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  1. Dan

    How has 2022 been so far? How's the economy affecting you? Any tips?

    How has 2022 been so far? How's the economy affecting you? Any tips? This email has been sent to all members of the forum. I thought we could help each other out. How is your business doing? How has the economy (and I hear recession being said here and there in the news now) affected you at...
  2. Clare Sellwood

    I have been tiling for a few years.

    Wanting to keep my account open 👌
  3. macten

    Pictures Been a couple of years since I did a wetroom then 2 come along at once

    First time using Impey Easydec tray. Perfect for this job as existing joists and pipe runs were a problem. Here's some pics of the job
  4. D

    How to find replacement cracked bathroom floor tile

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added.
  5. A

    Has all my Laitance been removed??

    So my liquid anyhydrate screed was laid in December, the laitance was removed mechanically by a sanding machine with diamond cutter 5 days later. I'm on the verge of getting the floor tiled in the next week or so. I commissioned the ufh a few weeks ago. Now I'm getting cold feet thinking the...
  6. T

    I'm Looking For This Tile Yellow Cristal tiles

    Hi I am hoping to locate some yellow Cristal tiles. My dad is currently fixing up his bathroom and he is missing these tiles. He put them up in the late 70’s in the family bathroom and needs to fill in a few where they have fallen off. I would love to be able to get them for him as he is 80 this...
  7. T

    Deja vu or been there before!

    12 months after it went up in flames I’ll be back next week to start again! A little workshop garage next door caught fire, gas cylinders went up and 2 houses were completely destroyed. My client had just completed an 18 month restoration of his property and now fortunately he’s in the final...
  8. D

    Floor protection for sale guys I've been on a job for a few month's perfect for private jobs

    Floor protection for private jobs covers the carpet brilliant saves any complaints 😉
  9. C

    Looking for YT 6002 CP glacier Ash grey tile

    The famous YT 6002 CP glacier Ash grey tile looking for 4 or 5 boxes, any body?
  10. Dan

    Been so long since I just asked.....

    .... how the hell are you? lol I've been on the forums day and night for about 8 weeks now. But haven't asked how you guys are much, if at all. So let's do it in one foul swoop. :D HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS AND GALS?
  11. T

    how you all doing it's been a minute

    long time no speak. What's been happening
  12. M

    Preparation Tiling and debonding on anhydrate screed

    Hello I have a gupsum based anhydrate screed it’s been laid for 7 months and The latienced removed. It has wet UFH already commissioned a few months ago. First question Do I have to install a debonding mat? Secondly. I will use the anhyfix adhesive but will need to do a wet room is there a...
  13. M

    How to tell if dot and dab method has been used?

    Hi All. We have recently undertaken a major house project which included installation of under floor heating throughout the ground floor. An incident last week revealed unexpected weaknesses in the kitchen floor which we have now found out (from our builder) is down to the method (dot and dab)...
  14. P

    Want advice as having new bathroom fitted and I'm not happy with how the tiles have been done.

    Hi all. Just wants some professional opinions please as having a new bathroom fitted and this is how the tiles have been done.
  15. Wishiwasatoptiler

    Preparation Do you think these should've been sealed before grouting?

    Hi peeps Fixing vitra traffic polished porcelain. See pick. The box says it has a protective layer that shoulb be removed after grouting. Not before. I was planni g to seal before grouting. Thoughts.
  16. O

    Pictures More boring pictures of what I’ve been up to lately.

    So over last few weeks I along with @Mark Frost have been on a project that @jonnyc had invited me on to. A new build in leafy Surrey, consisting of two extraordinarily large ensuites, his and hers, a downstairs cloak and a pool room bathroom to be done in a few weeks time. All in Flaviker 2.4...
  17. M

    Wet wall been skimmed day before

    Never came across of doing it.but recently had to tile a shower but it just been skimmed the day before and was still wet specialy in the shower area was realy wet. Decided to leave it to dry as didnt wana take any if not dry all the moisture comes true the grout or adesive might not...
  18. Dan

    Tradesmen / Companies / Tilers that have been ripped off by Carillion

    Carillion appear to have left a lot of tradesmen empty handed. Do we have any on here? What are your thoughts on this?
  19. O

    Being honest, has never been so funny.

  20. M

    Is waterproofing necessary on a brick wall that has been plastered?

    Hi We have a shower mounted above a bath. If the shower head is accidentally knocked so the spray is directed onto the tiles rather than into the bath, water penetrates behind the cracked grout and/or silicon seal. If the shower runs for some time water will run behind the tiles and drips from...
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