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A dry dock (sometimes drydock or dry-dock) is a narrow basin or vessel that can be flooded to allow a load to be floated in, then drained to allow that load to come to rest on a dry platform. Dry docks are used for the construction, maintenance, and repair of ships, boats, and other watercraft.

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  1. M

    Dry fitting a large room when working alone?

    I'm tiling a 20X20 room, and it will require a lot of cuts around the edges. My question: Would you dry fit the room first? I don't want my thinset drying on me while I'm in an out making cuts, but dry fitting adds a lot of time to the job. What's your method? I've tiled small areas before but...
  2. Mart1n1i

    Grout not seeming to dry out

    Hi guys, I've had a bit of an issue on a job I've been doing recently. We finished tiling on Friday using a new adhesive (python rapid and standard adhesive) and also a new grout that I've not used before (Validus) Basically I came in to grout on Saturday midday, so majority of the adhesive...
  3. guediver

    Grooved dry screed boards

    Good afternoon, Does anyone have experience of using grooved dry screed boards? (Bonus points if on suspended floor) There seems to be a few brands/products about (ThermRite, Profix, ProWarm), but I can’t see anyone talking about actually using them (literally zero mentions across various...
  4. leoder

    Weberfloor flex dry time

    Hi guys, I've just installed Weberfloor flex in a small area 1m2 @35-40mm depth in one pour. The data/spec states 24hr dry time @5mm only, and " can be built up to 50mm " drying times vary, conditions etc. So not quite clear on expected dry time at the depth I've installed it at. Could...
  5. atsgmo

    Amtico - but can we wait 5 months for floor to dry?

    We are looking for flooring for our new kitchen, lounge and hallway and would like to use LVT throughout. The vast majority will be floorboards but we have had underfloor heating put in a relatively small area of the kitchen and lounge which was screeded with 100mm depth about 2 weeks ago. We...
  6. G

    Why is my adhesive dry and crumbling

    I got 100 square metres of tiles laid 18months ago. after 7 months i noticed tiles starting to loosen. now approx 50% have loosened. i lifted a tile last week and the adhesive is dry and crumbling. No real adhesion to floor or tile. Tiles are laid on a concrete floor with no underfloor heating...
  7. A

    Is a dry enough screed actually perfectly dry?

    I had anhydrite screed laid 28 days ago, commissioned ufh 21 days ago and have proceeded to test with a hygrometer for RH test. Its showing 45% which seems low given the threshold is 75%. The question comes from when I move the odd item like a cardboard box, where the tape has been in contact...
  8. R

    Floor Preparation - Dry Pack or SLC

    I’m planning on tiling a kitchen floor in an older property that has had previous modifications. After removing some stud partition walls to create a square space I have two separate sections of floor which will require preparation. One section (2m2) is a concrete slab about 40mm lower than the...
  9. R

    Do I need a Ditra Matt on c30 dry screed?

    Hi guys We are laying porcelain tiles 120 x 120 on a c30 dry screed on top of wet under floor heating 55m2 and I would like know if we need to use a Ditra Matt or tile straight to screed with a flexible tile adhesive ? Thanks Raff
  10. L

    Shower floor tiles taking 4 days to dry in the corners

    My new (1 month old) shower floor has 2" porcelain hexagon tiles. I noticed the grout stayed wet much longer in each bottom corner of the wall that is across from the shower head . About 4" of floor corner grout - both directions in 2 corners , and around the single tiles that are adjacent to...
  11. R

    IQ dry tile cutter any good ?

    Good Morning,new member here, been in the game 25 years, but never too old to learn stuff. I had no idea about this cutter, I can't find any independent reviews, I went to order it yesterday from PTT and they are out of stock, the other place that stocks it are also out of stock, but do have a...
  12. G

    Quarry tiles dry white

    Help! I have Victorian quarry tiles laid on dirt. I’ve just spent days cleaning them first with HG cement, mortar & efflorescence remover as there were little bits of cement here and there after steam cleaning, then with HG Terracotta Remover. The previous owners I think just put polish over...
  13. S

    Dry pack floor leveling

    Hello, i do dry pack screeding and want to ask if there is a Vibrating screed bar for this job.thank you
  14. S

    Will the wet tiles dry without watermarks?

    Hi, my husband has just started tiling a floor. White ceramic tiles which had been left outside for a couple of weeks. The tiles were not packaged watertight and some rain has got into them. I suspect they should have been left to dry out before tiling, however he's started the job as friend was...
  15. D

    Setting Out Biscuits screed (dry) SBR??...

    Evening folks. I’ll get straight to the point. Been to look at a job. Dining area / kitchen. Roughly 45m2 The contractor previous have installed underfloor heating and screeded it with a biscuit mix dry (7-1). The floor to me wants self levelling before anyone starts, it’s not bad for level...
  16. C

    Floor adhesive not dry after a week

    Hello, We had a tiler come round to tile our bathroom before a plumber comes to fit a new suite. The tiler retiled the floor a week ago and some of the floor tiles are clearly moving and still stuck down. The tiler says it’s normal and we should leave it a few weeks to dry - but I think he might...
  17. T

    Dry cutter not cutting straight all way along

    Hi there, been cutting 800 x 300 porcelain tile square cuts no problem for my bathroom walls however struggling to cut hex porcelain tiles corner to corner. The last 20 to 30mm breaks away from the score line. I checked the score and it does look or feel any different where the break veres...
  18. dg-1984

    Drywall T-square or framing square

    I am going to buy one of these to help me sort my walls before tiling. Walls are plasterboard in a new build so are in good condition but can be out of being square so wanting to get them as closer to perfect before I get to the tiling. What one is required and what would be of most use? Thanks.
  19. A

    Fast drying Gypsol Rapide .....

    I forgot to post this last week. The screed is a yellow colour so identifiable if you come across it on site.... https://www.lkabminerals.com/en/gypsol-launches-rapide-screed/
  20. Wishiwasatoptiler

    135mm dry drill bit?

    Hi Folks, need a drill bit 135mm or at most 140mm, struggling to find one, normally use ats dimond drills but searched there site and cant find one, its for porcelain, Cheers
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