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  1. Dan

    Can tilers plug their local tile stores that they use please?

    I think this is okay to do. I can't see this upsetting a relationship you have. But by all means if you want to keep your suppliers to yourself, don't do this. That said, if you don't mind doing so, and do want to give your local tile store some acknowledgement (and perhaps one day therefore...
  2. Dan

    JOTM 2019 You can keep submitting until the 28th

    JOTM automatically posted a thread saying there was 24 hours left to enter. It was incorrect. That was linking to an old test album I made a week before the real one started on the 1st Sept. So, you have until the 28th to enter. You will be notified on the 27th that it's ending in 24 hours...
  3. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile I am searching for tiles

    Can some one help to let me know how and whs in attachment. As you can see from attachment, the tiles come in black and white.
  4. E

    My 1st Job Tiling Virgin wants reassurance after maybe biting off more than be can chew....

    Hello, I'm relatively handy when it comes to DIY, but I have never tried tiling before and I may have come over all ambitious for my first attempt. It feels like I have read and watched a hundred tiling websites and youtube tiling videos, along with speaking to "experts" who have provided...
  5. C

    My 1st Job Can anyone explain how you tile into a corner

    Can anyone explain how you tile into a corner
  6. M83T

    Can anybody help me gain some experience?

    Hi I started the year determined to make a start on changing career so I went on a short tiling course to learn the basics I have since tiled my own kitchen splash back and have a friend's kitchen lined up which is good practice whilst I continue with my current job. I was just wondering if...
  7. I

    Electric UFH Sos advice needed can bad job can be salvaged

    My first post, joined forum to get some help as my husband thinks everything is ok and i am harrasing. We Had warmap Ufh installed on Friday. It went on a bare concrete floor. Tiler used Tarmac floor levelling compound and did on the go as he poured compound. he never laid wires down, they are...
  8. C

    Can I tile onto this type of plywood?

    Hi, My friend's Dad built some boxing around the toilet in my bathroom using some plywood salvaged from a building site. I think it was previously used for boarding up windows (shuttering ply?). See pics attached. Can I tile onto this if properly primed or am I better off redoing the box in a...
  9. J

    Can I tile onto well stuck vinyl planks?

    Morning all, Can I tile onto well stuck vinyl planks? If yes what primer and adhesive do you suggest please? MTIA
  10. P

    I'm Looking For This Tile Can anyone help identify these border tiles

    Two of the border tiles in my bathroom have disintegrated around my bath. The tiler who I've used in the past doesn't know what they are. If I can get two he can cut what's left of the damaged ones out and put the new ones in their place. They measure 70 x 250mm and are about 15mn deep. Any help...
  11. K

    Badly cracked limestone - can I replace individually with decoupling

    self build completed 10 years ago, large kitchen diner on 65mm hand mixed screed, with no stress relief joints & wet UFH! Tiled with limestone, found that the tilers switched to cheaper adhesive not suitable for UFH approx a third of the way through the job, they then added flex fluid to the...
  12. D

    What kind of tile is this, where can I get them from?

    A friend of mine just moved in to a council flat and has these tiles in his bathroom but wants them in his kitchen as well but can't find them any where, they are just under 20" x 20" (I apologise about the poor quality of the photos)
  13. T

    Advice on what I can use to edge existing ceramic tiles

    Happy New Year everyone! I am hoping for some advice please. I have a large area of bog standard white 10mm thick ceramic tiles in the bathroom of my rented home but they don't have the plastic edging to finish the rough unglazed edge. Is there anything I could use to edge the tiles, plastic...
  14. P

    Water UFH Can someone explain why? Sleeving pipe at expansion joints

    Can someone explain why a piece of conduit is placed over the floor pipe where it passes through an expansion joint?
  15. C

    Can I regrout over existing grout

    Hello, I have just had my bathroom done 2 days ago by a professional tiler. When he has finished the grouting it looks like he has washed too much grout out of the joints. Will it be OK to go back over it with fresh grout. The grout is a good quality flexible grout and the tiles are...
  16. J

    Who can identify the problem here? Crazy paving tiling - dodgy subfloor?

    Following some cracked grout and then cracked tiles, I've lifted a couple of tiles in my bathroom this morning to find what you can see in the photos. I'd like to re-lay replacement tiles but with the subsurface you can see, I'm not sure it's a good idea. The light blue you can see is like a...
  17. J

    Can you tile over existing ditra??

    Hi all I’m taking up bathroom floor tiles which have been laid on ditra which was put down on top of floorboards. The ditra is proving difficult to get up but seems secure and fixed in most places. Can you retile over The existing ditra ?? If not can you recommend best course of action RE...
  18. H

    Can anyone tell me what type of tile?

    1940’s Dutch colonial house- is this terra cotta tile or something else? Trying to decide if it’s worth trying to clean and save or if we should tear it up. Thanks!
  19. P

    How can i improve my preparation

    Hi Everyone, Plumber by trade but do a lot of bathroom refurbishments, have hired tilers in the past with mixed experiences. I have not been impressed with the last few tilers and have started doing smaller jobs myself and have enjoyed it. I am not sure if i want to do tilling all the time as...
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