A tank is an armored fighting vehicle intended as a primary offensive weapon in front-line ground combat. Tank designs are a balance of heavy firepower, strong armor, and good battlefield mobility provided by tracks and a powerful engine; usually their main armament is mounted in a turret. They are a mainstay of modern 20th and 21st century ground forces and a key part of combined arms combat.
Modern tanks are versatile mobile land weapons platforms whose main armament is a large-caliber tank gun mounted in a rotating gun turret, supplemented by machine guns or other ranged weapons such as anti-tank guided missiles or rocket launchers. They have heavy vehicle armor which provides protection for the crew, the vehicle's munition storage, fuel tank and propulsion systems. The use of tracks rather than wheels provides improved operational mobility which allows the tank to overcome rugged terrain and adverse conditions such as mud and ice/snow better than wheeled vehicles, and thus be more flexibly positioned at advantageous locations on the battlefield. These features enable the tank to perform well in a variety of intense combat situations, simultaneously both offensively (with direct fire from their powerful main gun) and defensively (as fire support and defilade for friendly troops due to the near invulnerability to common infantry small arms and good resistance against most heavier weapons), all while maintaining the mobility needed to exploit changing tactical situations. Fully integrating tanks into modern military forces spawned a new era of combat: armored warfare.

Until the arrival of the main battle tank, tanks were typically categorized either by weight class (light, medium, heavy or superheavy tanks) or doctrinal purpose (breakthrough-, cavalry-, infantry-, cruiser-, or reconnaissance tanks). Some being larger and very heavily armored and with large guns, while others are smaller, lightly armored, and equipped with a smaller caliber and lighter gun. These smaller tanks move over terrain with speed and agility and can perform a reconnaissance role in addition to engaging enemy targets. The smaller, faster tank would not normally engage in battle with a larger, heavily armored tank, except during a surprise flanking manoeuvre.

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  1. burg93

    To tank or not to tank STS board

    Hi all, probably a pretty common question but I'm going around in circles looking online for a proper answer. I'm going to be fitting some tile backer boards to a 2 wall shower enclosure soon and decided on the STS boards as they seem cheap and decent enough. The STS technical guide just says...
  2. B

    Preparation for luxury vinyl planks in bathroom. Should I tank?

    Hello, I’m a keen diy’er and looking to install my bathroom. I intend to tank the wall areas where my shower will go with q-boards from b&q before tiling. My floor however is luxury vinyl plank which is supposedly waterproof. Has anyone got experience using this in a bathroom? How do you...
  3. M

    Should I tank this area in my wetroom?

    Hi, all I have just finished my wetroom and tanked all areas, to my understanding because this is a wetroom, therefore, all areas should be tanked. However, I have created a large concrete step that is spirit levelled and my worry is if I tank this area then should any water ingress via...
  4. R

    My 1st Job prime or tank first?

    This is a proper newbie question. I've tried to find the answer already provided on the forum but can't! Is the order of application that you prime, tank, tile or tank, prime, tile? Or just two things? - prime and tile or tank and tile? I specifically have a wall that is pink plastered...
  5. S

    Is it OK to tank over rapid setting render shortly after it sets?

    The rationale behind the rapid setting mortar is to speed up the work. At the same time, a tanking system essentially traps any moisture inside. It seems to me that tanking shortly after the mortar sets (in, say, one or two hours) is a leap of faith. What do you think?
  6. M

    DIY Filler/adhesive for plasterboard holes and when to tank

    I have some damaged plasterboard in a bathroom that needs repairing prior to being tiled. I have decided not to replace the plasterboard (due to the wall being Paramount partition board) and I don't plan to overboard it either (due to the bathroom being very tight on space). Photos are attached...
  7. D

    Is failing to tank plasterboard enough to redo job?

