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  1. J

    CTD Redundancies deleted thread!?

    Could any moderators please let me know why my thread regarding CTD making a lot of people redundant and aiming at retail over trade got deleted? If it’s in the wrong section, please let me know.
  2. G

    Another career change thread don't hate me please

    Hi all, I'm really sorry to bore Many of you. I didn't want to hijack another post. I'm 42 good health and done a few things in my life mostly physical jobs. I really would like to work for myself but struggling to find any positive feedback. My ideas were Either plasterer, door hanger, tiler...
  3. Dan

    Reported content: Post in thread 'Training Feedback - Construction Skills College Tiling Courses'

    Post in thread 'Training Feedback - Construction Skills College Tiling Courses' by Guest has been reported by Dan. Reason given: Content being reported:
  4. Dan

    Just testing questions and answers thread

    Just testing questions and answers thread.
  5. I

    CLOSED NOW - Morning Thread (and General Daily Discussion - Certainly during COVID)

    Edit: New thread is here: New Good Morning Thread 2024 - ok, as some know dan asked for a new thread in the morning when the old thread reached 20000 posts. I open a new one, don't feel obligated to say good morning...
  6. Dan

    Welcome to the Australian Tile Advice Forum - INTRODUCTION THREAD

    Welcome to the International Tile Advice Forum. This is the Australian tile forum category for any tile related questions (click me then click post new thread) And this is the Australian Member Introduction Thread that you're reading in now. Please reply with a quick introduction. I'm Dan...
  7. Dan

    Advent Calendar 2019 Winners Thread

    So me and @Lou have spent ages doing this on all forums. We've written down all the names, folded them, stuck them in a (plumbers forums - sorry had no tilers hats left) hat. Then drew one. We've done a video, hopefully it'll upload. We have some issues on electricians forums and it's not...
  8. Dan

    New Feature: View whos read a thread

    We've had this before, thought I'd enable it for a bit. We have a shed load of members who have stepped back and become lurkers. Not sure why, but they're reading all the threads and not replying to any. Thought I'd enable this feature to show you how some threads attract hundreds of readers...
  9. Bopster

    another Preferred floor prep thread

    I’m working on a quote for a customer at present, first floor bathroom over a carport. The floor is currently freezing cold so I’ll take it back to joists, fill the void with insulation then board the floor, electric ufh then tile Question is which method for boarding, is nmp ok to have...
  10. D

    long thread with pictures

    Hello Dan and Lou. Appreciate you're both busy. I've been searching the forum for a thread posted a couple of years ago, don't recall his name, he asked for and got great advice as the project progressed. Seem to remember it was bathroom based. It went on for some pages . It was great for...
  11. I

    Old Morning Thread - NOW CLOSED - See link to new one

    Edit: New thread is here: New Good Morning Thread 2024 - ok, as some know dan asked for a new thread in the morning when the old thread reached 20000 posts. I open a new one, don't feel obligated to say good morning...
  12. Dan

    How to receive New Thread alerts & Push Notifications - But only from people you follow ;) Go to this area, this is a list of all the people you follow. Click alert options and you'll be able to get notified when people you follow post to the forum. : )
  13. Dan

    Testing Reactions (Likes) - Please come in this thread to click on them all

    Testing Reactions (Likes) - Please come in this thread to click on them all Feel free to play around with the newer likes. Not sure I'm digging the actual icons, but if you use them for now, it will at least notify the user and record the reaction, and I can change the actual icon at a later...
  14. Dan

    FIXRADIO - Tunes Request Thread & DAB Radio Recommendations Thread

    FIXRADIO - Tunes Request Thread - The official unofficial tunes request and shout-out thread. This isn't something we've organised with FIXRADIO officially. So it's the unofficial official tunes request thread. If you really really want a tune on, use the usual channels...
  15. Dan

    Similar threads are now showing at the bottom of the thread you're reading.....

    Similar Threads shown at the bottom of the thread you're reading - is back. But thanks to those who contribute to the forum by way of Upgrading Their Account to a Subscribed Member it is now using the all singing all dancing enhanced searching feature, rather than just using the thread titles...
  16. T

    BAL Football thread - 2019/2020 season.

    It’s here! For those who are interested the new football season has started. State your club and watch their season progress. From Premier league to ..... Sunday morning park games - whatever you follow. Let’s go....
  17. Dan

    Pictures Photos of your work! - Professional Wall and Floor Tiling Pictures (2019 Public Thread)

    There's a thread in the arms that I thought should have some of the pics shared publicly. So here's the thread. Feel free to post away! :)
  18. Adam18Spring

    Full Wetroom Build Thread - Start to finish

    Hi all In a kind of 'Payment' for all the advice i have got from here i have decided to do a build thread for my wet room, it may help someone in the future it may not but here it goes! Room size is 1.8M x 2.2M, at the end of the extension i finished building a last year. I work full time so...
  19. G

    Hello, this is my very first thread here.

    Hi this is Gian. Signed up because i have a very important bathroom task to do and i will be needing everyone's help :) Thanks.
  20. Bopster

    Quartz Another quartz thread

    After some advice please, customer is supplying these quartz resin tiles from Topps for a kitchen I’m on Starluxe™ Black 60x60 Tile | Topps Tiles - Supposedly safe with electric ufh and been recommended to use bal PTB with...
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