polished porcelain

Tooth polishing is done to smooth the surfaces of teeth and restorations. The purpose of polishing is to remove extrinsic stains, remove dental plaque accumulation, increase aesthetics and to reduce corrosion of metallic restorations. Tooth polishing has little therapeutic value and is usually done as a cosmetic procedure after debridement and before fluoride application. Common practice is to use a prophy cup—a small motorized rubber cup—along with an abrasive polishing compound.

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  1. S

    Polished porcelain

    Looking at carrying out repairs for a woman I do work for, she owns the local garage & it's for the floor of the shop. She has spare tiles but they are polished (fully vitrified) is there any way I can get these to a Matt finish?
  2. W

    Polished porcelain tiles

    Hi I recently bought polished porcelain black 300 x 600 tiles for my kitchen and had them professionally laid with all the recommended bal products flexible fixative and grout stripper and sealer.i was advised to cover in jewson light weight adhesive plastic sheet on a roll and cordex...
  3. J

    Is my floor ruined? Polished Porcelain after fila tile & stone cleaner

    Dear Tilers, I'm desperate for some advice from someone who may have made the same mistake I have and could turn around the situation if its possible? 5yrs ao I bought 50m2 of 600x300 polished porcelain in "super white" (although are more cream than white to be honest) from Topps. I suspect they...
  4. M

    Marker pen stain on polished porcelain

    I was fitting a toilet on polished porcelain tiles, without thinking I marked the tile with a marker pen( non-permanent) and the mark will not come out. Any products that may get it out.
  5. chris.tiling

    1m square rectified polished porcelain

    Hi...help required please working out a price. I have 170 sq. m of the above to tile on a pumped screed. Dont need to sand floor, only brush and prime it, so no worries with prep. tiles probably wont score / snap cut so will need to wet cut them all, thus adding probably a day onto the job. Open...
  6. T

    white polished porcelain

    I've been looking for an off-white polished porcelain in 600x600 for my bathroom and found a few candidates. However, there's a huge variation in prices. Tile HQ have a super nano polished white from Niro Granite which is unusually cheap. Anyone tried these? Any issues? I also saw a nice...
  7. M

    Sandwaves Ivory - Polished Porcelain

    We are looking to lay a new floor which will encompass a kitchen, family room, utility room and hall which is about 65 sq meters in size, meaning I'd have to buy 70 sq meters plus. ideally we had our hearts set on the same polished tiles throughout. Has anyone had any experience of topps tiles...
  8. A

    Thinking of buying Gemini eagle polished porcelain from CTD

    Hi I am thinking of buying these tiles from CTD, in the brochure it says sealing recommended, the guy in the shop also said to seal them, when i mentioned this to our tiler he said they didnt need sealing Has anybody used these before without sealing, would love some advice please before I go...
  9. E

    600/600 beige polished porcelain

    hi been to price a job approx 20m of 600/600 beige polished porcelain going from hallway 1300 wide into a kitchen with breakfast bar in i usually charge £25 a metre for 600 porcelain i am also supplying mats concrete substrate just out of curiousity what would peoples price be for this job want...
  10. C

    B&Q Polished Porcelain Ivory tiles

    Hi Great forum. Thank you to everyone. Sudden panic, I am currently having 30 m2 B&Q Polished porcelain Ivory tiles laid!!!! And was just reading forum regarding sealing them. Oh dear what a lot of complaints on them, I wish I'd read this before!!! Too late now 75% finished, and they do...
  11. O

    Topps Tiles 600mm x 600mm Brussels polished porcelain tiles

    Hi All I've got some of the above mentioned tiles to fit next week,but have never had to fit polished porcelain before(strange but true) I know it has been mentioned on here many times before but could someone give me a run down on the process of cleaning,grouting,sealing,etc,etc Cheers
  12. J

    Cleaning Black Polished Porcelain Tiles

    Hi, we've had our tiles down a year now and on occasion we'd had a company come in and buff them, not very professionally mind, but at least they looked a bit better after buffing. We now really need them cleaning though and properly polishing, i've posted on this forum before as these tiles...
  13. Dan

    Should I protect polished porcelain from staining?

    Polished Porcelain Tiles – Are they maintenance free? LTP recommends that you protect polished porcelain when fitting by applying an impregnating sealer to ensure the best resistance to staining. It is also important to make sure that polished porcelain is … Continue reading → More... Auto Feed...
  14. M

    how to clean polished porcelain tiles to avoid that hazy look

    My whole downstairs is tiled with light cream tiles. But I am going mad because once they have been cleaned and are totally dry-once we walk on the dry tiles they look all smudged and hazy. I use regular Flash for the floor in hot water and then dry it with an e-cloth so there are not wet...
  15. S

    Hi, help needed toremove pencil marks from polished porcelain tiles

    Hi I am Hoping someone could help with some advice on how to remove pencil marks that the bathroom fitter has got on recently laid polished ivory porcelain tiles, as it doesn't seem to want to come out and there are a couple of them in conspicuous places such as to the left of a toilet push...
  16. S

    B&Q Glacier ash grey 600x600 Polished Porcelain tiles

    Hi All I am new on here, I wondered if anyone could really really help we find that someone in my family miscalculated how many tiles we need and we are at least one box short. Does anyone have any spare we could buy. Thanks Shazbat.
  17. C

    polished porcelain

    Hi all, having used polished porcelain in the past from tile giant, CTD, other smaller shops, what's your favorite to use? Jakarta from tile giant where good and CTD eagle range have also tried ones manufactured in united Arab emirates but can't quite recal what the name of them where...
  18. G

    Super Black Polished Porcelain Wall/Floor Tile 60x30

    Anyone used Super Black Polished Porcelain Wall/Floor Tile 60x30 From Tile Giant ?
  19. J

    White (or not quite..) polished porcelain - what grout colour?

    Hi all We're redoing our ensuite bathroom (no natural light) using TileHQ (great service from them, by the way) white polished porcelain 300x600 tiles on the wall and tilesporcelain (not such great service...) black quartz 300x300 tiles on the floor, with black quartz mosaic tiles in the...
  20. J

    Removing Transit Wax off Polished Porcelain 500x500 Tiles easily

    Hello would like to get some advice as to what would be the best and easiest way to remove transit wax off of these B&Q Black polished porcelain 500x500 tiles, if anyone has dealt with these tiles and what would be the perfect sealer after removing the wax, many thanks! :)
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