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  1. A

    South East Leicester Square, London - 300 rooms - £46m2

    Ladies and gents, I am looking for quick & clean working fixers to join the project under the company I work for. We have the contract for 350 rooms in the hotel and around 50 have been completed. These bathrooms have circa 20m2 on the walls and 4m2 of 900x450mm on the floor/shower tray, in a...
  2. TileBoom!

    August & September 22metre square dining room

    This is my first offering for JOTM Tile is a 600x250 porcelain. This floor has a terrible mound in the concrete screed falls by 50mm across the floor, terribly lumpy & bumpy near the chimney breast. To rectify I poured a couple of bags of ‘Self Leveling Compound’, which was a drop in the ocean...
  3. dg-1984

    Drywall T-square or framing square

    I am going to buy one of these to help me sort my walls before tiling. Walls are plasterboard in a new build so are in good condition but can be out of being square so wanting to get them as closer to perfect before I get to the tiling. What one is required and what would be of most use? Thanks.
  4. D

    DIY Kitchen tiling: Doing corners with patterned tiles (square)

    Hi All, I'm about to start my first tiling job (at home) and after thinking about steps have a few questions regarding corners (inner corner(s). I have 5 msq area to cover, and my tiles are square, each box of tiles contains 5 different patterns, below is an image of the patterned tiles...
  5. Pritch

    Advice how to cut out a square hole.

    Hi Could anyone give some advice on how to cut out this flush plate that falls in the middle of the tile? Thanks
  6. Wishiwasatoptiler

    Preparation 30mm metal straight edge tile trim

    Hi Anyone know if 30mm straight edge tile trim is available Cheers
  7. Slippery

    Setting Out External corner not square

    Hi, I'm just stripping out a bathroom that will be tiled with 300x 600 porcelain but there is an external corner around 22.5 deg, all other corners have brushed stainless edging. I thought about mitering the tiles but this will leave a sharp edge in a place where people could potentially walk...
  8. poynton phil

    Copper square edge trim

    Hi does anyone know if you can get a copper square edge trim, and if so where from.Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. D

    3 meter 12mm pvc square trim

    Hey all, I've got a wall of 2.8 meter in length, half tiled, looking for a supplier that does 3m lengths. Tried the normal ones tonight, Topps, TG, been looking online can't find any that do plastic 3 meters, Northants Tools do metal. Anybody help? Cheers
  10. B

    Chrome square edge tile trim repair

    Anybody know if the guys that repair scratches on baths, worktops etc can repair a scratch on 10mm square edge chrome trim? Customer from around a year ago phoned and told me he had an accident with a claw hammer as he was on a stool and hammer on loop scratched trim. He does have couple of...
  11. S

    How much do tilers charge in South Wales

    Looking to go self employed as it's always been an ambition of mine, I live in South Wales - Ebbw vale, would love to get some info and tips, How much do tilers usually charge per square meter ? Wall and floor tiling ? And wound you adjust the price at all to suit different tiles or big...
  12. R

    Tiling Victorian Path Off Square

    So I poured the concrete path to my house and surprise surprise, the thing isn't square. It's 10 metres long and about 40mm out, which when laying geometric tiles will look like it's country mile off. i spent so much time getting everything right and then messed it up, how do i rectify this...
  13. R

    Victorian Path. Square With The House Or With The Front Wall?

    the front facade of my house and my front wall aren't exactly parallel, im busy with the formwork to pour the concrete slab ready for victorian, geometric tiles. i'd like to know if i square the tiles with the house or the front wall.
  14. R

    How Square Should Tiles Be??

    Me and my mate who is a building contractor have just started to tile my new house with some 560x560 polished porcelain tiles and are having a bit of trouble getting things square. I have only a little tiling experience and he has been tiling on and off for about 10 years with his father of 30...
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