In Euclidean geometry, a square is a regular quadrilateral, which means that it has four equal sides and four equal angles (90-degree angles, π/2 radian angles, or right angles). It can also be defined as a rectangle in which two adjacent sides have equal length. A square with vertices ABCD would be denoted

{\displaystyle \square }

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  1. joebloggs1983

    I'm Looking For This Tile 2 inch square tile with embossed circle

    Hello I am trying to find tiles like the one in the picture below. They are 2in x 2in. The tiles are a range of colours all similar to the one shown. Many thanks in advance Joe Bloggs
  2. M

    I'm Looking For This Tile Padova 80 31.6 square.

    Looking for Padova 80 Ceramic tiles. Square 31.6 by 31.6. Sold by Topps but discontinued 8 years, ago they tell me. Looking for 50, can anyone help?
  3. halate

    Tiling Over DITRA, need to clean excess out of little square cutouts?

    Hey There, I'm tiling 3' by 6" ceramic tiles over DITRA in a herringbone pattern. I can only do several tiles at a time, because of time constraints. So I do a little area and place the tiles, but of course there's all the excess thin set from either spillage or just going a little too far...
  4. Adriano

    I'm Looking For This Tile Im in need of 16 mteres square of Grespania Homestone Gris 30x60cm tiles. I also need 2 mteres square of Arvada Gris 30x30cm. Thanks

    Im in need of 16 mteres square of Grespania Homestone Gris 30x60cm tiles. I also need 2 mteres square of Arvada Gris 30x30cm. Thanks
  5. R

    Porcelain In search of Emser Piazza Castello 13x13 tile. 20 Square Feet needed

    In search of Emser Piazza Castello 13x13 tile. 20 Square Feet needed
  6. H

    What should I be charging per square metre to remove and replace tiles

    Hi folks. New to this as a profession and trying to guage quoting. How much should I be charging to remove 9m2 old tiling and replacing with new. To include full installation grouting trim sealing etc. Only ever done for friends so want to quote correctly.
  7. J

    My 1st Job Wall Around Shower Tray Not Square

    Shower walls are not 90' running out 25mm on a 760mm wide tray. I don't want to sink shower tray into the wall. I am going to use SDS insulated boards and tile them. Any ideas how to square off the wall making up the 25mm before tiling ?
  8. E

    Quarry tile 343mm square, need to find a match

    Hi All, I'm trying to find a match for these tiles which are 343mm square and came from Wickes about 20 years ago. Anybody got any ideas? Bit of a long shot I know Thanks Edd
  9. N

    Grouting square edge porcelain tiles

    Hi all I’m laying 600 by 600 square edge porcelain tiles. Because of the square edge should the grout be brought up to the tile level to protect the Edge.
  10. P

    Tile search 57.5cm square

    Hi, hoping someone can help me. I need 11m2 of tile named ‘gres crema marfil’. It’s 57.5cm square tile. Can’t find it anywhere! Don’t know manufacturer either, any help greatly appreciated.
  11. C

    South East The Londoner Hotel, 100 plots left to tile, £46m2, Leicester Square

    Good morning, I am contracts manager for Arcitile Group and I am looking for small gangs of top quality tilers to pay decent m2 rates to (No middle-men-Karen type 'managers' nicking a few quid per m2, please) for the future works we have secured and this hotel. The Londoner Hotel, Leiecester...
  12. C

    Round Notch Trowel versus Square Notch

    Hi, I have just bought a stainless steel 20mm half round notch trowel from Wickes to do a large format porcelain flooring job. Can anyone tell me what average size adhesive bed I am likely to achieve and what do you professionals think of the round notch compared with a square notch. Cheers
  13. C

    South East Labourer required Leicester Square for Tiling Contractor, CSCS required

    Good afternoon folks, I am looking for a reliable labourer to shift tiles and adhesive around a The Londoner Hotel in Leicester Square, Zone 1. Pumps trucks, trollies. £15 an hour. Must speak fluent English. 8-5pm. If you are not here at 7:45am you are already late. Inbox me for details...
  14. Dan

    Tiling Rates Per Square Meter / Per Day – How much do tilers charge?

  15. A

    South East Leicester Square, London - 300 rooms - £46m2

    Ladies and gents, I am looking for quick & clean working fixers to join the project under the company I work for. We have the contract for 350 rooms in the hotel and around 50 have been completed. These bathrooms have circa 20m2 on the walls and 4m2 of 900x450mm on the floor/shower tray, in a...
  16. dg-1984

    Drywall T-square or framing square

    I am going to buy one of these to help me sort my walls before tiling. Walls are plasterboard in a new build so are in good condition but can be out of being square so wanting to get them as closer to perfect before I get to the tiling. What one is required and what would be of most use? Thanks.
  17. P

    I'm Looking For This Tile Porcelanosa blue floor tile about 300mm square, 20 years old

    Just need 1 or two, tile is about 30cm square, textured floor tile in a dark/lightish blue. Definitely Porcelanosa but have been unable to identify the product line Thanks in advance! Image at: Tile - https://ibb.co/d2sLH2C
  18. D

    DIY Kitchen tiling: Doing corners with patterned tiles (square)

    Hi All, I'm about to start my first tiling job (at home) and after thinking about steps have a few questions regarding corners (inner corner(s). I have 5 msq area to cover, and my tiles are square, each box of tiles contains 5 different patterns, below is an image of the patterned tiles...
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