can. I sanded all the old stuff adhesive off, covered the chipboard in a coat of sbr, layed down 6mm hardie backer, taped/feathered, screwed and stuck down hardie with mapei s2 ultra flex to (as this is what I was advised in my local CTD wholesaler)

then the next bit, we walked in to topps tiles, god knows why because there the most expensive place on the planet. We seen a clearance pallet and there were 4 boxes of there starluxe black 300 x 600 tiles which cost £90 per square meter! But we managed to bag 4 boxes for £30 as they were clearing them for stock take.

Ive tiled half of the floor so far, and I continued to use the MAPEI S2 ultra flex before I noticed in there website it says the following

“Our Starluxe tiles have a low porosity due to their resin content, this means they do not absorb moisture well so standard adhesives mixed with water only are not suitable for the fixing of these tiles. An adhesive with a latex additive is required to ensure the bond between tile and adhesive”

Have I basically totally screwed up here? Will be soul destroying to take them back up.... if i have screwed up I hold my hands up, I’m just winging it on advise. I guess my main question is.... what’s the chances of these tiles becoming loose? They do feel like there going nowhere but over time.....

Thanks for any help given

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