Coolness is an aesthetic of attitude, behavior, comportment, appearance and style which is generally admired. Because of the varied and changing connotations of cool, as well as its subjective nature, the word has no single meaning. It has associations of composure and self-control and often is used as an expression of admiration or approval. Although commonly regarded as slang, it is widely used among disparate social groups and has endured in usage for generations.

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  1. BulkWorkwear

    Super Cool Workwear Polo Shirts Deal

    Super Cool Workwear Polo Shirts Deal We're approaching some scorching hot Summer days , remember to stock up on your favourite Super Cool Workwear Polo Shirts. Buy them plain or have your logo printed or embroidered on them to stand out from the crowd this Summer. If you've not tried them...
  2. B

    New radiators pretty cool!

  3. Dan

    Cool Things To Watch On Youtube?

    I don't really watch much TV these days but when I get in bed I need to wind down and usually stick something on related to astronomy or some other documentary about the universe or something. So thought I'd create a thread on it. Share some stuff you watch on youtube. View...
  4. S

    Please Help Me Find Cool Bohemian Floor Tiles Like These!!

    Hi there, Tiling our floor in our kitchen, hate bog standard boring tiles, love cool bohemian/Aztec patterns but finding a severe lack of them on any tiles websites. Any clues??
  5. D

    How cool is this ! :hurray:
  6. Dan

    Cool Sign Writing

    Perhaps call is 'expressive advertising'?
  7. Dan

    Level IT three - cool under pressure

    Ultra Floor Level IT three Super Dry has been used in a multi-storey Manchester office conversion, ensuring construction deadlines were met. Click here for the full article.. RSS feed from For tiles, tilers, tiling and the tiles industry: The Tile Association.
  8. U

    BAL Fun with balls, so cool...
  9. U

    How cool is that?

    I want to have a go!! The Curious Brain » The best 3 min so far!!! Bodyflight Bedford 6 Way. The Curious Brain is one of my favourite websites, you never know what you'll discover next :thumbsup:
  10. E

    Keeping your cool.

    I did a job for a customer just before christmas she had a 50sqm travertine floor laid and the wrong sealer was applied by the tiler...(well her husband let it slip he put another type of sealer on to make it shiny) Well it looked awful and was a real job stripping it back. So i stripped it and...
  11. K

    Hi Y'all looks like a cool forum...lets see

    Hi Y'all looks like a cool forum...lets see
  12. D

    cool stuff

    YouTube - Cool Stuff :8:is anyone having a drink or is it just me then ?:thumbsup:
  13. D

    Drilling Keep Cool... Diamond drilling of porcelain tiles causes heat and dust in holesaws.

    In an effort to make life even easier for users of PORSADRILL we have made available an economical solution that solves the problem of cooling a diamond crown in use, and also collecting the tile dust & debris to give you a clean and dry site. Our competitors either use water jets or water...
  14. S


    What a cracking site ..well impressed had a little browse around and have picked up a lot already many thanks for setting this site up
  15. B

    try this,its cool

    pick a number between 1 and ten. multiply this by 2 add 5 multiply this by 50 if you have already had your birthday this year then add 1759,if you havent had a birthday this year yet then add 1758 now subtract the four digit year you were born you should have a 3 digit number...