The technical meaning of maintenance involves functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary devices, equipment, machinery, building infrastructure, and supporting utilities in industrial, business, and residential installations. Over time, this has come to include multiple wordings that describe various cost-effective practices to keep equipment operational; these activities occur either before or after a failure.

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  1. Tile Marble Granite

    Water Damaged Old School Shower Repair Job

    My last Old School Shower Repair/wet room conversion. It was leaking in the basement to the point where the customer had to put a bucket underneath the drain to collect the water, 100% waterproofed. Flat Rock, MI
  2. R

    Repair Travertine Shower Sill

    I noticed a chip in the Travertine shower sill. It is about 1.5" long and 1/8" at the highest point. This sill overhangs the shower threshold about 3/4". What can be used to repair this? Would I need to use Travertine filler? If so what kind and how should it be done. Thanks
  3. K

    Plaster repair before tiling

    Budget renovation as I just bought the flat. Cavity brick walls, 1 external. Removed old tiles and lots of plaster came off with, varying dips from 1mm to around 10mm with bricks exposed in a couple of small spots. I know I need to move the adhesive and any loose plaster, but how best do I...
  4. W

    Introduction and “issue”

    Hello everyone, Im a plumber who also fits bathrooms and kitchens, thats the tiling part! Based in SE London. Been trading for nearly 30 years, still learning… So, i am building a wetroom using a jackoboard former (like Wedi) the floor tiles are 150x150 9mm porcelain. They are cut ‘back of an...
  5. S

    Adhesive What adhesive to use to repair pool coping

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a tiling question, but here goes. The guys who installed the railings on our front porch broke the step, while drilling for the post. I've been the route of getting them to fix it, but that was a waste of time; so I'm now left with two options: replacing the entire...
  6. K

    Pictures Wet room loose tiles and grout failure

    Advice needed, noticed some grout that was cracked and tiles becoming loose in our en suite wet room (water came up at edges when pressed after use). Was installed around 3-4 years ago at best guess by previous owners. Planned to clear out the grout and re set the loose tiles with new grouting...
  7. S

    Repair of vintage quarry tile floor

    I am trying to match the grout joints of a century-old quarry tile entrance floor after re-setting a single tile loosened during renovations. The joints are about 1/2-inch wide and appear like un-coloured cement mortar with the sand grains very apparent (see photo). I realize that the repair...
  8. M

    repairing paramount wall

    I am refitting the bathroom, and have removed the (two layers of) tiles but unfortunately not without damage to the awful paramount partition board that’s underneath (plasterboard glued to cardboard honeycomb filling with virtually no studs). There are a handful of bigger chunks that have come...
  9. J

    Tile repair in wet room

    My plumber had to lower my tub drain to fix an issue. I just noticed the threads to the reconnect the pipe now fall below the floor line. How would you repair the tile but still have access to unscrew the pipe? Can it even be done? It is in a wet room so I’m concerned about water.
  10. J

    Compex Kitchen Tiling Repair Job. Uneven Floor. How would you tackle this?

    This kitchen is not level as can be seen in the attached picture. From floorboard to kitchen leg (white leg bit) towards the back, it is 28mm in height. From floorboard to kitchen leg (white leg bit) towards the oven on the left hand side, it is 21mm. From floorboard hallway door, it is 17mm in...
  11. A

    Concrete Repair Near Me — Hoffman Estates, IL

    Your local cement contractor serving the entire Chicagoland area. We specialize in concrete installation, concrete replacement and concrete repair! If you are looking for a concrete contractor look no further and call today! 847-250-4497
  12. cptncallaway

    Repair concrete bathroom floor

    Hello, First post here. About to embark on a bathroom refit. Pretty confident but have a question about our contrete floor in our downstairs bathroom. I’m replacing some quick step laminate and applying tiles. The concrete floor is flat, but in a couple of areas (that used to be hidden by a...
  13. G

    Bathroom wall tile repair, unable to match tile size.

    In 2014 I had my bathroom re-titled. I'm having my shower replaced and some of the tiles need to be replaced. The tiles on the wall are white gloss tiles 248mm x 328mm (purchased from ToppsTiles). The only size I can locate is 250mm x 330mm. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can get...
  14. paulmccormack

    London The Underfloor Heating Company London - Repair, Servicing Engineers

    We are underfloor heating and gas engineers and are experts in the installation and maintenance and repair of these systems in London and nearby locations. There are lots of heating engineers who offer underfloor heating as one option of many other heating solutions. However, we are experts and...
  15. C

    Cracked Travertine tile repair

    Fitted our hallway with Travertine tile a few years ago. Followed up with doing the Kitchen floor with the same tile about 18 months ago. 2 of the tiles that meet the hallway tile were cracked. I removed the tile and I could clearly see the backerboard gap. Before I put replacement tiles down...
  16. A

    Cleaner spilt bleach onto sealed travertine floor... left dull patch... How to repair?

    My kitchen has a travertine floor. When it was installed ~2 years back I sealed it with one of the sealants that soaks into the stone: I put many layers of this on. My cleaner has now spilt bleach onto it. This has left a dull patch of stone (see the dull shape in the attached photo). Firstly...
  17. H

    Repair or Rewire???

    Hey, I just found a house built in the '60s, thinking of buying that. The landlord has a detailed history of that place. From what I know, it has had many unconventional remodel solutions. It had knob and tube wiring which was replaced with THHN. But they have routed it through the old wiring...
  18. M

    Discontinued tiles required for bathroom shower repair

    I require a pack of discontinued Pavigres Genciana Branco tiles for a shower repair (size 200mm * 250mm). Any help would be appreciated as currently at a dead end. Thank you.
  19. Small bathroom floor tiling with lash clips

    Small bathroom floor tiling with lash clips

    I partnered with RIDGID to show how to tile a bathroom floor. This is part of my small bathroom remodel project and floor tiling. This video is showing use of lash clips for tiling. In this scenario with really small tiles for lash clips to be fair. Usually used on bigger tiles I think.
  20. How to Replace a Cracked Tile

    How to Replace a Cracked Tile

    Learning how to replace a cracked tile can save you a TON of money.
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