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Having decided I was bored of a living room devoid of personality, I decided I wanted to go with the Victorian library look. A big part of that is having a false chimney breast installed to replace the hard wired fire suite and having the chamber of said chimney breast tiled with brick slips. As well as discovering some interesting electrics when the fire was removed (once he'd broken his silence, the electrician's exact words were "it works but it's not right"), we found there was a gap between the plasterboard wall and the concrete floor. The chimney breast is now up and the plasterer seemed to think that filling the gap with the tile adhesive would suffice. I checked with the seller of the brick slips (Kuci) and they agreed. I was wanting to fill the gap this weekend but when I looked at the instructions on the bag of adhesive (Larsen Rapid Set Flex), the mixing instructions were for the whole bag. As this is the first time tiling for me, I don't want to be making up more than is necessary at a time since I doubt I'll be the fastest tiler in the world even with the brick slips pre-cut. Technically I could make up something like a quarter at a time but a) depending on how things go I may do one "wall" at a time and don't know how much I'll likely need and b) I don't want to faff around measuring things out, I'd rather use something more basic like x parts powder to x parts water. I did ask the seller but they were in favour of making up a quarter and I've contacted Larsen who haven't replied as yet. I know a lot of advice is to mix it until it feels like a particular consistency which would be fine if I was making up the whole lot in one go, but I would rather avoid the possibility of any variation between batches. I have seen a YouTube video where Everbuild 705 Rapid Set was used to install brick slips with a 3 parts powder, 3 parts water ratio as per the instructions so am considering switching to that instead.

The main questions are:
1) Is the tile adhesive suitable for filling the plasterboard/concrete floor gap and if not, what's best to use?
2) Can I fill the gap first and do the brick slips at a later point once it has dried, or should they be done at the same time?
3) Does anyone know what the parts ratio is for Larsen Rapid Set Flex?
4) Am I right in thinking that the best way to tile new, bare plaster on plasterboard is to give it a light sand and coat with SBR first?

I'm pretty sure that's everything but can't guarantee I won't be back with more questions.

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