1. M83T

    Bathroom tiling adhesive and clips advice. advice and

    I have been asked to tile my cousins bathroom and it will be my first time using 300x 600 ceramic for the wall. The tiles are going on a skimmed wall which is in good nick, can anybody reccomend a decent slow setting adhesive to use for this please. And also is it worth using clips to get them...
  2. Wishiwasatoptiler

    Re-useable lippage clips

    Seen this on facebook, can"t see this working in the real world. Reusable Anti-Lippage Tile Leveling System (50 Pcs/ Pack) -
  3. impish

    Tip of the day (when using clips)

    I just realised this today, so apologies if it's a bit of "stupid" on my part. When coming back to a row of tiles from the previous day, where the customer / builder etc has kindly kicked out and broken all the clips you left carefully in place for continuing tomorrow's work, I found that my...
  4. W

    Shrinking adhesive/levelling clips.

    Does anyone ever get adhesive shrinking? Let’s say you tile half a wall, go back the next day to tile the rest and once the second lot of tiles has set, it’s shrunk back ever so slightly. I’m not talking about a thick bed of adhesive either. Or too much water in the mix. I’m wondering if...
  5. antonio

    I return to talk about clips :(

    I'm going back to talking about self-leveling clips. (systems with wedge, the other me, I do not use them) I see photos in the internet, where many clips are inserted. sometimes it seems exaggerated. in a 120cm tile put 5/6 / 7clips ... now I get to the point. it's worth spending little money on...
  6. Tommythetiler80

    Levelling clips how many?

    Evening good people, I’ll soon be fixing some large porcelain tiles 600 x 1200s to an area of about 80 Sqmt. My question is how many of both clips and wedges would one order for such an area? Also im planning on using a 3mm joint throughout so is it recommended that I should buy 1mm clips for...
  7. LEE MAC

    Levelling clips are a load of tosh? Really?

    I’ve had arguments with ‘tilers’ who tell me that levelling clips are a gimmick and they’re not needed. Well look what happened to some plonker who said this to me. The floor without the clips is obvious and by pure coincidence I finished one yesterday were clips were used. I got a call by a...
  8. Chris Gibbs

    Lippage clips... charge or not?

    I've been using clips more frequently these days due to tile size, rectified edge tiles etc... trouble is over the month they can be quite expensive if you're using them on several jobs. Question is do you charge for the clips or not?
  9. LEE MAC

    Rubi Delta clips vs RLS

    Has anyone tried these yet they look like a direct copy of RLS, but I'm wondering how the quality compares? DELTA LEVELLING SYSTEM | RUBI® Tools United Kingdom | RUBI Tools and tile cutters -
  10. Mike ramsdale

    Lip clips and spacers

    Just had a look at the RLS clips and thinking about moving with the times and giving them a go. I normally use 2 mm spacers, are the 1.5 mm clips compatable with 2mm spacers or do you not need spacers with the clips also are the pliers needed. I know this is a topic that is well covered on here...
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