1. S

    Thin Porcelain Suction cup marks on thin porcelain slabs

    Last week I had seven porcelain slabs of 120 x 260 cm installed on a wall in my house. A couple of days later I started noticing dark ring marks left by the suction cups used for lifting the tiles and fitting them on the wall. The tiles are 6 mm thick, glazed, and produced by Italgraniti (see...
  2. Andy Allen

    Rugby World cup....

    Any Irish on the forum....:D
  3. Andy Allen

    Cricket World cup..

    Never new Cricket could be so exciting..! Well done England...
  4. F

    Recommended suction cup lifters ?

    Can anyone recommend some fairly basic but decent suction cups ? I don't need to lift any 3m calcatta bookmatch or anything :D
  5. Balloo

    What ever happened to getting a tip and maybe even a cup of tea

    When serving my time with mee oll mate desy ( God rest him ) , going back 15-20years ago we always got sandwiches cookies and tea , and nearly every job we got a tip . I've been thinking lately I've not had one in a very long time. I recently cancelled a family holiday we had planned , to tile...
  6. Adey1980

    Uheat World Cup wall chart

    Just received my World Cup wall chart from @Uheat - Jake. Thank you.
  7. timeless john

    When making a Cup of tea?

    Milk first. Milk second.
  8. F

    Cheap decent grinding cup

    anyone recommend one? Got a couple of jobs which require some floor grinding here and there, seems like every job come to think of it!
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