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The mitre component looked interesting, especially as it seems to be something more people are offering and customers are asking for.

I'm normally for bigger is better when it comes to machines and blades, but a 125mm blade on a rail is likely to have much less to nearly zero deflection.


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For tiling I think it's far more appropriate than a CS60. My only concern is how you clamp the rails if you're doing regular tiles rather than large format.
Where there's a will and all that.
I'm thinking the rubi rails are the same as festool rails so the festool clamps would be ideal. Could be bosch rails actually. That's for the tc180, these could be non compatible. I will endeavour to find out


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Unless the Rubi slim has undergone a massive upgrade, their rail system has only ever been effective on material like the 3.5mm laminam, even tho it states it cuts up to 6mm.
The latest literature I’ve read on the Rubi slim rail cutter says up to 8mm at the top of the page, 6m at the bottom. :)
I wouldn’t have thought it would fit on the festool runner @hmtiling Harry like it’s bigger brother TC180, the foot plate and rail look slimmer than the previous model.
If that’s what Rubi call dust extraction, there’d be no way you could use it internally if the building is occupied, you can barely see the guy thro the cloud of dust!
It has a massive overhang too by the looks of it, probably why it’s cantilevered with the suction cups, surely it would use the underslung clamps like the TC180?
But it’s hard to see everything in a sales video, so could be totally wrong, might be amazing!
But then when was the word ‘Amazing!’ Last used in the same sentence as Rubi! :D
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