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Ceramic tile cutters are used to cut tiles to a required size or shape. They come in a number of different forms, from basic manual devices to complex attachments for power tools.

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  1. M

    What size tile cutter to buy?

    Hi everyone 🙂.My friend has a cheap ceramic cutting machine that i don't like working with. it is weak, its rail bends when cutting thicker tiles. I don't wanna mess around , I was thinking of buying a montolite 63p3 right away. It could do a lot of work. Now the problem is that tile sizes...
  2. S

    Best value electric tile cutter

    Hi guys Mates asked me for advice re best DIY (he's better than me) ELECTRIC tile cutter can't seem to find a decent post on here about £100 to spend. Anyone recommend one for me please .
  3. Sevenn

    help with buying a manual tile cutter

    Hi people, i am new to the trade and i am looking to buy a manual tile cutter at my training i used a "The Genesis super pro 600mm" with adjustable scoring wheel (i think was like 5 cm in length) i think this is to adjust for the thickness i was looking around my local shops and they all are...
  4. SamCotton

    Tile Cutter Needed (DIYer)

    Hi guys, I am a DIYer and want to tile my en-suite. What tile cutter do you recommend that won't break the bank as I will only be using it on my own DIY projects and possibly tiling friends and family homes. Budget £100...
  5. N

    Best tile cutter you've used for cutting 1500 mm long tiles??

    Bought the Rubi TX-Maxi to use on 1000 mm tiles which is very good but customers seem to be going for bigger floor tiles on each job ,😩. any recommendations pls
  6. E

    Thinking about investing in my first tile cutter. Need help

    Hello, I am looking at getting a sigma. I am contemplating between the sigma ceramic cutter technical 26” (ART-2B3) Or the sigma pull handle 26” 3B4 Has any one used the 2B3? I am not sure if I am losing out on anything with the smaller sigma. I am currently using cutters from my...
  7. C

    Tile cutter recommendations

    Hi I am going to be tiling the walls in our cloakroom, approx 6m2. Tiles are 400x250x8 ceramic. Can anyone recommend a tile cutter <£50 to do the job please?
  8. H

    Sigma tile cutter issues

    Anyone have issues getting a clean break with a sigma cutter
  9. H

    Sigma tile cutter issues

    Anybody had issues with breaking the tile after scoring, mine has started to fail to break the last couple of inches on all types of tile.
  10. M

    Bosch gdc 121 tile cutter

    Has anyone used the Bosch GDC 121 tile cutter, I currently use Rubi viper blades in my grinder wondering if the tile cutter is a better option.
  11. B

    Tile cutter

    Hi, can anyone recommend a manual tile cutter for 1200 x 600 tiles, thanks
  12. N

    Best tile cutter you have used for cutting 1200 x 12000 Porcelain floor tiles ?

    Best tile cutter you have used for cutting 1200 x 1200 Porcelain floor tiles ?
  13. P

    Ergo tile cutter or newish battipav super pro evo?

    Hi, has anyone out there used a ergo tile cutter from Topps? Or the newish model of battipav super pro evo? If so what do u think? Need to buy new cutter and the super pro has caught my eye but also interested to hear anyone who has used the ergo due to the cheap price of it!
  14. H

    Best wet tile cutter

    Hi all. New to the forum. Transferring my skills from DIY to making tiling a profession. What wet tile cutters do people recommend for of course heavy duty use ? Thanks in advance
  15. R

    IQ dry tile cutter any good ?

    Good Morning,new member here, been in the game 25 years, but never too old to learn stuff. I had no idea about this cutter, I can't find any independent reviews, I went to order it yesterday from PTT and they are out of stock, the other place that stocks it are also out of stock, but do have a...
  16. T

    Large tile cutter advice

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone could get me any advice on which tile cutter to go for please 🤞 I have been pondering for a while to buy myself a large tile cutter as the tiles keeps getting larger by the year I am torn between the Rubi slim system with a breaker or maybe a Razor 63” or any...
  17. B

    Most suitable Sigma?

    Hi guys, I know there are plenty of threads on Sigma tile cutters, but I can’t work out which one would be best for me... so just after some advice. In the past I’ve used a Rubi TS50, and more recently a big clinker 2 (don’t laugh). But that’s now had it, so am gonna spend more for a cutter...
  18. S

    Best Tile cutter

    Currently using a TS 700 and its not cutting it (no pun intended ) lol with Strong tiles any suggestions on a upgrade
  19. Davethefish

    Which Wet Tile Cutter?

    my trusty old wickes wet tile cutter never got returned last time i lent it out. but only cost me £30ish iirc...and was over 15 years old... it was far from perfect, but did a job. as i've still got a fair bit of DIY tiling in front of me :D i'd like something a little better at the job where...
  20. B

    Tile cutter size

    Hi all was wondering can I get some advice.im looking to buy a montolit tile cutter but not sure best size.i don’t want to small but at same time not too big.whats the most popular tiles size these days...thanks guys
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