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Hi there
Currently doing the final prep for a wet room, should be ready in approx 6 weeks.

Wall sizes are as follows
2.2m wide x 2.2m high - 4.8sqm
2.2m wide x 2.2m high with a window 1.2 x 1.2m - 3.4sqm
1.8m wide x 2.2m high - 4 sqm

Walls to be done in metro tiles 10x20cm, window reveal to be tiled along with corners mitred with no trim.

Floor 1.8m wide x 2.2 long - 4 sqm

Floors to be done in 50x50cm with envelope cuts to the linear drain

Location is IP13 0SP.

Would appreciate a very approximate cost, i will not hold you to it, i just don't want to waste your time traveling to quote.

Kind regards