polished porcelain

  1. P

    I'm Looking For This Tile White polished porcelain

    White polished porcelain floor tile sold by Homebase in 2015, 300 x 600 mm
  2. J

    Discontinued Carrara HQ 60x60 White Polished porcelain tlies

    Looking for Carrara HQ 60x60 White Polished porcelain tiles (discontinued) around 60/70 Square m. If anyone can help locate/ has in stock?
  3. M

    Glazed polished porcelain need sealing?

    Hi all. I have Wickes Olympia Grey Sandstone tiles. On the box they are described as "Glazed Polished Porcelain" I have searched widely on T'net. General opinion is that glazed porcelain doesn't need sealing, but that polished porcelain does due to the polishing process opening micro pores...
  4. K

    YT 6002 CP Glacier Ash Grey 600mm x 600mm polished porcelain tile

    Hi Im after a couple of boxes (3 tiles per box) of the following tiles; YT 6002 CP Glacier Ash grey polished porcelain 600mm x 600mm can any one help?
  5. C

    Polished Porcelain

    Good Morning, https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Norton-Ivory-Porcelain-Wall+Floor-Tile-600-x-300mm/p/152423# Has any one any experience of these tiles from Wickes and are they any good on a kitchen floor. It does not give a PEI rating for these polished porcelain tiles but they have a similar...
  6. S

    I'm Looking For This Tile Desperately needGlacier ivory polished porcelain

    Hi urgently looking for minimum 8 Glacier Ivory polished porcelain tiles 600 x 600 old b&q code yt 6002. Please can anyone help urgently? Thanks sandy
  7. craigy

    Large format rectified polished porcelain with no Grout in a shower?

    I am a non pro who has been asked to set some large tiles on a shower wall tight. is that recommended?
  8. D

    Polished porcelain fine scratch removal

    Following repair of a chip in white polished porcelain tile, I have found that the small area that was rubbed down has dulled slightly and has very fine scratches, only really visible under certain lights and angle. Is there any way of removing the scratches and bringing back the shine to the...
  9. H

    I'm Looking For This Tile Glacier Ivory Polished Porcelain tile

    Glacier Ivory polished Porcelain floor tile 600 x 600 mm YT 6002 BP from B&Q Does anyone have minimum 15sq meters a just extended kitchen
  10. T

    I'm Looking For This Tile Polished porcelain Tile

    Hi I've been trying to locate a certain tile I had laid in my dining room ,its 600 x 600 polished porcelain the shop I purchased from closed down Euro tile... I have a couple of spare boxes but nowhere what I need to complete an extension floor so it just flows through ,the info on the boxes...
  11. J

    Polished porcelain ‘haze’

    Hi, I have recently had my kitchen floor tiled using a dark grey polished porcelain tile. It looks great but when the light catches some of the tiles they look ‘hazed’ could anyone tell me a) what it is and b) how I can go about getting rid of it. Here’s a picture, it’s incredibly hard to...
  12. Albert

    anti slip treatment for polished porcelain

    I have an entrance way, lobby, to tile and the client wants 600x600 polished porcelain. There used to be a product you could paint on and it did not affect the finish of the tile, possibly by lithofin
  13. A

    Polished porcelain floor tiles

    Anyone any idea what this mark is on my new tiles? Just out the box, haven't done anything to them yet. Is this a defect or normal? What can I use to remove this? Thanks Al
  14. S

    I'm Looking For This Tile Graphite White Polished Porcelain B&Q 600mm x 600mm Need just one!

    Purchased from B&Q in May 2014. EAN/Barcode number: 5052931064229. Need one tile to replace a cracked one. Any help gratefully received! Many thanks.
  15. KevinFairclough

    Glacier Ivory Tile Polished Porcelain YT6002BP

    Hi Looking for quite a few of these tiles about 25 m2 polished porcelain floor tile YT6002BP glacier ivory 600 X 600 shade 411 Originally bought from B&Q Early 2012 TIA Kevin
  16. 1

    Polished porcelain slip resistant

    any idea if this sort of product works? There are various brands. https://universealsealants.co.uk/shop/indoors/feel-safe-permanent-anti-slip/ Could it be used in a bathroom/shower area?
  17. M

    Polished Porcelain - Transit wax

    I have (with a struggle) laid 600 x 600 infinity ivory polished porcelain tiles purchased from Wickes. Prior to sealing the tiles with the recommended LTP impregnating sealer, I was advised by Wickes and the manufacturer (Verona Stone Company) to remove the transit wax using LTP Grimex heavy...
  18. 1

    Dry cutter thread....for use with polished porcelain

    Morning chaps! I have been lurking on here for a while now, gathering bits of information and opinion on how best to complete my DIY jobs. I can't thank you chaps enough. My latest has caused me a bit of an issue though which is why I've joined up to ask what you guys think. I am just in the...
  19. O

    black grout stain on polished porcelain

    Hi I've just laid 26m2 of wood effect polished porcelain tiles (quite high end from Italy. Fioronese urban wood) After laying them I cleaned then with ltp grimex to remove factory wax, then sealed using ltp sealer impregnator left for 20 mins then buffed them up. I left them for 24 hrs to cure...
  20. T

    Greasy marks when sealing - transit wax?

    We have had 4 square meters of polished porcelain tiles laid in our bathroom. These ones from Homebase. The Website says they need sealing so I bought some LTP MPG sealer and applied it as per the instructions. When buffing, the surface turns to greasy, smeary mess - the transit wax problem? My...
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