    My new shower has (also new) plasterboard behind the tiles, which I'm pretty sure wasn't tanked before tiling, and I'm under the impression since 2018 building regs make this mandatory. Is this sufficient justification to insist on the job being redone? (there are a plethora of other issues...
  8. P

    To tank or not

    Hi I am having my bathroom refitted with shower tray and glass screen, bath taken out and all tiles removed, plasterer coming to plaster full bathroom. Guy doing the bathroom work states tanking not neccessary when the walls have been plasterered, you only need to tank when tiles are going...
  9. D

    Polythene tanking membrane .

    I'm thinking about this more and more lately, I can get codex hydrostop at a stupid price ( which is like ditra Kerdi membrane ) now when tanking a shower area rather than messing about with liquids why not just put this sheet up . Even if you use Jackoboard rather than mess about with sealing...
  10. D

    DIY Some advise needed, should I tank?

    Hi, Bit of a ruling novice, I started tiling last weekend and thought I was making good progress. However I had some time sat on a train this week and started reading threads on this forum. I’m now worried I’ve made a few mistakes. Could you help advise the best course of action... I’m tiling...
  11. G

    Confusion of which tanking product to use!

    I'm a DIY'er refitting a bathroom and en-suite and with 2 showers to tank/waterproof. One I plan to line with 12mm hardiebacker, and it also includes a preformed Schluter niche. The second will be lined with MR plasterboard dot and dabbed to brick walls, so I don't believe concrete board is an...
  12. R

    Nomoreply primer when tanking

    Hi there, I’ve seen the thread about backer boards water proof vs water resistant etc. We were going to use aquapanel and tank with ever build aqua seal tanking kit which comes with primer etc. However, the merchant had nomoreply instead. I’ve checked this and they seem to require us to prime...
  13. D

    tanking hardibacker joints in shower area

    Hi all, Just seeking advice on wet area joints in hardibacker. In a "dry" area I would normally fibatape then skim with addy. Should i still do this and then tanking tape and then tank membrane over all? Will this be a bit thick at the joints? Or is it OK to just use tanking tape over joints in...
  14. D

    Do I need to tank?

    Hi all - I've got a downstairs showerroom/wetroom (not sure of the difference!) and am a little unsure whether to tank it or not and hoping someone could kindly offer me some advice. The room is on the ground floor, and previously there was a corner shower unit, with the entire room tiled. I...
  15. K

    Norcros Norcros Wet Seal Bathroom Tanking Kit

    Hi, I am going to be using norcros wet seal tanking kit i havent used this brand before how long after applying before i can tile on it, I have seen mentioned from touch dry to 24 hours anyone use this can give me a idea thanks
  16. J

    Mapecoat I24 - Tanking to shower walls

    I'm thinking of using this to tank walls prior to tiling for a shower (tray going below). Walls have been bonded level and skimmed with multi. MAPECOAT I 24 - https://www.mapei.com/za/en/products-and-solutions/lines/products/detail/mapecoat-i-24 Has anyone used this and can confirm it can be...
  17. O

    Ardex Ardex WPC tanking kit

    Has anyone tried the white version of the Ardex WPC tanking kit ,that was brought out last year? kithttps://ardex.co.uk/product/ardex-wpc/
  18. acaciaguy

    Tanking normal plasterboard

    I have a job coming up to tile a bathroom which will have bath over shower (electric not power). Work has been done before me bath in etc. Walls are new unskimmmed plasterboard. Liquid or membrane tanking should be fine I think. Tiles are within the weight limits for plasterboard. Any thoughts ?
  19. J

    AKW TUFF former and liquid tanking ????

    It seems that ardex liquid tanking is a very popular choice on this forum and I am hoping to use some in my wetroom, however does anyone know if it's okay to use on a plastic shower former? The only thing I can find online is people recommending I lightly sand the surface of the former and AKW...
  20. W

    Sticking Pvc to tanking

    Hi I have tanked my shower with mapei waterproofing,now I need to stick pvc panels to the ceiling.can anyone recommend something I can use please.
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