White is the lightest color and is achromatic (having no hue). It is the color of snow, chalk, and milk, and is the opposite of black. White objects fully reflect and scatter all the visible wavelengths of light. White on television and computer screens is created by a mixture of red, blue, and green light. The color white can be given with white pigments, especially titanium dioxide.

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    UK White rings on reclaimed quarry tiles

    Hi there. Wondering if anyone can help? We had a path laid using reclaimed quarry tiles on top of a new concrete base. It looked fine to start with, but a few days after laying, some of the black tiles started to show white haze / rings. I presumed grout haze so tried white vinegar and then a...
  2. C

    White Tiles Gone Grey Around Shower/Bath

    I've got some matt white ceramic tiles that have gone grey on the shower wall. Presumably water ingress. I had two or three tiles do this before and had them replaced. I've only got a few left to replace the two that have discoloured. Will they go back to the white again and if so can I seal...
  3. S

    I'm Looking For This Tile Minoli Apollo white 60 x 60

    Hi I’m in need of 1 tile 60 x 60 Minoli Apollo white for a bathroom floor patch repair. Would take more if anyone has them so I have future spares. TIA
  4. G

    How to get white of Indian slate tiles.

    Hi, We washed our Indian slate floor with stone floor cleaner and whilst it has cleaned them well, they have dried dull and with a white haze on them. From looking at pictures I don’t think it’s efflorescence. Does anyone have any suggestions what this could be or how to correct it? Thanks
  5. R

    1920s/30s Black and White Tile Restoration Advice Needed

    I've recently bought a house dated around the 1920/30s and found black and white tiles underneath the carpet in the hallway. I've already cleaned the majority of the grime away, including paint marks, stiff glue and dirt, however there's a few parts I really can't rectify: Yellow/brown...
  6. T

    Need to match Pilkington's White Utopia Tiles

    Help! We need to replace about one square metre of the tiles in our bathroom shower enclosure. The tiler has asked me to buy some tiles to match the old ones but emphaised the importance of matching for size. The existing tiles are Pilkington's Utopia tiles in white, but, although they are...
  7. C

    White marks on limestone tiles

    Anyone seen this happen before? White marks on newly laid limestone tiles. Apparently not efflorescence. Appreciate any advice wondering if we should continue with sealing them? Thanks Claire
  8. D

    White discoloration on dark tiles

    I have dark brown tiles and brown grout in a shower (never again) that never looks clean. there is always a white haze over the tiles, which actually improves when wet. I'm not sure if this is efflorescence or hard water stains/calcium deposits. I do have well water but don't consider it "hard...
  9. F

    I'm Looking For This Tile Discontinued white tiles

    Hi everyone, this is a long shot but I'm looking to see if anyone recognises this tile or better still has any for sale? Unfortunately I do not know the manufacturer or where it was bought from. It's 15 cm square and 5mm thick. Any help would be most appreciated, thanks for looking
  10. P

    White marble yellowing

    Hi there, I have some white marble mosaic to fix and I know from experience it will yellow when it gets wet. Is there some way to prevent this? Obviously I can seal the face but the back will absorb water from the adhesive. Thanks.
  11. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile Artisau Gloss White 5x25 - Topps

    Looking for around 10 x Artisau Gloss White tiles as we've run out of spares.
  12. J

    Mapei white grout absorbing water

    Hi after some advice . Just finished the shower cubicle , used a Mapei white grout and the grout goes grey and absorbs water . After a while it dries out again , but this is not normal ? I have the same tile in my other bathroom but used a cheap travis Perkins 4 trade grout and had no problems ...
  13. W

    I'm Looking For This Tile British Ceramic tile BCT12238 white

    Hi, I'm looking for a single (or a few) BCT 12238 tiles in white - discontinued, but need to replace a damaged one. Any ideas where I might find them? Thanks
  14. G

    I'm Looking For This Tile Azuvi Hemline white gloss.

    Hi, I'm looking for 5 of these discontinued tiles. Size 30 x15. Gloss white. Originally purchased from Topps. Thank you.
  15. J

    I'm Looking For This Tile Super white porcelain 60x60

    Hi, i only need about 3-4 boxes of Super white porcelain tile which has now been discontinued. Product code on the box was pan-hy-01
  16. E

    Mid grey grout gone white at someparts?

    Hi So first time grouting Iv got mapei ultacolor mid grey I got the paste to a toothpaste texture so seemed ok Once dried this morning it itsnt really mid grey I think maybe when i went over it with a sponge maybe i wet the grout too much? Iv now taken one line out and dabbed a new grout...
  17. K

    I'm Looking For This Tile Yurtbay Seramik Lappato White Sparkle 30 x 60

    I am looking for around 8 tiles (but will take less if necessary) of the Yurtbay Seramik Strauss Lappato white tile in 30 x 60. I can fins stock of the 60 x 60 but I need the rectangular shape. I have tried various shops which say they stock them online but when I place am order it gets...
  18. L

    Is Kerapoxy CQ white actually white?

    Hi, I've just laid some brilliant white ceramic tiles, they are glossy as anything and I'm trying to find the whitest grout possible. I phone Mapei who said their Kerapoxy would basically be grey. Ideally I'd like to do white grout on the floors too and Epoxy is probably the only thing that...
  19. P

    I'm Looking For This Tile White polished porcelain

    White polished porcelain floor tile sold by Homebase in 2015, 300 x 600 mm
  20. M

    I'm Looking For This Tile Trying to identify a tile (white, matt, 200x300mm)

    Spend an awful long time trying to identify from online pictures but no luck. I believe it was probably put on the wall circa 2004. Any help greatly appreciated!!
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