The PPE Portrait project started during the 2014–2015 Ebola outbreak in Liberia by artist Mary Beth Heffernan as a way to humanize medical staff wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE). Patients experiencing one of the most terrifying times of their lives are unable to see the faces of their medical staff, but having a photo sticker on the staff's PPE gown allows the patient to better relate to their caregiver. This project was revived in 2020 by Stanford social scientist Cati Brown-Johnson and featured on The Rachel Maddow Show, NPR, Smithsonian magazine and KQED.

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  10. M

    PPE help please

    Evening chaps....over the past few days i have been helping a friend to remove a chimney breast. we got it all out yesterday/browned up today and going to plaster today. my question is....can anyone recommend a decent dust mask? as the ones i use are useless....yesterday i was completely covers...
  11. D

    what is the law on PPE

    ON site !! or do all site's vary!! :thumbsup:what do you have to wear!! then
  12. W


    Should I invest in any PPE for my tiling course? Im really think shoes/protective trainers? Anyone got any advice?
  13. Dan


    Do you care for PPE? BuyBrandTools.com have got a few bits and bobs in regarding PPE and I thought I'd rais the question to see how many of you consider it to be important or an after thought. Even domestic jobs need some care taken into account. Some info on it on the Tiling Blog here...
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