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  1. C

    Floor adhesive not dry after a week

    Hello, We had a tiler come round to tile our bathroom before a plumber comes to fit a new suite. The tiler retiled the floor a week ago and some of the floor tiles are clearly moving and still stuck down. The tiler says it’s normal and we should leave it a few weeks to dry - but I think he might...
  2. T

    Dry cutter not cutting straight all way along

    Hi there, been cutting 800 x 300 porcelain tile square cuts no problem for my bathroom walls however struggling to cut hex porcelain tiles corner to corner. The last 20 to 30mm breaks away from the score line. I checked the score and it does look or feel any different where the break veres...
  3. dg-1984

    Drywall T-square or framing square

    I am going to buy one of these to help me sort my walls before tiling. Walls are plasterboard in a new build so are in good condition but can be out of being square so wanting to get them as closer to perfect before I get to the tiling. What one is required and what would be of most use? Thanks.
  4. A

    Fast drying Gypsol Rapide .....

    I forgot to post this last week. The screed is a yellow colour so identifiable if you come across it on site.... https://www.lkabminerals.com/en/gypsol-launches-rapide-screed/
  5. Wishiwasatoptiler

    135mm dry drill bit?

    Hi Folks, need a drill bit 135mm or at most 140mm, struggling to find one, normally use ats dimond drills but searched there site and cant find one, its for porcelain, Cheers
  6. L

    Cutting Which dry disc for 115m grinder.

    Hi guys, the title says it all really. I don't have a wet tile saw so looking for good quality one blade. Also, some hole saw cutters. Is it best to buy cheap and use once and throw and buy decent ones. Thanks guys. Hope you have a good day
  7. C

    Quartz Dry cutting Quartz banned in Australia due to increase in Silicosis

    Australia's love of stone kitchen benchtops is killing workers - https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-10-10/stone-cutting-for-kitchen-benchtops-sparks-silicosis-crisis/10357342
  8. W

    Drying time for rapid set concrete please

    Hi, got a job coming up next week of tiling on a rapid set concrete floor with a pipe based under floor heating system fitted. Large format 600 x 900 x 20 natural stone tiles are being laid on top. Been told by the builder the concrete is being laid on the piping this Friday and I should be able...
  9. N

    New dry cutter advice.

    I know the question of the “best tile cutter comes up. A lot! I need a new cutter as somebody “borrowed” mine (without asking) and now they cannot find it. Size wise I will probably go for a 700 as will cover most work. Anything bigger I will “borrow” my brothers. Most people seem to recommend...
  10. James C

    Help! Split face stone tiles on a ‘dry lined’ wall

    Hi guys, Long time lurker, first time poster etc I hope someone can give me some pointers please I am doing up the living room and my other half has her heart set on 2 sq metres of split face stone on the wall (I’ve attached an image of her dream!) The wall is a dry lined wall that’s...
  11. Cranbrook

    Dry buff, water only, or chemicals

    What is everyones preferred method of finishing jobs after grouting? Went to help a mate the other day on a job and he was using an orbital polisher to buff his tiles.. Anyone ever come across this method before? Worked quite well too!
  12. Balloo

    Whats the best tile blade for wet dry cuts

    Guys what is the best blade for not chipping and for perfect cuts wet or dry
  13. P

    Adhesive Anhydrite drying times

    Hello all.... quick question. I have a customer who's built a new home. I've tiled the walls and have the floors still to do. They're 50mm anhydrite incorporating piped underfloor heating. The floor was poured in December and heating has been on for a few weeks now. However, I put down my...
  14. jcrtiling

    Fast drying screeds .?

    Has anybody come across retanol xtreme . Went to have a look at a job last week . Capable of tiling after 4 days . My worry although maybe hard enough I would of thought their is still a lot of moisture .
  15. S

    Adhesive Help Please - Adhesive Taking Ages to Dry ....

    Newbie In Trouble I tiled on top of old tiles using the attached readymade adhesive as recommended by B&Q <roll eyes>. This adhesive was listed for wooden floors but was advised by staff member that it would suit for tiling on top of tiles. Directions on the tub indicated that it would take 48...
  16. M

    UFH, Drying times and Rapid setting screed

    hi all I’m hoping for some technical advice on screeds and commissioning wet underfloor heating. I went to look at at 40m2 of floor tiling job yesterday the customers would like the floor tiled before the 22nd of next month as the kitchen is being fitted then. The wet underfloor heating system...
  17. B

    Dust Extraction for Wet and Dry Vacuum

    Has anyone tried the Dust deputy type things for wet and dry vacuums?
  18. Andy Allen

    Floor drying times in a conservatory.

    How long would you leave a conservatory floor to dry before you tile it...? I normally say 6/7 weeks.. However the conservatory company are saying it needs 3 months.... probably trying to get there own back cause I've told them I'm going to have to level there crap floor. It's concrete floor...
  19. Ronin63

    "Dry mix" vs. concrete screed and which is stronger and price differences?

    Good morning everyone! I am a contractor for interiors and have an inquiry about ceramic tile fixation. I have a contractor, that has quoted for concrete screed , for the tile fixation. On site, he did a dry fix, now,,i'm not a mason, and i did some youtube searches, and ,,please clarify...
  20. T

    Tiling On Painted Drywall 10x20 Tiles

    Hey guys! Would you say it's ok to tile over painted drywall? Some people have been saying yes if it's not gloss paint. Well, the wall is emulsion so is that ok. Or will be better to apply Ardex P4 Primer to the wall instead?

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