1. Steve_Bcs

    Fixing jackoboard over existing dot & dab plasterboard - what thickness should I use.

    I’ve not been on for a while since completing a new fully tiled ensuite last year. Help on here was superb! Thank you. I’m onto the main bathroom now which has been gutted and then plaster-boarded. This was done 6 months ago. I’m thinking of creating a new shower cubicle which will have a...
  2. T

    Adhesive thickness

    Hi all, going to be putting some 600 x 300 (9mm) porcelain tiles up on a jackoboard tanked shower wall what size notched trowel do I need and what would the usual grout line size be, thanks
  3. E

    Base for tiles pathway & tile/adhesive thickness

    Good morning all, I am going to be laying a new path to my front door outside, that I would like to finish with the traditional Victorian checkerboard tiles. For the base, I was planning on 100mm concrete poured over 50mm Type 1. The path will have a fall of 1:60 to match the patio. My main...
  4. C

    Bed thickness (600x400) 10 or 12mm?

    For a level floor. The tiles are 600x400x9. Reading old posts it seems 12mm is technically the right answer but would 10mm be fine?
  5. P

    bed thickness for 60cm x 60cm porc.

    When calculating levels what bed thickness to you allow for when laying 60cmx60cm 10mm porc.? Would that assume a 1/2" x 1/2" notched trowel?
  6. S

    Pictures Joining different thickness plasterboard and tile backing board

    I'm currently redoing my shower. It's a 3-walled shower enclosure and so far I've removed the old tiles and water-damaged plasterboard which was there previously (15mm British Gypsum plasterboard). It's a new build house (2006) and I'm now left with the metal studding (think it's again standard...
  7. M

    Wetroom shower screen - how to make it stand up!

    Hi, I'd like to fit in a shower screen 1850 x 900. The new style of screen on the likes of Houzzz look ver minimialist without the long bracket going to a wall or ceiling to provide support. I'm wondering how they make it stable enough? I've uploaded a picture with labels "A" and "B" on it...
  8. tilernot

    Tiled floor thickness?

    Hi All I'm fitting a new door opening and am trying to plan for the tiled floor thickness. I am planning to overlay 6mm cement board over the floorboards and tile over that (with 8-10mm tiles?). So my calcs says I need 6 plus 10 plus two layers of adhesive (one for the cement board and one for...
  9. J

    Thickness of WALL tile adhesive

    Hi. If using a 6mm notched float to apply adhesive, once bedded, how thick should the adhesive be? Additionally, I decided to buy a tile levelling system and I notice that the foot of each unit (the section that lays beneath the tile) is bent upward, like this -). It sits around 6mm high, so...
  10. J

    Insulation Boards thickness

    What are the advantages of 20mm boards against 10mm boards on top of concrete slab. Would the underfloor heating on top heat up any quicker or would the thicker board just prevent the heat from dispersing less
  11. Musivarius

    Minimum thickness for marble on a floor

    I have just had someone ask me if 4 mm thick marble is suitable for a floor. I've only ever used 10 mm thick, I assume 4 mm would be too thin? It's for a mosaic so they would be 10 mm x 10 mm x 4 mm. Thanks
  12. bcraig24

    What is the finished adhesive thickness?

    I'm tiling my shower with a 150mm tall step/threshold that I want to place a row of 100 x 150 tile on top of making the threshold approximately 100mm thick. I'm in the process of knocking up the timber framing for the shower and had a thought about how thick my frame should be and I am unsure...
  13. A

    Thickness of Sealent Around Bath?

    Hello, I wonder if anyone would mind advising if the thickness of sealent applied around my bath is normal? My concern is that it's been applied so thick to fill in a gap between the tiles and the bath. Many thanks in advance for the help and advice.
  14. D

    Mapei Adhesive thickness - Mapei Keraflex - Shower

    Hi, I've got to the shower tiling stage! (after I tape walls). I've now got walls, and I'm going to tile onto the Marmox boards/mapgum WPS (pics below), and reading the forums Mapei Keraflex Maxi S1 seems a good choice so I can take my time. What I'm not sure on is the adhesive mm thickness to...
  15. E

    Laying 895 x 225 wood effect ceramics on d-mat process, eg solid bed, back buttering ? Bed thickness

    Interested to see how you guys would approach this e.g bed thickness , how many m2 laid per day etc?
  16. Paul C.

    Guide To Tile Weights And Wall Limitations

    Following a few past threads there seems to be some confusion on what tiles can go onto what walls. Most of you here are professional tilers so apologies if any of this is old news. This is for those who are unsure how to gauge tile weights and for what is a suitable surface for your specific...
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