Çan is a town and district of Çanakkale Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. According to the 2010 census, the population of the district is 50,669, of which 28,808 live in the town of Çan. The district covers an area of 907 km2 (350 sq mi), and the town lies at an elevation of 129 m (423 ft).

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  1. S

    Pictures Looking for a tile

    Please help me find this tile.
  2. T

    Advice - can this be fixed

    I have had issues with our contractor regarding the quality of his work, however when confronted with the issues around his sloppy grouting his response to was to tell me to keep the outstanding money and find someone else to finish the work! So my main question is can this be fixed? and if so...
  3. B

    Can I tile onto this?

    Hi, Can I tile directly onto this? I have taken off the previous tiles and (most) of the adhesive. Can I tile onto this wall? I have read that you should not using pva under any circumstances, but the wall does feel a bit dusty. Any advice greatly appreciated! B
  4. J

    Can I use Hardie backer 6mm to skim upto.

    Hi, I'm currently prepping my new bathroom for plastering before tiling and am unsure about Hardie backer meeting plaster. I have some old brick walls with original plaster on and some new stud walls. The tiles are porcelain so to heavy to fit straight to plaster and they are hexagonal being...
  5. N

    Can you tile using anti fracture mat direct on floorboards?

    Hi all, new to this forum and looking for advice / reassurance. I'm getting my hallway tiled and it's an old house, built circa 1900. It still has the original floorboards and after getting a few quotes, the tiler who can do the job says I only need to put down anti fracture mats over the...
  6. Doom1912

    Can a pipe be boxed in after tiling?

    Hi, I was left with a half finished bathroom and have had to finish the job myself. The tiling all around the bath was done and the soil pipe in the corner left exposed. There is no room either side of the pipe. How can I box it in over the tiles? I've tried glueing wood on each side of the pipe...
  7. S

    Brick Slip Cladding - Can they be painted?

    Hello fellow tilers, I have a property that has a brick slip cladding by Wetherby - 7mm & 9mm Brick Slips - Wetherby Building Systems Ltd - - in Teracotta Smooth on the outside of the property. Does anyone know if...
  8. A

    Can i use normal set S1 adhesive to install an uncoupling membrane?

    Hi all I will be installing an uncoupling membrane on a 100sqm floor ( concrete ) Which I have now releveled But I was wondering do I have to use a rapid set or can I use normal set S1? Thanks
  9. Dan

    Can you login TilersForums okay since switching ad networks from Google?

    Can you just confirm that you can login okay since I've switched over some of our advertising to an external ad network, please? When I switched over, we had a couple of issues. One being people not being able to login. If you can't login, you should still be able to reply...
  10. L

    Can this be fixed?

    Hi, We've recently had a new kitchen fitted and we feel the tiler has done a poor job. The quality and finish is bad and we feel it has ruined our new kitchen! He has already fixed a few problems but we are finding more every time we look at it. The general finish is rushed, bits have been...
  11. MarbleArt

    Foil backed underfloor heating board. Can I tile?

    Does anyone know of a foil backed board for underfloor heating, (with the inserts for white hot water pipes) that's suitable for tiling? I've said no but they (contractor) insist it's ok providing the primer is allowed to dry for 24hours, so against my better judgement I have primed Saturday...
  12. G

    Can you recommend good hole saws( drill bits)

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added.can anyone recommend good Diamond hole saw (drill bits) that go through porcelain and lasts. Thanks Gerwyn (GD TILING)
  13. L

    Shower floor is a bit flexible with potential leak. Was advised to use special Sealant that can stretch to patch it. Need Silicone advice please!

    Hi guys my name is Lauren, I really need some hard to get advice and my tiling experience is limited. The floor in my grandmother's shower in an old second story bathroom is a bit flexible and the sealant has worn out around the shower floor on the inside. I'm hoping to seal that back up quickly...
  14. F

    Can you backer board over standard toungue and groove floor boards?

    Hi all, please bare with me as I am a plasterer by trade but quite handy round the house. I want to tile my hallway with some new slick white tiles and follow straight through into the kitchen. Now I have done this many years ago at my old place with ply wood base but have never used these...
  15. D

    My 1st Job I have part completed shower stall with a partial Schluter kerdi membrane install on the floor. Can I pour Levelquick over the Kerdi? Then new Kerdi?

    I have part completed shower stall with a partial Schluter kerdi membrane install on the floor. Can I pour Levelquick over the Kerdi? Then new Kerdi on top? It seems the slop to the drain is too steep and I want to reduce it to 1/8" per foot. The shower is 78" by 48" if that matters
  16. J

    Low , dirty grout on mosaic tiling. Can I just clean and seal it?

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added.
  17. A

    I have just had my shower room fitted and not happy with tiling. Do you think this is a goid job. How can it be rectified

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be this acceptable tiling?
  18. W

    Does anyone know of any tiling courses around Nottingham (shire). Can not find any with driving up north or down south thanks

    Does anyone know of any tiling courses around Nottingham (shire). Can not find any with driving up north or down south thanks
  19. T

    Can anyone help me find this tile?

    Hi all, can anyone help me find these tiles! I recently bought a house and unbeknown to me the previous plumber had 1st fixed the house in speedfit with joints everywhere buried in the concrete. Ive sinced took up quite a few tiles to cut a Jew chase in the floor and redo the pipework...