1. widler

    Nice little bathroom Job

    Martin Ramsay - *WARNING* David Fyfe - "Tiler & Plasterer"... | Facebook - https://www.************/martin.ramsay.585/posts/10153873333326658 Don't know wether this will work, just spotted this on a tradesman forum I go on :fearscream::fearscream:
  2. Kyle Knowles

    Electric UFH Holding them Rogue wire end down

    I've just read a post and the idea of using a hot glue gun to stick them down sounds like a good idea but before that I was think about stapling some render mesh over it its about £25 for a 50m roll which is 1m wide so effectively it's 50sqm and its gonna add a massive amount of strength to the...
  3. macten

    Pictures Re-doing Dodgy Cowboy Work

    Serious botch job like the rest of the house - Couple moved in last year and having to put right each room. I was there in the summer putting them a boarding the loft out and putting in a bigger loft hatch and boarding, old hatch wasn't braced in any way - just nailed to the totally unsupported...
  4. Dan

    DIY Public Thread!: Poor Tiling Workmanship by DIY and Rogue Traders

    Public Thread!: Poor Tiling Workmanship by DIY and Rogue Traders This is a public thread. So please do NOT include personal information of who's done the job, where it's been done, etc. Only include information related to the workmanship. What's been done wrong, what should have been done, how...
  5. T

    Another rogue.

    Went to investigate cracked grout and tiles moving the other day and this is what I found!!!
  6. C

    My(Rogue) is a web based lead finder service where home own receive quotes off tradesmen, you can read about the tradesmen that are quoting for the work. Here is just some of the feedback for a member tradesmen... "Tim has literally plumbed my whole house and fitted a new boiler and...
  7. Dan

    Rogue Traders Get Sent Down

    BBC News - Rogue traders admit to £1.5m home repairs scam Nice to hear a few have been caught out.
  8. macten

    Payback on rogue plumber

    Just got back from looking at a job for a kitchen and hallway and a bit of plumbing. Did their bathroom a year or so ago When I pulled up that scumbag plumber was working 2 doors up - how can people like these still be...
  9. C

    Pictures another one for the rogues gallery???

    got a phone call on sunday from a elderley gentleman asking if i could finish tiling his downstairs toilet as he had not seen his tiler since before easter??. went to look at it on tues afternoon.:yikes::yikes: this guy has charged £700.00 to tile 16sqm ceramic tiles...
  10. C

    Pictures is this good enough for the rogues gallery?

    just wondered if this was good enough for the infamous rogues gallery? this is a wet room in culcheth warrington which the couple had built in an extension( the builder employed the "tilers" ) :yikes::yikes::yikes: the walls are seriously lipped and not sure what went on with the floor????. but...
  11. T

    Pictures Another one for Rogues Gallery

    Here's another job that customer was unhappy with. A 'Professional firm doing a Professional job'!! Fortunately they haven't paid in full and are now pursuing compensation, so I've been taking numerous photo's as I rip it all out and start again. I have never come across such a bodge up in all...
  12. Oli

    More rogue tiling

    An old mate got intouch last week and asked me to go repair his bathroom, he had paid a lithuanian bloke £500 to install and tile two bathrooms, the £500 included the bath, shower tray, toilets, sinks and tiling. Anyhow, here is what i found, your thoughts....... Two bathrooms for £500 :lol:
  13. D

    Rogue traders photo gallery

    I just found these photo's in our rogue traders photo gallery and they were posted by member stottey.....what do you think of this tiling....:lol:
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