In chemistry, a substrate is typically the chemical species being observed in a chemical reaction, which reacts with a reagent to generate a product. It can also refer to a surface on which other chemical reactions are performed, or play a supporting role in a variety of spectroscopic and microscopic techniques. In synthetic and organic chemistry, the substrate is the chemical of interest that is being modified. In biochemistry, an enzyme substrate is the material upon which an enzyme acts. When referring to Le Chatelier's principle, the substrate is the reagent whose concentration is changed. The term substrate is highly context-dependent.

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  1. C

    Exterior, Limestone on PT Wood Post.

    Hello, First post here on the forum. Thanks for reading! I have an application for 1" limestone at 14" x 3 1/2" on an exterior Pressure treated post which is buried into the grade and sitting on a deep level wood piling. The post will finished on all 4 sides. Just the bottom 2 feet. Above...
  2. P

    Wall substrate for fireplace area

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone can help me out here as I am unsure how to proceed. I'm putting up large format tile, 2 feet x 4 feet, over my firewall and around the TV on the left. To the right side of the fireplace will be drywall and on the left side, 2 feet of the wall will be drywall...
  3. Y

    Adhesive Decreased Adhesion Due to Substrate Absorbency

    Hi everyone, Recently I heard that do not install tile/stone over the layer of waterproof products (rubberized asphalt) because there's great chance of tile/stone falling off from wall. In my country, the construction of house wall is "concrete --> 1:3 cement mortar --> tile/stone adhesive...
  4. M

    Specifying substrate for marble floor tile

    Afternoon all, I am putting together a some idealised cross-section sketches to plan out bathroom floor build-up but I'm having difficult finding products online, specifically tile backing boards for floor applications. I would really appreciate if some could advice on the following below...
  5. R

    Setting Out Best/cheapest wet wall substrate?

    When removing tiles around a shower area, some of the outer paper layer came off the plasterboard where water had seeped in over the years (see picture). Now I'm looking at my options to prepare the wall for tiles and want to know what would be recommended while keeping costs down? Option 1...
  6. D

    What is this surface?

    Hi all hope everyone is doing well. Have been asked to do to a quote for a ceramic kitchen splashback. The customer has sent me some photos of the area to be tiled. Hoping if anyone can help identify if the wall is plaster or render. I’ve asked the customer but he does not know. any advice...
  7. T

    Adhesive Magnesite substrate

    Good morning all, I think this is what this is anyway. Anyone got any experience or thoughts with how best to tile this. Thanks Chris
  8. A

    Porcelain Correct substrate for longevity and waterproofing!

    Hi I’m doing my own bathroom after many years of neglect, I know guilty as charged but I’m on the pursuit of a makeover that will make it good hopefully for many more years to come but I need some help in this and I’ve discovered this forum. Thank you all for having a platform that can share for...
  9. S

    Substrate prep for uneven chimney breast with heat

    We’re planning to have our chimney breast tiled in split face slate or quarzite stone. We’re getting a pro in to fit the tiles, but to keep to a tight budget I need to prep the substrate myself. Whatever I do needs to stand up to the heat from a freestanding stove. I’ve stripped the chimney...
  10. P

    Does anyone notch trowel both the tile and the substrate?

    Guy told me he notch trowels the subtrate and the tile back perpendicularily. Nonsense? Thx!
  11. A

    DIY Best substrate for half height tiles

    Hi everyone. I'm about to embark on a complete bathroom refit (very small bathroom approx. 3.2sqm) that will have a corner shower with full height tiling in 8mm porcelain tiles (approx 100mm across). The remainder of the room will be 9mm porcelain hexagon tiles (approx. 250mm across) up to a...
  12. D

    Floorboard Substrate Preparation

    I am currently redoing a bathroom. Floor is to be tiled with porcelain tiles. The floor is 22mm wooden T & G floorboards. There are a fair amount of boards that have been previously taken up, presumably for access for electrics maintenance/ changes, etc.. Some of these boards have been badly...
  13. A

    Is this substrate ok?

    It's been a few years since I have visited. I have to replace 2 tiles previously fitted to marmox that got damaged. When I pulled them up most of the concrete face has come off the marmox board so I'm not sure what is best. Hopefully this picture is clear to see.
  14. S

    Exterior substrate For Victorian tiles.

    I’m pricing a job which is 26m2 of front garden path to be tiled with old English geometric tiles. The old concrete path will be taken up, and a new base putting down. I will be getting a firm in to do this work, but I want the best solution for the base, that will take these tiles without...
  15. J

    Is there such thing as too many substrate layers?

    Hi I have been browsing these forums for a while and have picked up lot of useful advice. There will be 7 layers to my floor (not including Adhesives, seems like a lot!) Joists/Noggins 18mm Ply 6mm Hardie Backer 10mm Warmup Electric UFH SLC Ditra Mat Tiles I’m a Diy’er tiling my first...
  16. francesco

    Tile on 2 different substrates.

    Could someone advise me please? One floor is concrete, the other one is plywood supported by a metal structure underneath (extension area) My plan is to get the 2 floors level whit cement boards, then apply floor leveler, go over the area with DITRA Matting and install an expansion joint where...
  17. Mapei UK Marketing

    Mapei Mapei Academy open and taking bookings!

    Mapei's brand new, purpose built, state of the art training facility is now open and taking bookings. Mapei’s free training courses are carried out by a dedicated, award winning team of training experts. Their extensive knowledge coupled with Mapei’s experience in manufacturing industry-leading...
  18. Mapei UK Marketing

    The Mapei Academy is open and taking bookings!

    Mapei's brand new, purpose built, state of the art training facility is now open and taking bookings. Mapei’s free training courses are carried out by a dedicated, award winning team of training experts. Their extensive knowledge coupled with Mapei’s experience in manufacturing industry-leading...
  19. Andy Allen

    Adhesive on a wooden substrate.

    I normally use bal single part fast flex on wooden substrates over boarded with Hardie. I need an adhesive that's as flexible, but more rapid setting than the 5 hours fast flex takes to dry... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...:)
  20. S

    Shower surround substrate

    Hey guys, I am retiling a shower, one of the walls is plasterboard and removing the old tiles has damaged it. I am planning to remove all the tiles and cut the plasterboard out. Tiler has suggested using plasterboard as it will be tanked before the new tiles. New tiles won't be heavy etc so no...
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