Schluter is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Albert Schluter (1923–2007), German born Australian activist for immigrant rights in Australia
Ariane Schluter (born 1966), Dutch film actress
Dolph Schluter (born 1955), evolutionary biologist
John Schluter (born 1955), Australian weekday weather presenter
Michael Schluter (economist) (born 1947), economist, author, speaker and social entrepreneur
William E. Schluter (born 1927), New Jersey politician

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  1. Tile Marble Granite

    Schluter shower/wet room 24h flood test

    Shower Tile Repair - Tile Waterproofing in Brownstown MI. Schluter wet room conversion 24h flood test done by Tile Marble Granite Oct 1st 2023 in Huron Charter Township, MI, USA for a customer of mine that needed help with an old school water damaged shower that was leaking down to the...
  2. T

    New Member-What product to use to seal seams on Schluter Kerdi boards?

    I am a first time homeowner bathroom remodeler & tiler. I'm ready to waterproof my seams and I've seen some talk/videos like this: View: That have me scared to move forward with waterproofing. I have Schluter Tape Rolls and Schluter All Set...
  3. T

    Schluter corner what goes with what I have

    Hello: First time posting. Looks like a really good forum for Info. Here is my question: I'm doing a DIY kitchen backsplash. I have doon all kinds of timing jobs in the past back splashes and floors etc. this time around I picked a subway tile that doesn't have a bull nose tile for the edges, so...
  4. Tile Noob

    Alternatives to Schluter Deco SG

    Hi! I’m looking for an alternative to the Schluter Deco SG. It only comes in a max 12.5mm height but I’m needing a 15mm. Are there any other brands out there that make one this height? I’ve spent quite a bit of time and can’t seem to find anything. Thank you in advance!
  5. Guyfromthenorth

    Levelling schluter curbs

    Just wondering everyone's thoughts on leveling schluter curbs. I'm installing a shower kit on top of 3/4 plywood floor. The one curb in question is approximately 40in long. In that 40in stretch if I lay my 4ft level down the floor is PERFECTLY level. Almost disturbingly level to be honest (ha)...
  6. K

    Can ceramic tile trim be installed over existing Schluter trim?

    My parent's shower tile was installed using Schluter trim, but it is Mexican tile and would look better with tile trim. Is it possible to install tile trim over the Schluter somehow? The highest priority is adding tile to the outside of the pony wall as shown in the photos, but we would like to...
  7. Bil Man

    Electric UFH UFH - Porcelein tile & Schluter Ditra

    Dear all, First time poster here and would like you r kind suggetion. I am getting a builder installing porcelein tile for me in the kitchen with underfloor heating. Unfortunately the tiler is out of country and not able to discuss with him the details. My electrician recommended that i need to...
  8. FurzedownTiler

    Alternatives to this Schluter tile trim?

    Hi all Do any UK stocks do a similar tile trim to this Schluter design? Deco-SG I've phoned around a few of their stockist in the UK and they all say it has to be ordered specially from Germany which they can't do for a small order. I only need 2 x...
  9. D

    My 1st Job Schluter kerdi membrane install on shower stall floor.

    I have part completed shower stall with a partial Schluter kerdi membrane install on the floor. Can I pour Levelquick over the Kerdi? Then new Kerdi on top? It seems the slop to the drain is too steep and I want to reduce it to 1/8" per foot. The shower is 78" by 48" if that matters
  10. T

    Adhesive Best tile adhesive to use on schluter

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good tile adhesive for bonding a schluter pre formed shower tray to a timber suspended floor. I asked Schluter and they recommended using Ardex S27 for the adhesion of the tray and X77 for tiling on Kerdi board. Trouble is none of the tile shops local to me stock...
  11. M

    Anhyfix fail on schluter ditra matt?

    Hi everyone, I'm tiling a 150 meter square meters onto a anhydrite screed. Laitance has been removed by sanding, the screed is dry, was laid 3 months ago. The screeder recommended to use Anhyfix by Tilemaster adhesives. I am also installing Ditra matt before tiling. Started laying the ditra...
  12. T

    Wetroom System - Schluter or Abacus

    Hi Guys, I'm planning on getting my bathroom refurbished (total area circa 6,5m2) shortly and would like some advice on a wetroom tanking system please. I've been watching quite a few youtube videos recently on wetroom installation particularly Skill builder where they use Abacus products on...
  13. F

    Which tile adhesive to use with Schluter Ditra

    Hi guys, I'm a homeowner and a DIY enthusiast. I have two small areas to tile. A front hall and a pantry area. Ceramic tiles (small) and using Ditra matt. Both areas are over concrete. From my research online they say it is important to use unmodified mortar. I live in Dublin Ireland. Any advice...
  14. B

    Schluter Wetroom Choices

    Hi folks. DIY job here. Trying to decide on the makeup of materials for my wetroom before buying any stuff. Tiles are bought but nothing else. Would appreciate any comments on my choices below particularly in relation to waterproofing. I started out looking at the Schluter linear drains which...
  15. W

    Schlüter Kerdi Board

    Often I see it being used in the US and Canada. It’s incredibly rare to see anyone use it in the UK or GB I’m wondering why this is? Could it be cost or could it be that the Price isn’t so much of an issue over the pond and a higher price is paid in general for Tiling/Prep work. I’ve used...
  16. O

    Schluter advanced wetroom training.

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to @Schlüter-Systems Ltd for their comprehensive wetroom training, both the one day, and the two day advanced wetroom courses. Oh yeah, and for the exclusive course Tee Shirt.:) If you haven’t taken time out to attend their training, then you’re doing yourself...
  17. G

    Schlüter snapshot competition

    thank you to @Schlüter-Systems Ltd for my prize.
  18. G

    Schlüter snapshot competition

    thank you to @Schlüter-Systems Ltd for my prize from September snapshot competition
  19. O

    Schluters NEW Finec mitre profiles for thin tile and mosaic.

    Ok, so they’re not BRAND new, but @Schlüter-Systems Ltd looking to expand both sizes and colours, to include the Trend line colours. 45degree fine detail profiles to protect mitred edges from 2.5mm all the way up to 12.5mm. So I thought I’d try to get them some feedback. I’d appreciate it if...
  20. O

    Schluters NEW Advanced wet room course.

    As the title suggests, Schluter have just unveiled their new advanced wet room course at their training centre in Coalville Leicestershire. Myself, @andy tiler, @Localtiler, and a few others who were unable to attend, were invited to trial their new course over the last couple of days. The...
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