A chromogenic print, also known as a C-print or C-type print, a silver halide print, or a dye coupler print, is a photographic print made from a color negative, transparency or digital image, and developed using a chromogenic process. They are composed of three layers of gelatin, each containing an emulsion of silver halide, which is used as a light-sensitive material, and a different dye coupler of subtractive color which together, when developed, form a full-color image.

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    hand print stain on encaustic tiles! - Help

    way to get rid of a hand print stain on encaustic rile.tiles were washed before sealing left to dry overnight sealed with lithofin .and now when the sun shines you can see a handprint visible:mad2:
  2. W

    Read the small print...

    My old Tom Tom sat nav packed up so went to Halfords to buy another 3 months ago, there in a glass case in store unboxed, you tell them what you want and it comes from the back of the store, boxed.... it was a good price for £60 and a wider screen. Last month the sat nav when switched on would...
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    Tms Print NOW OFFER

    Hi Guys Tms Print have now launched a new side to the business, we now offer the following personalised items / gifts all with NO MINIMUM QUANTITIES. All printed in house by us. Iphone 4 / 4s cases Mugs Coasters Ceramic Money Boxes COMING SOON Mouse Mats A4 jigsaw puzzles A5 jigsaw puzzles...
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    vista print cards

    just took delivery of some new cards,seem ok for the price,usually get them free from ctd with there details on the back, but fancied a different look :yes:
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    Just had some Business cards from TMS print.

    I had some business cards done by TMS Print just before i went on my hols.. so haven't had chance to give any feedback till now.. The response from initial contact to design stage was very quick and the service provided was i would say the best i have received from a printers to date. The...
  6. L


    Just had a load of printing done and saved loads thought some of you might be interested, anyway go to Trade Print Online :) Are there any rugby fans out there as fed up as me:icon9:?
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