1. T

    1250 slide cutter or flash line system cutter

    Hi everyone, as tiles are getting bigger and bigger I'm looking for a new cutter. Now my question is, would it be better to buy a 1250mm montolit slide cutter or would I be best off buying the flash line system for up to large format of 3.4 meters? I just don't know how efficient that would be...
  2. D

    How to get a good grout line finish on slightly rounded edges

    Hi everyone, The floor tiles I have are 600x600 white gloss which have a slight rounded edge to them so how do I get a purfect grout lines? will the normal wash with sponge achieve this just like the flat edge tiles or do I need a tool to do this? Thanks in advance, Gary.
  3. H

    Thickness of grout line query

    Fired Earth recommend using a 3mm grout thickness on their 200x100mm tiles when fixed onto plaster, to allow for movement. My tiler has gone ahead and used 2mm spacers, he says he always does this for walls. Could i have a problem. British Standards say a minimum of 2mm.
  4. hotnuts21

    Center line of wall with alcove for tiling

    Im tiling a walk in shower area and im not sure where to start on the longest wall. It has a bulkhead and alcove at one end which means the wall has 3 lenghts. 190cm, 182cm and 170cm. Im using 60cm wide tiles but im not sure whether to mark the centerline of the wall from the longest or...
  5. M

    Drilling tile/grout line

    Hello, after advice on drilling tile grout line. I'm fitting a shower mixer head onto tile with rear fed pipes. Sod's law one of the holes needs to be cut through the tile and grout line. I will be using s tile 17mm holesaw (5655v) from Screwfix for this. Any advise or suggestion will be...
  6. R

    Visual line seen where tiles butt together

    Hi, I am interested in the Michigan Grey Rustic Brick Effect Tiles (see photo), but notice that if one tile is butted against the next one, there is a visible line seen that is not on the grout lines of the main tile. Any ideas on how I can hide this line to get around the problem? Bob
  7. Sean-tries-to-tile

    Window tile trim-to-tile grout line?

    Hi guys just a quick one, i have read other threads about grout between trim and tile, seems about a 50 50 split concensus, but in this case, grout between window trim and tile or not? Of course I would have to shorten the center piece to allow for grout space. Also, if a grout line is left...
  8. J

    Tiling from floor to line up with worksurface

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. My business is a handyman. Often this includes small tiling jobs usually kitchen splash backs. My approach is to start with a full tile above the worktop surface. However tomorrow I have a job which is several splash backs one of which expands onto a floor to...
  9. J

    How do you wrap tiles onto window sill? Just can’t seem to get the joints to line up perfectly?

    Are there any tips on how to carry the herringbone pattern onto a window sill. I’m tiling my cousins kitchen and every time I align one tile up with the joints on the wall the others don’t match up.
  10. A

    Thick grout line behind trim tile

    We had a new tile shower installed with an oil rubbed bronze liner/pencil as the trim tile around the wall tile. The problem is the installer applied a 1/4 inch of line of grout between the liner and the wall. Although the grout is a dark color, it is not as dark as the liner and looks bad. I...
  11. R

    Vitrex Ulitmate blade walks off line

    I am cutting 16mm porcelaine paving with a Vitrex bridge cutter. I fitted a Vitrex Ultimate blade to replace the standard blade. It cuts better, with less chipping but on a 600mm cut it walks off line by 3mm. The saw runs true and the standard blade cuts true but it chips like a MF. So any...
  12. B

    Wall tiles cracking in a line

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I'm hoping for some advice. About 2 months ago we had our bathroom redone and all was fine until last night when a line of 4 tiles spontaneously cracked over a period of 20 minutes while my son was having a bath. The line runs from the...
  13. K

    Help ... 2 different tiles joint don’t line up (assumed both 30x60 but not)

    Hi, I bough two types of tiles, one of them being 300x600 rectified split face for a future wall, and the rest 300x600 marble. Only after laying few raws of the split face and one of the marble on one wall, I found out a day after that the joints don’t line up at an internal corner - I know...
  14. Wishiwasatoptiler

    DeWalt DCE089D1G 10.8v XR Green Multi Line Laser 2.0Ah Kit

    Hi Folks Anyone got this, is it worth it. Whats it like in bright sunlight and will it also cast a 90 degree on the floor like the bosch GTL3. Is there better for the same sort of money in green. Thanks
  15. L

    I'm Looking For This Tile Porcelanosa Venis Line Antracita

    I just need one or two of these to complete a bathroom wall that was half-started by the house builders... And can't find them for love nor money! Thanks Laura
  16. T

    Grout line size 2mm or 3mm

    Hi All, about to tile my bathroom walls with 600mm x 150mm tiles and not sure whether to use 2mm or 3mm grout lines also using the same tiles on the floor what would the grout line size normally be with the floor tile, Thanks in advance.
  17. T

    Rubi Basic Line Rubi Trowels

    Screwfix are currently selling Rubi BL 6 & 10 mm trowels for under £4 inc vat :)
  18. J

    Hair line crack on cement tile

    The attached image shows a hair line crack on some cement floor tiles about 4 ft in length that starts at the wall and runs to the middle of the room. The tiles were laid by a professional about 14 months ago in my upstair bathroom - regular 1960 's timber frame house. There was also some...
  19. J

    Prefab homes tiling on production line

    Hi has anyone on here or does anyone on here do tiling on modular homes in a factory on a production line? Just wondered if it was easy work difficult how it all works. Cheers josh
  20. L

    Which Floor laser line????

    Hello all, im going to buy a floor laser line level this weekend, but no idea which one. Whats your views. After some research and asking a few friends ive come up with Stabila FLS 90 - Anyone own this or have an opinion? PLS FT90 - Anyone own this or have an opinion? If there are others any...
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