Paint is any pigmented liquid, liquefiable, or solid mastic composition that, after application to a substrate in a thin layer, converts to a solid film. It is most commonly used to protect, color, or provide texture to objects. Paint can be made or purchased in many colors—and in many different types, such as watercolor or synthetic. Paint is typically stored, sold, and applied as a liquid, but most types dry into a solid. Most paints are either oil-based or water-based and each has distinct characteristics. For one, it is illegal in most municipalities to discard oil-based paint down household drains or sewers. Clean-up solvents are also different for water-based paint than they are for oil-based paint. Water-based paints and oil-based paints will cure differently based on the outside ambient temperature of the object being painted (such as a house.) Usually, the object being painted must be over 10 °C (50 °F), although some manufacturers of external paints/primers claim they can be applied when temperatures are as low as 2 °C (35 °F).

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  1. Z

    Removing paint from tiles

    Hi all, Do you mind if i ask people experienced in tiles what should my first step be in cleaning these tiles, recently uncovered. It would be great if I can at least remove the paint and then see what is left to do. The building is 170 years old. These tiles may have be laid later. Appreciate...
  2. S

    Grout paint. Any experience?

    Customer has changed her mind about grout colour. These are glazed ceramic metro style tiles . I am reluctant to re-grout because of the risk damaging the edges. Have you tried painting grout? Which way would you recommend, re-grouting or painting?
  3. A

    Priming when using ready mix

    Hi all I've got a newbie question here! I've got a kitchen splashback coming up soon with 200x100 ceramic metro tiles, I'll be using mapei mapegrip D1 ready mixed adhesive and have mapei probond primer. My question is do I need to prime the walls first even though it is a ready mix? I have...
  4. A

    Priming when using ready mix adhesive?

    Hi all I've got a newbie question here! I've got a kitchen splashback coming up soon with 200x100 ceramic metro tiles, I'll be using mapei mapegrip D1 ready mixed adhesive. My question is do I need to prime the walls first even though it is a ready mix? I have always primed before hand but...
  5. nick9one1

    Tiling over bathroom paint

    I'm about to start tiling my bathroom and was wondering if is there some sort of self etching primer available for priming glossy bathroom paint before tiling? The bathroom was previously tiled 1/2 way up
  6. D

    Tiles heats up when laid over Bitumen paint!

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and I'm looking for your experts' advice in a situation that I'm stuck in. This is a 1980's house and we already have an in-screed electric underfloor heating (nearly 40 years old) on a concrete base. We removed the existing laminate floor to lay tiles in...
  7. L

    Paint finish on Kerdi

    Hi All Cheers for the advice on here so far my DIY bathroom build is moving well and the end is in sight. I've used Kerdi board and there are parts of the board that will need painting - so not 100% tile coverage. After some advice on here and from Schluter I'm going to run a layer of tile...
  8. A

    Wet Room Advice Please - Tile or waterproof plasterboard and paint white?

    I am hoping some of the pro's out there can give me some advice what i should do next. Tile backerboard floor and vertical wall. Now what do i do going up to the pitched roof?. My thinking is to tileback board to ceiling and tile but then i am workign against gravity when tiling. Other option...
  9. H

    re sealing shower

    Hi I need some advice on re applying sealant in my shower. We have had some movement and a gap in the corner of the shower has appeared (I've attached a picture) The gap is over 7mm. How would be the best way of re sealing this? I was going to use CT1 sealer.
  10. S

    Sealing a Slc garage floor prior to painting

    Need some advice please on sealing Slc. Not sure if I'm in the right place for this but worth a try. I have recently Slc a garage floor and want to paint over it as the finish but I'm not sure what to seal it with prior to painting as it has a very porous/dusty finish, any advice would be...
  11. I

    Sealing porcelain tiles

    Hello all I have procelain tiles laid in my kitchen floor. The tiles are cream colour and have a bit of shine on them. Issue is they get dirty so quick I was thinking of sealing them???also I want to give them a good clean would hiring a polisher machine so the job?
  12. M

    Sealing pipes coming out the wall

    Hi guys. As title says. What methods do you use to seal the shower outlet pipe feeds that come out the wall? Got two copper pipes coming out at 150 centers for my mira erd shower. Pipes are in a stud wall, lined with jackoboard. Its not tiled in that area yet. I have seen gaskets but cant...
  13. Z

    My 1st Job Sealing glazed ceramic tiles before grouting

    I'm just wondering if my glazed ceramic tiles need sealing before I grout them... I applied some Mapei Ultracolour Plus Terra Di Seinna grout to an inconspicuous area. I scraped the excess off straight away and wiped across with a damp sponge. I left it about 5 minutes and wiped it again. The...
  14. H573

    Mosaic Sealing prior to grouting

    Hi All, I’m a newbie both to this site and tiling. I’ve recently moved to Zambia, the materials here are inferior and the availability is poor. I’m doing a bathroom using mosaic, marble and natural stone. I know I need to seal prior to grouting, but the only sealer I can find is TFC silicone...
  15. L

    Marble tiles - sealing and cleaning

    Im putting some marble tiles in a bathroom / shower area for the first time. The customer is very worried about limescale and how to clean it, they have hard water. Anyone got any recommendations of decent sealers for marble and/or cleaners. Or should I be telling her to avoid marble in the...
  16. T

    My 1st Job Sealing around shower door frame.

    I have refitted my ensuite and I have made it to the last step only to run into trouble I cant seem to fix. I have a tiled shower floor with wet room tray underneath, all tanked etc and tiled the walls. Sliding shower door frame fitted. Siliconed up where the metal meets the tile but I keep...
  17. O

    Limestone tile sealing

    Good morning all Just to introduce myself, my name is Oli and I am in the process of finishing an extension at home. Was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to offer some advice on sealing limestone floor tiles. They are chalky white colour which we want to retain as best possible. I...
  18. M

    Natural Stone Sealing after grouting

    I'm just wondering how you can seal natural stone mosaic tiles after the have been grouted can some advice the best action to take.. thanks in advance
  19. R

    People who specialise in silicone sealing

    I remember reading somewhere that there's a specific trade or at least people who are very skilled at silicone sealing. I have a lot of corners in a soon to be completed bathroom that will need this doing and I want it done really well as if not, it can really spoil the final appearance. I...
  20. S

    Filling and Sealing Joint between Tile Backer and Ceiling

    I’m just about to install 12.5mm Hardiebacker boards in my 3-wall en suite shower and I’m just wonder how I should fill and seal the joints with the existing ceiling (believe it is just plasterboard and painted). What should I use for filler? Tile adhesive and then tape the joints as normal...
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