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self leveling compound

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    Porcelain Advice please!

    Had a builder in to build a garage, was planning on just painting garage base but was so uneven he laid self levelling compound. I could not paint so decided best was to tile myself with porcelain. went out to prep floor and sweep up and noticed the floor was cracked and hollow sounding and...
  2. C

    Not putting final floor covering down on self leveled floors for a couple of months

    I'm having the whole ground floor self leveled in a few days and noticed in the spec that it's not suitable as a wearing surface. Now I do intend to covering it eventually with engineered wood and tiles but probably not for a month or two while other works are completed. Works include rewire...
  3. J

    Electric UFH Wrong type of Self leveling compound and cracks / underfloor heating

    Hi We had self leveling compound laid about a week ago by our builders in our shower room and through to our kitchen/diner, i`ve been cleaning today and i`ve noticed cracking and breaking at the edges near the patio doors. It was laid onto plywood boards (in the kitchen area) , concrete in the...
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    Self leveling compound

    Hello, I've recently started renovating our kitchen/dinner. We've had a new concrete slab poured and it appears that the builders have put a tamped finish on it. They used a rack to spread it out and get it level 'by eye'... Due to this, I cant determine how level the floor is and how much...
  5. M

    Need help tiling back yard patio

    I have just been round to someone who wants their back yard tiled with 600x600 porcelain 20mm tiles. The floor is concrete but not level. There is also a drain cover and also a small drwin in the corner coming down from the gutter. Should I use exterior self levelling g compound to level the...
  6. B

    self levelling compound maximum thickness and alternatives

    Hi all, I'm about to tile a concrete kitchen floor that needs leveling as it currently slopes and runs out by around 40 mm (from one end of room to the other). I just wanted to know whether (a) self leveling compound would do the job and if so, the maximum thickness that can be applied, and (b)...
  7. G

    Self levelling over wet ufh system

    Hi guys, the job, 140m2 of Mapei renovation screed over profix 15mm ufh system. It was to big for me to lay by hand so got a firm in to pump it. They have done a top job getting spot on flat but after inspecting it 2 and half days after it was laid I found pretty much every where it had the...
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    Isomat Isomat UK Fast-setting, self-leveling, polymer modified cementitious screeds

    For more screed options please visit our web site Fast-setting, self-levelling, polymer-modified cementitious screed, used for smoothing and levelling concrete or mortar floors, before laying finishing materials like ceramic tiles, moquettes, parquet, vinyl tiles etc. It can be...
  9. C

    Adhesive Floor self levelling compound

    Hi My bathroom floor is not particularly level running out of true approximately 3mm. As most flooring covering manufacturers stress the importance of having a level floor I think that I need to use self levelling compound to achieve this. Can someone please recommend a brand to use as there are...
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