A price is the (usually not negative) quantity of payment or compensation given by one party to another in return for one unit of goods or services. In some situation, the price of production has a different name. If the product is a "good" in the commercial exchange, the payment for this product will likely be called its "price". However, if the product is "service", there will be other possible names for this product's name. For example, the graph on the bottom will show some situations A good's price is influenced by production costs, supply of the desired item, and demand for the product. A price may be determined by a monopolist or may be imposed on the firm by market conditions.
Price can be quoted to currency, quantities of goods or vouchers

In modern economies, prices are generally expressed in units of some form of currency. (More specifically, for raw materials they are expressed as currency per unit weight, e.g. euros per kilogram or Rands per KG.)
Although prices could be quoted as quantities of other goods or services, this sort of barter exchange is rarely seen. Prices are sometimes quoted in terms of vouchers such as trading stamps and air miles.
In some circumstances, cigarettes have been used as currency, for example in prisons, in times of hyperinflation, and in some places during World War II. In a black market economy, barter is also relatively common.In many financial transactions, it is customary to quote prices in other ways. The most obvious example is in pricing a loan, when the cost will be expressed as the percentage rate of interest. The total amount of interest payable depends upon credit risk, the loan amount and the period of the loan. Other examples can be found in pricing financial derivatives and other financial assets. For instance the price of inflation-linked government securities in several countries is quoted as the actual price divided by a factor representing inflation since the security was issued.
"Price" sometimes refers to the quantity of payment requested by a seller of goods or services, rather than the eventual payment amount. This requested amount is often called the asking price or selling price, while the actual payment may be called transaction price or traded price. Likewise, the bid price or buying price is the quantity of payment offered by a buyer of goods or services, although this meaning is more common in asset or financial markets than in consumer markets.
Economic price theory asserts that in a free market economy the market price reflects interaction between supply and demand: the price is set so as to equate the quantity being supplied and that being demanded. In turn, these quantities are determined by the marginal utility of the asset to different buyers and to different sellers. Supply and demand, and hence price, may be influenced by other factors, such as government subsidy or manipulation through industry collusion.
When a raw material or a similar economic good for sale at multiple locations, the law of one price is generally believed to hold. This essentially states that the cost difference between the locations cannot be greater than that representing shipping, taxes, other distribution costs and more.

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  1. A

    Porcelain 12 mm Thick porcelain tiles price?

    Hi What's the going rate for tiling 12mm thick porcelain tiles measuring 120cm X 120cm going directly onto dura base matting concrete floor
  2. J

    price for tiling job

    hello all. so how much would you expect to price for this sink splashback.... Grey metro tiles/brickbond pattern/ with trim running along top to finish off.
  3. T

    Price per SQM too high

    I've been quoted £40+VAT for my tiler to tile labour only with me supplying tiles grout everything else. I'm thinking that's expensive up north. Would you agree or disagree?
  4. P

    Price help needed

    Hello, just a question about an average price. Haven’t tiled in quite a few years and wondered what you guys are charging for ufh mat installation and self levelling over. Total size of room is 4 sq m, so the mat will be smaller obviously. West Country area. Price per sq m if possible for both...
  5. M

    Price per m2

    Hi guys got a job To price coming up with large format tiles 1.2x1.2 m would like to know what people charge for this kind of tiling Per m2 job is in Wigan cheers max
  6. L

    Tiling Quote: Fair price?

    Gotten a quote through for some work done to our house and just wanted to benchmark it against what you guys think. Location: Kent (Maidstone area) (free parking, easy access from drive, no congestion charge etc.) Tiles: Customer supplying Tiles for kitchen and utility: 7cm x 15cm Kitchen...
  7. R

    Price for entire bathroom. Is it a reasonable price?

    Hi, i recently completely re-did an upstairs bathroom. Total I charged for all work was around £3800. Checking in to see if you think this is a reasonable price. Job included: -complete gutting of old bathroom, removal of bath, sink, toilet, and about 6msq of old wall tiles and overboarding...
  8. P

    For Sale Tile levelling system CLIPS, 2mm. 120,000 pcs for SALE! 0,04$ / price

    Hello! If you're interested in we have got 120,000 pcs Tile levelling system only Clips, 2mm! Unbranded. New in boxes! Price is 0,04 usd / pcs. But We dont want to give to...
  9. PC Tile

    Mosaic price guide

    Hi, looking for general labour price for mosaics, Cambridge area,,cheers
  10. D

    Price / How long for tiling job

    Hi, I have a Bathroom and WC that need tiling and need advice on the length of time / price to do the job, please. The are both stripped, empty, replastered and bare floor boards. No tricky boxing. Tiles are the same for both rooms - 600 x 300 natural stone tiles for the floors and 75 x 300...
  11. C

    Sigma kera cut. Worth the price?

    Hi. I'm currently looking at investing in one of these cutters. I've currently got a rubi 1200 that's seen the best of days. I'm thinking this (Kera-Cut) along with the kera flex is going to give a lot more scope for cutting all this large format that's kicking about. Are most people happy with...
  12. T

    How to price regrouting

    Hello, I’m looking for a little help on how to price regrouting I’ve never took a job like this on before so any help would be much appreciated, area is 25 sqm and the tiles are 300-600 with a 3mm joint.
  13. A

    I need a professionl opinion on tiling and the price

    Hello All, I posted back in September and you were all very helpful with your advice on what to do about shade variation in my white bathroom tiles. Anyway, same bathroom same tiles but I have an issue with the tiling itself and also how much they quoted. The tiling I feel took a lot longer...
  14. N

    Fair price for wet room repair?

    Hi all. Our wet room grout is coming out due to movement. Floor shifts 2-3mm when pressure applied. We got a quote for £*** to repair. Do you think this is a reasonable amount? We're in the North West (near Chester). The £*** covers: Remove old tiles (90cm x 120cm area) Fix the movement...
  15. W

    Are my travertine tiles not as good as they should be for the price?

    I paid £60 per sqm for these honed filled 457 x 305mm tiles from Mandarin Stone. My tiler says they have more chips and marks on them than they should do. Unfortunately it has become apparent that my tiler is rubbish so I'm not sure whether to trust his judgment. I've noticed some grey bits...
  16. Ronin63

    "Dry mix" vs. concrete screed and which is stronger and price differences?

    Good morning everyone! I am a contractor for interiors and have an inquiry about ceramic tile fixation. I have a contractor, that has quoted for concrete screed , for the tile fixation. On site, he did a dry fix, now,,i'm not a mason, and i did some youtube searches, and ,,please clarify...
  17. D

    Adhesive Huge difference in price

    I found some good words on this forum about UltraTile ProFlex currently going for 13.14 / 20kg inc. vat online here: Ultra Tile ProFlex SP+ES Standard Set Wall & Floor Adhesive S1 - Grey -
  18. F

    Best price on dewalt lasers

    Does anyone know where the best deals are for the DCE089 laser ? And there seems to be a few variations?
  19. Dan

    Near the end of the Brexit Pound Price Hike? - Some think so

    Good news for us Brits. Apparently the brexit-related price-hikes related to the pound are coming to an end. Next and Morrisons predict end to Brexit-related price rises - I got a bit sick of people...
  20. D


    I am a Contracts Manager for a large sized stone and tiling contractor based in London. I am looking for more experienced Stone fixers and Tilers to join my team to cover work in London and around Essex. We currently have numerous projects on the go with a good mix of job scopes with fair...
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