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98DA7103-B900-4177-99A0-A20465EE9457.jpeg 46A9775F-A2CF-421F-90E9-C607FC6696A5.jpeg 3CC913BB-28A1-471E-84BC-EF8A9E9A027E.jpeg 83EE5650-736B-4781-9502-457EF91B21E0.jpeg 3ED931FE-D83D-4CF7-B6BD-1824B83C2C66.jpeg well after years of trying to convince one of the builders I do work for he’s finally ditched the plywood and is now using Hardiebacker boards. He’s now a convert and is going to use them wherever tiling is required. I showed him in a small bathroom today how to glue and screw them, I could have told him 12 screws is all required per sheet but he’s used to 150 centres so just left him to it. He is going to get the foam adhesive as he is a builder and too lazy to mix up addey clean tools buckets etc but I’ll cut him a bit of slack.


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Did you tell him to snap the board he might find it easier doing it the opposite way?