In professional wrestling, a cutter is a 3⁄4 facelock bulldog maneuver. This move sees an attacking wrestler first apply a 3⁄4 facelock (reaching back and grabbing the head of an opponent, thus pulling the opponent's jaw above the wrestler's shoulder) before falling backwards (sometimes after running forwards first) to force the opponent face-first to the mat below.
The cutter was innovated by Johnny Ace, who called it the Ace Crusher. It was later popularized by Diamond Dallas Page, who called it the Diamond Cutter, which is where the move got its name. The cutter also formed the base for the later development of another professional wrestling move known as the stunner.

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  1. Sevenn

    help with buying a manual tile cutter

    Hi people, i am new to the trade and i am looking to buy a manual tile cutter at my training i used a "The Genesis super pro 600mm" with adjustable scoring wheel (i think was like 5 cm in length) i think this is to adjust for the thickness i was looking around my local shops and they all are...
  2. S

    Manual cutter for 20mm x 48 inch long porcelain?

    Hello. I’m about to do a patio around a pool outside. I’ve been looking at manual scribe and break cutters for my 20mm porcelain pavers. Has anyone successfully done this in a long 48” 20mm thick tile? I’ve been looking at the Rubi TX max 1250, Sigma 3M series push 49”, masterpiuma P3 and RTC...
  3. A

    Cracking tiles when cutting 600mm Cheap cutter??

    Hi everyone. Tiling my bathroom first time and going well so far! 600x300 ceramics on walls and plan 600x600 porc on floor. I’ve borrowed a QEP Big Clinker and it’s cut 300mm fine so far, no failed cuts out of about 8-9 I’ve done. HOWEVER I tried to cut long ways 600mm and tiles kept cracking...
  4. SamCotton

    Tile Cutter Needed (DIYer)

    Hi guys, I am a DIYer and want to tile my en-suite. What tile cutter do you recommend that won't break the bank as I will only be using it on my own DIY projects and possibly tiling friends and family homes. Budget £100...
  5. E

    Best manual cutter for porcelain

    Hi Peeps, I'm new to this site but been in the game a looooong time :) Looking to purchase a new manual cutter as the one I have is on its last legs. My question is whats the best manual cutter for porcelain tiles? Be good to hear your thoughts
  6. G

    Mitre cutter for trims

    Can you tell me what the best mitre cutter out there for cutting chrome tile trims. Is there a good electric one you can get. Gerwyn👍🏼
  7. N

    Best tile cutter you've used for cutting 1500 mm long tiles??

    Bought the Rubi TX-Maxi to use on 1000 mm tiles which is very good but customers seem to be going for bigger floor tiles on each job ,😩. any recommendations pls
  8. E

    Thinking about investing in my first tile cutter. Need help

    Hello, I am looking at getting a sigma. I am contemplating between the sigma ceramic cutter technical 26” (ART-2B3) Or the sigma pull handle 26” 3B4 Has any one used the 2B3? I am not sure if I am losing out on anything with the smaller sigma. I am currently using cutters from my...
  9. C

    Tile cutter recommendations

    Hi I am going to be tiling the walls in our cloakroom, approx 6m2. Tiles are 400x250x8 ceramic. Can anyone recommend a tile cutter <£50 to do the job please?
  10. H

    Sigma tile cutter issues

    Anyone have issues getting a clean break with a sigma cutter
  11. H

    Sigma tile cutter issues

    Anybody had issues with breaking the tile after scoring, mine has started to fail to break the last couple of inches on all types of tile.
  12. M

    Bosch gdc 121 tile cutter

    Has anyone used the Bosch GDC 121 tile cutter, I currently use Rubi viper blades in my grinder wondering if the tile cutter is a better option.
  13. C

    Electric cutter for £150 ish?

    Hi folks, After some advice. I don't do loads of tiling but do a few bathrooms here and there. I can't justify spending hundreds on a wet cutter, but I need to get a semi decent one, ideally £120-£150 or something like that. (which is probably a bit of a contradiction haha). Just wondered if...
  14. B

    Tile cutter

    Hi, can anyone recommend a manual tile cutter for 1200 x 600 tiles, thanks
  15. R

    Angle grinder or huge wet cutter

    On large format are alot of you using angle grinders (anyone use the monolit guide? Plus using a good extractor) Or the wet circular saw or now you having to carry about 1200mm wet cutter?
  16. N

    Best tile cutter you have used for cutting 1200 x 12000 Porcelain floor tiles ?

    Best tile cutter you have used for cutting 1200 x 1200 Porcelain floor tiles ?
  17. P

    Ergo tile cutter or newish battipav super pro evo?

    Hi, has anyone out there used a ergo tile cutter from Topps? Or the newish model of battipav super pro evo? If so what do u think? Need to buy new cutter and the super pro has caught my eye but also interested to hear anyone who has used the ergo due to the cheap price of it!
  18. Mouldy

    Manual cutter

    Hi Gents, I've got two cutters, a TS-40 and a TS-60, along with a wet saw. However I'm finding that the they both struggle with Porc, especially on the last job, (RAK ceramics Lounge Beige unpolished). So I did pretty much all of the cutting on the Dewalt, but even this was causing me issues as...
  19. H

    Best wet tile cutter

    Hi all. New to the forum. Transferring my skills from DIY to making tiling a profession. What wet tile cutters do people recommend for of course heavy duty use ? Thanks in advance
  20. R

    IQ dry tile cutter any good ?

    Good Morning,new member here, been in the game 25 years, but never too old to learn stuff. I had no idea about this cutter, I can't find any independent reviews, I went to order it yesterday from PTT and they are out of stock, the other place that stocks it are also out of stock, but do have a...