1. Dan

    Topps Tiles in-store or online - Genuine Feedback, Positive or Otherwise

    Topps Tiles in-store or online - Genuine Feedback, Positive or Otherwise. I used to work in a Topps Tiles store in Newcastle Under Lyme, not far from the Untold Media office as weird as that seems. I used to deal with a plonker named Jon Davidson, the area manager at the time, in a really...
  2. Dan

    Mapei UK Free Tiling Courses Practical or Online

    Mapei Academy Mapei UK Free Tiling Courses Practical or Online The ceramic course covers the following points: Substrate Preparation do’s and don’ts The Importance of Priming and Levelling Compounds Adhesives & Grouts – making the correct choice Waterproofing applications to prevent failures...
  3. R

    North East Tiling Training Feedback Thread (Now UK Pro Tiling Training)

    Has anyone been on the Nett training course would like to find out some feed back on it. Did any of use guys have any tiling knowledge when you went on this course and what was your knowledge like when you finished ...??:20::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  4. Dan

    How do I hide my online status? Set your settings on this page and you don't show up as online when you actually are. :)
  5. F

    Online retailers

    I think a lot of us buy tools online, and ITS tools is one that comes up a lot with deals on etc.. It was a real eye opener to see the scale of this place! makes you think doesn't it. The chap in the video is a sparky in London, has some interesting videos.
  6. Wishiwasatoptiler

    Accounts going online by April 1st

    So I was out with a mate whose self employed also. We got talking about accounts, now he uses an accountant and has for 20 yr, his accountant has told him all accounts must be done using online software by April 1st., like quick books, has anyone else been told this. I've not heard anything, but...
  7. dottigirl

    How to tell if you're buying decent tiles online?

    I've been surfing various tile websites for the last month, and have noticed several things: There are some really, really poor and dysfunctional websites out there. In an environment where there's so much choice, they're losing customers. Even some of the best ones still don't work terribly...
  8. macten

    self assessment online

    Just completed it (yes very last but on the page dealing with class 2 and 4 NI contributions it asked if I wanted to voluntarily pay as part of my return to which I clicked 'yes' but it kept throwing up error on page and could only progress once I clicked 'no' So return has been...
  9. M

    New to online internet forum

    Hi guys I'm Mark Frost. Some of you already know me from Facebook. For those who don't I now live in Aylesbury. I'm 32 and started tiling in 2001 with my dad. Didn't do a job on my own till 4 years later. He was strict but I appreciate how he taught me. I got told to sign up as this is a great...
  10. Dan

    Would you like to see a tiling price guide online?

    A simple yes or no. Would you like to see a tiling price guide online. If it turns out to be a yes, we'll work out how to do it and what's in it. If it's no, I'll drop it. But I'd like to see a GUIDE (nothing we need to stick to) online. I know it'll be hard to do. But that's why one isn't...
  11. Dan

    New forums online -

    My and @Lou thought we'd knock up a new forum yesterday so looked through some domain names we have, and rather than start something else business or automotive-related we thought we'd try something new so we went for more of a social theme with So far we've sorted out the...
  12. Dan

    600 people online right now

    Total: 749 (members: 59, guests: 540, robots: 150) Take the robots out of it and we've got pretty much 600 people online right now. :) Makes me hairs stand up on end it does.
  13. W

    Suggest Online Shop for Plumbing Bits?

    I had ordered few times from superdiscountplumbing website, but seems like they have gone on holiday, was wondering if you could suggest some good other websites which has good prices/good selection and if possible free fast delivery if ordered over certain value? shopping at screwfix would get...
  14. Kyle Knowles

    Best Online Retailer For Tile Master

    Currently I buy my adhesive and grout at ctd which I can't fault the lads behind the counter are great but I'm looking at switching from weber to tile master where's the best place to buy online coz my local stockists open at 8:30 and shut at 5 which isn't very convenient so I'm gonna buy online...
  15. Kyle Knowles

    Best Website/websites For Tiling Supplies

    I'm always on the look out for better materials and tools and love a good bargain where are u fells shopping online for stuff ?
  16. Dan

    UK Tiling News Back Online

    Tiling News | Tile News | Training News | Tiles News | News and information about tiles, tiling and the tiles industry. is back online. :) Checkout the blog. Nothing special. But perhaps one day it will be eh?
  17. M

    Rubi spares online.

    Anyone know of a internet based firm that sells Rubi spares. In need of a lateral stop for a TS30 but out of stock at TT.:mad2: Have tried a few others that Google has thrown up but nobody seems to have one... The TS40 stop is the same part. :thumbsup:
  18. High Peak Tiling

    Walls & Floors Online

    Whats your thoughts on this online shop? I use it regularly for examples and samples. & when ordering Metro's and kitchen tiles. pricing and quality seem great so far i have found. What has been your experience?
  19. Sean Kelly

    CTD online prices for Weber spf white/grey a bit high!!!!

    I'm finding that the CTD website is showing different prices to what they are in store. I need to get a load of stuff tomorrow. Can anyone confirm that in store price is still about £16-£17 for standard set grey/white instead of the £24 and £33 prices on web? I am finding that in general their...
  20. D

    Which online retailer is best value?

    I need some hardibacker, adhesive, grout and a couple of tanking kits. Struggling to find someone who does all these things for a reasonable price. Would ideally like to get them all from one place to save on the postage, so which best/reasonably priced online store do you recommend? Many thanks.
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