Much (formerly and commonly known as MuchMusic) is a Canadian English language specialty channel owned by Bell Media that airs programing aimed at teenagers and young adults.
MuchMusic launched on August 31, 1984, under the ownership of CHUM Limited, and was originally focused on music programming, including blocks of music videos and original series focusing on Canadian musicians. In the years since its acquisition by Bell, Much has canceled the majority of its music programming due to budget and staffing cuts. The channel's full name was retired in 2013 in reflection of its decreasing reliance on music-related programming.
A digital network for social media content under the "MuchMusic" name launched on July 7, 2021.

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  1. M

    peel n stick tiles are they popular and in much demand ?>

    Hi guys I d like to ask you who live in US, is there any trend now in buying and installing peel and stick tiles? it seems like that is very popular. I am located in Poland so would like to know what is in fasion in US. Thanks. Pete
  2. S

    How much grout for metro tiles

    I have approx 14sqm of 200 x 100 ceramic metro tiles to grout, tiles are 6mm thick with 2mm spacers. Would a 5kg bag of grout (Mapei Keracolor) cover it? I've used a couple of grout calculators online which say I need less than 5kg but this just doesn't look enough to me? Have to order this...
  3. macten

    Pictures So much prep was a pain on this bathroom

    My favourite customers of over 8 years have moved house and this is the first of 5 bathrooms/ensuites ending with 130m2 floor. Original bathroom looked great at first look but on closer inspection there were a few red flags. Tiles came off the walls in seconds with no damage to substrate as...
  4. D

    Adhesive Self Levelling Compound Has Hairline Cracks After Walking Over It. 20mm Insulation Boards Underneath - Too Much Flex?

    Hi everyone, Hope to get some help and advice please. I have laid down 8mm of self levelling compound on a concrete floor after priming it so it was a good level to work off (I also included an 8mm expansion joint around the perimeter) (Conservatory is 15 years old and area of 14 m2). I then...
  5. Sean-tries-to-tile

    Threshold, tiles much higher than carpet

    Anyone know what could be done here when the cloakroom toilet) floor tiles are higher than the carpet in the hallway? Ive seen threshholds strips but they dont seem to allow for such a height difference. Cheers
  6. O

    How much deflection in floorboards is too much for tiling

    I have screwed down my floorboards in all places and feels really solid but ... right up against the front door where there doesn’t appear to be a joist so it dips maybe 3-4mm with my full weight on it. The next joist is 8 inches further into the hallway and no movement . Should I rip up the...
  7. A

    1200x600 how much a yard to lay bathroom walls

    Hi lads I have to price a bathroom walls and floor was wondering how much you're charging per yard to fit 1200x600 porcelain tiles cheers
  8. G

    My 1st Job help and advice much appreciated bizzaza mosaic tiling with epoxy resin grout

    Hi guys got a job coming up soon which ive not come across before its a bathroom I've already started large bathroom marble tiles all around wall/floors which was fine but now the client wants me to tile a paper faced mosaic piece on her large shower wall , the wall has two niches built into the...
  9. D

    How's My Tiling? Is this shoddy tiling? Advice much appreciated!

    Hi! We've just had our kitchen installed and one of the installers said he does tiling too. So we got him to the tiles, including a herringbone pattern behind the oven/splashback. White tiles, dark grout. The main issue is the corners, where there is a massive thick line of grout on some...
  10. Dan

    Tiling Rates Per Square Meter / Per Day – How much do tilers charge?
  11. B

    Does size matter (that much) when it comes to backer board?

    I've had to take up half of my floor tiles including the 9mm ply that was underneath. I'm wanting to replace it but am thinking about using a cement board/no more ply option instead. Would a 10mm option work if I used slightly less adhesive? Any help is appreciated.
  12. D

    How much to do this job, all wetroom done with classi fleece

    How much to do this Tiling job, the wetroom is done with classi fleece
  13. A

    Am I Expecting Too Much

    We are in a new build and I’m not happy with the tile floors. Yesterday an inspector from the flooring company which provided both the tiles and the labor came out to look at the floors. He declared them ‘damned good.’ He also said the acceptable lippage was equal to two nickels. Can that be...
  14. O

    How much would you pay for tiles?

    This is on Quest channel now. Discuss :D
  15. T

    To much time spent on grouting

    Morning All, I've recently finished an average size bathroom with white metro tiles and light grey grout, I'm happy how the job went but I am not happy that it took me 1 and a half days to grout, this seems far to long, was I cleaning up to much? How can i speed this up. Thanks
  16. P

    Water UFH how much space between floor tile and wall for expansion?

    How much space should you leave between floor tiles and the wall when tiling over 60mm screed over wet UFH? Is 5mm enough?
  17. R

    Dot & Dab (how much to remove)

    Hi all, I have just removed the plaster boards from my walls as i could not remove the tiles without damaging the plaster board. I am now left with lots of dot & dabs, do i have to completely remove the old dot & dabs or can i just remove the thickest parts of it. I will be dot & dabbing next...
  18. R

    Just checking how much height I'll need

    Hello all, Can you please advise what the minimum finished height I need to plan for if I want to put down a 10mm Ceramic tile onto existing joists. My plan was to put down 18mm T&G...then a tile backer board (thickness?), then adhesive (thickness ?)....then the tile. My perfect world is not...
  19. Ajax123

    Proud dad post ... Check this out and buy as much as you can

    Spreading the word to support my daughter's art business, lisellefae art... Check out her website. She has her first full blown exhibition coming up in March2019. Tiling is an art some thiught some of you might appreciate what she does albeit a different art form. Who knows you may even want to...
  20. L

    Adhesive How much are you getting from your adhesive

    This week for the first time I used @ISOMAT UK AK 20 to install @Schlüter-Systems Ltd Ditra and a 1200x600 porc tile. The area was 65 mts. I used the standard Schluter 4mm notch to install the Ditra and a 13mm square notch to bed the tile with a flat back skim to the tile as well of course, the...
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