1. E

    Off White shower grout with black spots !

    Hello, any ideas what maybe causing this stains in a shower grout and how to get rid of them. The grout was Sealed about 3years ago. Thanks.
  2. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile anyone got la fenice living stone white 1200x600 leftover or know where to get them?

    anyone got la fenice living stone white 1200x600 leftover or know where i can get them?thx paul.
  3. L

    White Grout - Please Help!

    Hi Guys, Newbie posting for the first time here, but have enjoyed reading all your helpful posts and find this forum invaluable! I am not a tiler by trade but very competent and only complete work on my own house. To give you some background I have just laid 85sqm of 600x600 polished...
  4. S

    I'm Looking For This Tile Old 200mm x 300mm White

    It's long shot but I am trying to find about 2 dozen of these old Spanish made tiles
  5. Andy Allen

    Kitchen floors and white goods.

    If your tiling a kitchen floor, would you remove the white goods...... washing machine, fridge freezer, oven....etc ..
  6. Z

    I'm Looking For This Tile Discontinued Johnson Switch White 200 x 200 mm

    Hi All, I'm looking for Johnson Switch White 200 x 200 mm tiles. Please see photo of the tile attached. Thank you.
  7. R

    I'm Looking For This Tile Pilkington's white bathroom 100mm x 100mm

    Dear all Does anyone know where I could gain about 40 white 100mm x 100mm Pilkington white bathroom tiles, broken off due to recent building work. Any help very very gratefully received. Richard
  8. R

    Grey grout, matt white subway tiles...Staining?

    I've completed some matt white subway tiling in my bathroom and have started to do some of the grouting. I've done one area of about 1sqm using Ardex FS grout in Ocean Grey colour. I'm unsure as to whether I should have sealed the matt subway tiles prior to using this grout. The grouting...
  9. S

    Looking for white bathroom tiles 350mmx230mm

    Seems Wickes do beige and grey but cant find white in this size anywhere
  10. J

    198mm * 198mm bumpy white tiles

    As practically all the tiles nowadays are in steps of 50 mm i.e. 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm etc, which is no good for me as I need to source at least 50 tiles of 198 mm square bumpy white tiles to replace a number of tiles in my shower room which was last fitted out in 1999. I really don't want to...
  11. J

    I'm Looking For This Tile Eclipse white ceramic 330 x 330

    Looking for eclipse white 330 x330 tiles. Possibly from Topps tiles about 7 years ago.
  12. E

    I'm Looking For This Tile Wet Hemp White Field Tiles

    Size 250x400 Bought at ToppsTiles in 2015 Need at least 8 preferably more
  13. T

    I'm Looking For This Tile White bumpy and multi-shaded green tiles 10x10cm

    Hope to find the pictured tiles: the green/olive one Gres Catalan; 10x10 cm, different shades of green; product of Spain: the white bumpy tile is made in Brazil, also 10x10 cm; both types were bought 10-13 yrs ago at MBA Tiles and in Topps Tiles. We need 20 green tiles and 30 (or 50) white...
  14. M

    White trim - aluminium or plastic?

    Mum's bathroom is getting re-tiled. It's in a 150 x 75 marble effect porcelain tile. For the shelf we want to use trim. She wants it as clean looking as possible and would rather it blends in, so doesn't want silver or some such. The two options we're trying to decide on is white aluminum...
  15. W

    Sealant colour with black grout and white tiles

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and looking for some advise. Just finishing off installing my new bathroom which has been tiled top to bottom with gloss white bumpy tiles and black grout. Bath, sink and furniture is all white. What colour silicone would look best around the bath/shower area and...
  16. P

    Advice on white grout

    Hi again Having started to get tiles on my bathroom (at last) i'm now looking for a good white grout. Having spent a bit of time looking through posts on this forum I'm heading towards either Ardex f4 or flex fs in white or tilemaster grout 3000. I'm currently leaning towards the Ardex grout as...
  17. S

    I'm Looking For This Tile Graphite White Polished Porcelain B&Q 600mm x 600mm Need just one!

    Purchased from B&Q in May 2014. EAN/Barcode number: 5052931064229. Need one tile to replace a cracked one. Any help gratefully received! Many thanks.
  18. A

    I'm Looking For This Tile 600x314 white ceramic

    Hi Moved into a house and need to replace some bathroom wall tiles. No idea how old these are but my guess is that they were installed between 5 a 10 year ago. Can anyone point me in the right direction or have any good advice? Back of tile by Ali Carmichael posted Sep 23, 2018 at 12:22 PM...
  19. Cranbrook

    White Palace grout on 2mm porc joints

    Arrrgggh my head has gone today :mad: Customer got given Palace grout (which I've never used before) and I've spent all day trying to use it on some polished porcelain that I've left 2mm for joint on.. I have tried every way possible to get a full joint, to no avail . Anyone has issues with...
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