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  1. stone tiler

    Levelling clips | Lash Clips - Suppliers of Lash Clips & Leveling Spacers

    Afternoon chaps I've got a job coming up and the developer has spec'd the use of lash clips on the floor tiling. The tiles are 600 sq super white polished porcelain, 2mm joints and he wants the clips to be used to ensure no lips/shadows etc. Aprox 200mt area with a huge glass wall and bi-folds...
  2. Small bathroom floor tiling with lash clips

    Small bathroom floor tiling with lash clips

    I partnered with RIDGID to show how to tile a bathroom floor. This is part of my small bathroom remodel project and floor tiling. This video is showing use of lash clips for tiling. In this scenario with really small tiles for lash clips to be fair. Usually used on bigger tiles I think.
  3. A

    Is there any extra long levelling clips for 20mm porcelain

    Hi Guys, Got an outside area to be done next week in 20mm porcelain 900x600. Base is nice and flat with a good fall away to the drainage. Is there a deeper levelling clip that anyone knows of????? Thanks very much
  4. M

    Grouting half height kitchen splashback

    Hi everyone, I'm attempting to tile a new kitchen splashback using cube shape mosaic sheets and all going well, except I'm not sure how best to finish the grouting. The splashback will not go to the ceiling and there are no wall cupboards. There's several examples of the same style on this...
  5. P

    For Sale Tile levelling system CLIPS, 2mm. 120,000 pcs for SALE! 0,04$ / price

    Hello! If you're interested in we have got 120,000 pcs Tile levelling system only Clips, 2mm! Unbranded. New in boxes! https://ibb.co/Lkzm70H https://ibb.co/RhCr7HW https://ibb.co/60sPL21 https://ibb.co/Km3W3b1 https://ibb.co/WWpC78G Price is 0,04 usd / pcs. But We dont want to give to...
  6. poynton phil

    Levelling clips

    I'm going to be using levelling clips for the first time later this week. Are there any do's or dont's for using them, or any other tips that would help me out. Thanks in advance for any advice...
  7. M83T

    Bathroom tiling adhesive and clips advice. advice and

    I have been asked to tile my cousins bathroom and it will be my first time using 300x 600 ceramic for the wall. The tiles are going on a skimmed wall which is in good nick, can anybody reccomend a decent slow setting adhesive to use for this please. And also is it worth using clips to get them...
  8. G

    Advice on re tiling kitchen backsplash

    Good afternoon everyone. I'm in the process of doing some refurbishment at my flat and the kitchen is my last area to tackle. I've taken.off the old tiles and that took the plaster with it. So a few weeks ago I had that re skimmed. The tiles I'll be using are 100x200 non bevelled metro tiles...
  9. L

    Kitchen Splash-back advice

    Hi all, I was hoping I could get a little advice. Currently doing a bit of tiling in the kitchen and have a few internal corners. When I have to cut a tile that reaches the corner do I need to replicate the same length of tile on the wall next to it or can I use a full length tile or do I use...
  10. M83T

    Full tile at top of splashback.

    Just about to start tiling the final wall in my kitchen I've tiled all the way around up to the units and now I'm just left with the final wall which doesn't have units. I'm setting out and to keep the level of the tiles from under the units on to the wall without units I would have to have a...
  11. Plan Tec Tiling

    Hand made mosaic bathroom splashback

    Someone submitted a new contest entry: Hand made mosaic bathroom splashback View contest entry...
  12. Wishiwasatoptiler

    Re-useable lippage clips

    Seen this on facebook, can"t see this working in the real world. Reusable Anti-Lippage Tile Leveling System (50 Pcs/ Pack) - https://funlink.store/products/tile-leveling-system
  13. O

    Tip of the day (when using clips)

    I just realised this today, so apologies if it's a bit of "stupid" on my part. When coming back to a row of tiles from the previous day, where the customer / builder etc has kindly kicked out and broken all the clips you left carefully in place for continuing tomorrow's work, I found that my...
  14. Anthony Wills

    Substraight advice for splashback

    Ok, strange one. My customer was advised to chalk his walls. He has removed the old tiles and adhesive in the kitchen which, luckily, has left the walls in a fairly straight condition. But he had bought tubes of chalk and kind of applied it like you would with plaster to the whole wall. I have...
  15. Tirccir

    East Midlands Tiler needed for mosiacs kitchen splash back

    Job has been accepted Splashback*
  16. acaciaguy

    Setting Out Kitchen Splash back with metros - setting out for trim

    Hello all, I have a job this week doing a kitchen splash back and window reveal. The wall behind hob has a boxed in section which means extra cutting. I had originally planned and customer agreed that they wanted mitred externals. They have now changed their mind and want to use white round...
  17. T

    Kitchen splashback advice

    Hi folks, new to the forum and I'm a DIY novice with no tiling experience to speak of. Been reading through the forum recently and got some great tips and I'm considering a tiling course further down the line. Quick question for those with more experience; started tiling my kitchen splashback...
  18. W

    Shrinking adhesive/levelling clips.

    Does anyone ever get adhesive shrinking? Let’s say you tile half a wall, go back the next day to tile the rest and once the second lot of tiles has set, it’s shrunk back ever so slightly. I’m not talking about a thick bed of adhesive either. Or too much water in the mix. I’m wondering if...
  19. G

    Help needed with mosaic splashback

    Hello looking for a bit of advice. I’m planning on doing a splash back above my sink. So far I have the tiles and trim. Was wondering what’s the best adhesive and grout to use as there is glass tiles on the mosaic sheet and I’ve also heard that the tiles need treated with something after the...
  20. antonio

    I return to talk about clips :(

    I'm going back to talking about self-leveling clips. (systems with wedge, the other me, I do not use them) I see photos in the internet, where many clips are inserted. sometimes it seems exaggerated. in a 120cm tile put 5/6 / 7clips ... now I get to the point. it's worth spending little money on...
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