A wanted poster (or wanted sign) is a poster distributed to let the public know of a person whom authorities wish to apprehend. They generally include a picture of the person, either a photograph when one is available or of a facial composite image produced by the police.

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  1. S

    I'm Looking For This Tile Grespania Bretagne white - Just a few tiles required

    Hi I am looking for at least 1 Grespania Bretagne white but I will take more in both black and white if anyone has any available. They are Art Deco in style and came with a black for the lower section , a patterned dado and a white section above the dado. They had a subtle water effect. I last...
  2. Simionb1

    Tilers wanted for site work Surrey and surrounding areas

    Tilers wanted for long term, new build, site work in and around Surrey. Good rates of pay . Must be reliable, experienced, own tools and produce quality work. Please message us (using the forum messaging system) with your personal details and we'll get in touch.
  3. S

    I'm looking for Living Blanco tile

    Looking for a small number of Living Blanco wall tiles to cover an area that has been left untiled following a bathroom revamp.
  4. A

    DIY Wanted | Bambu blanco tiles wanted

    Hi, anyone know where I can get c. 50 Porcelanosa Bambu Blanco tiles? (Note: tiles not in production now).
  5. S

    Tiler wanted for bathroom in Hunstanton

    Hi Everyone Currently doing a bathroom refurb and will need a tiler in mid Jan to fit about 18 sqm of ceramic tiles to shower and walls. Anyone in the area you can recommend? Cheers for your help Terry aka signalyellow
  6. C

    Grout Sandy/gritty grout recommendation wanted

    In the past I have used Granfix Limestone grout which had a slightly sandy/gritty textured finish that suits natural stone tiles - but I don't think its made any more? Anyone got a recommendation for an alternative? Think it's called "sanded grout" ?
  7. R

    Tile supplier wanted

    Hi, We are near completing the work on my house and now looking for 300 Sq meters of 20mm porcelain tiles, to be 600mm X 900 or similar, must be 600 wide tho, I looking for White or very light Grey something like the picture attached Is there a company I can import them from ao a compamy in the...
  8. C

    Wanted Keraben Fox Azul

    Hi, we fitted out our en-suite with Keraben Fox Azul in 2010. We have unfortunately cracked a tile by accident when reflooring. Does anyone have any spare we could buy? It’s a duck egg colour, 50cm x 25cm? Cheers Sally
  9. C

    Keraben Fox Azul wanted

    Hi, we fitted out our en-suite with Keraben Fox Azul in 2010. We have unfortunately cracked a tile by accident when reflooring. Does anyone have any spare we could buy? It’s a duck egg colour, 50cm x 25cm? Cheers Sally
  10. B

    PorcelaBobo tiles wanted

    Hi,looking for a few tiles,light grey marble semi gloss finish.4.8mm thick by 1200mmx600mm Porcelain.Any help appreciated. Cheers,
  11. T

    Setting Out Brick Slip Fitters Wanted

    Hi All, I'm from a brick slip company and we're looking for installers around the country to help customers install our brick slips. All we do once you're on the list is pass your details to our customers in your area and they will contact you directly, you price the job for them. We obviously...
  12. N

    South East Tiler wanted

    Hello, Any tilers looking for work in Suffolk/Essex area please contact me. Many thanks
  13. H

    Wanted Dennis, Ruabon, Heatherbrown 6” x6” hexagonal quarry tiles

    Bit of a long shot but, Amlooking to buy a quantity of Dennis, Ruabon Heatherbrown 6”x 6” quarry tiles to repair a 2 metre by 1 metre strip in a floor. Carmarthenshire.. What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added.
  14. H

    Tiles wanted

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added.Bit of a long shot but, Am looking for a quantity of “Dennis, Ruabon, hexagonal Heatherbrown quarry tiles 6” x 6” to repair a 2metre x 1 metre strip.. based in Carmarthenshire. 8
  15. L

    Spare tiles wanted

    I’m looking to source a tile/s which was originally from Better Bathrooms in Edinburgh before closing down. Purchased 4.5 years ago. The tile details are - 50cm x 50cm Urban Preto Floor Tile Product code 7532 The tile is Athricite/black colour with a smooth even finish. Does anyone have any...
  16. C

    I'm Looking For This Tile Topps Tiles "Industria" modular wall tiles wanted

    Anyone have any Topps Tiles Industria black wall tiles? They have been discontinued and I need a few to fill in a gap where we've removed a couple of wall units.
  17. A

    Tilers Wanted

    Hi, Looking for tilers in the south east, mainly Sussex, Kent, Brighton and Sevenoaks. If anyone is looking for work please get in touch!
  18. S

    I'm Looking For This Tile Wanted: Discontinued "Topps Tiles' Bathroom range

    I am in need of a pack of a cream/beige tile that I purchased from 'Topps Tiles' approx 10-12 years ago which is now a discontinued line (Please see attached photo). They measure 445mm x 315mm; have a slight bevelled edge to them and have 'A & M' embossed on the rear of the tile Any assistance...
  19. A


    EXPERIENCED TILER All About Building is a small family owned and operated business. We work all across the Macomb County Area, and in many different trade fields. We have a ton of incoming leads for upcoming projects, and we are looking for experienced tile layer to join our team, and help up...
  20. C

    South East Tiler wanted for contract works in Yorkshire & the North East

    Hi All We are looking for a tiler for contract works in Yorkshire and the North East. We have 7 car/motorbike showrooms to do in 2021 in York, Harrogate, Teeside, Malton, Sunderland & Newcastle as well as a big shopfit in Newcastle City Centre next month. We also have a large ongoing new...
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