1. T

    time to remove epoxy grout and then regrout floor

    Unfortunately the tiler did not follow the manufactures instructions for mixing up the two part epoxy grout in the correct ratio so it has cracked and needs to be completely removed, taking care not to damage the anti-crack mat underneath, and regrouted. No one will do the job on a fixed price...
  2. B

    First time using 1000 x 333 , any tips.

    These are ceramic and have a little flex. What size trowel for walls , very very flat walls, and is back skimming ok or should it be notched too? Is pink bag ultra god for this? Should it be clipped? If so how many along edge (3?, near corners and 1 in centre enough?)
  3. leoder

    Weberfloor flex dry time

    Hi guys, I've just installed Weberfloor flex in a small area 1m2 @35-40mm depth in one pour. The data/spec states 24hr dry time @5mm only, and " can be built up to 50mm " drying times vary, conditions etc. So not quite clear on expected dry time at the depth I've installed it at. Could...
  4. J

    Tiling one wall at a time?

    I am a DIYer that is doing a subway tile backsplash in my kitchen for the first time. Since I work long weeks, I’m wondering if it’s okay to tile and grout one wall before moving onto the next wall? There will probably be about a week before I make it to the second wall since I work full time...
  5. T

    Slurry Mix Only 3 hours work time?

    I have a slurry mix I bought for my porcelain tile job. I am a novice but see the slurry mix is workable for around 3 hours. I have about 44 60x60cm tiles to lay on mortar bed. I would guess it take me a lot longer than 3 hours though so would you mix a third at a time. My slurry mix is 17kg bag...
  6. F

    First time tiler advice

    Hello. First time tiler looking for some advice. Doing a bathroom reno and had a professional tiler booked in to tie in with plumber, but we will sadly not have the room prepped for new tiles in time to meet the tilers scheduling window…so due to not wanting to be without a bathroom for any...
  7. Y

    Looking for some part time tiling work.

    Hi all, I am based in Leeds (west yorkshire) and looking for anyone/company who may need any part-time casual help ? I have CSCS card (nvq level 2 tiling) tools & transport. Thanks, Ash.
  8. MCTMike

    Mapei mud bed cure time

    I installed the top layer of 4-1 Mapei mud in my shower last night at 10. When should I start tiling? Documentation says to tile when it's 'fully cured', but doesn't indicate how to identify full curing. Thoughts?
  9. M

    Hello! 1st time tiling

    Hi all Was scouring sites and pages for advice on the best way to prep floors and came across this forum. We've had an extension built and are thinking of tiling our new utility room and cloakroom. Most of the floor is new screed, but the cloakroom is where the new floor meets the existing...
  10. Taylormade

    Not done this for some time!

    Started a job last week 40 sq mtrs around an indoor swimming pool. 30mm thick limestone tiles! Sized all 600mm wide in lengths of 900 800 700 and 600mm. Client wants them laid up to the edge of the pool. 1st photo shows tiles laid to pool edge look awful and too sharp an edge for children. Told...
  11. C

    First time tiler - porch floor pics

    Hi guys. I’m going to give tiling a go on my small porch floor, I’ve had a new door fitted and I’m looking to change the floor now. I’m guessing ceramic is fine for this? Any ideas if I need to prepare the floor or can I just go straight onto this floor?
  12. R

    Shortly embarking on a tiling course. Looking for experience in mean time (free labourer!)

    As per the title, south wales area. Thanks
  13. A

    1st Time Tiling New Build

    Morning all, I have been looking through the forum for a post which offers a similar situation to mine but failing. I am seeking some advice from the guys with experience. This will be my first time tiling so excuse my ignorance. I am moving into my new build house on Thursday where I am...
  14. T

    First time tiling with marble. Advice please

    Hello It's Hugo here. I did have an account on here before but can't seem to find it, so I have re registered. It will the first time tiling with marble. The customer is looking at 600x600 on the floor and 600 x 300 on the walls. There is a load of prep work to do first I know and I'll be...
  15. M

    1st time tiling floor advice

    Hi iv done few small tile jobs on walls 1st time tiling a floor about 33 yards, im going to be using 450x450 8mm thick ceramic tiles just have few questions, what size notched trowel should i use? can i use 1.5mm spacer? is a washboy worth buying? Thanks
  16. J

    Waiting time between tiling

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a time limit when tiling. I am DIYing my bathroom. So far I have tiled the floor but not grouted. I have also tanked the shower area and primed the plasterboard walls in the rest of the room with Mapai plaster primer. My question is how long can I wait now...
  17. D

    First time tiling question

    Morning all first time tiler and need some advice I want to tile floor tiles at the foot of a wall which is not straight (pics attached). This means that when I put the tiles down as straight as possible, there are large uneven gaps between the back of the floor tile and the adjacent wall. The...
  18. hotnuts21

    First time tiling sanity check.

    Hi Guys, I've got a lot of great advice from reading through these forums but just wanted a sanity check on what I'm doing before I start. As part of a major DIY renovation our Edwardian terrace I'm currently working on the bathroom and planning the tiling aspect. The walk in shower has large...
  19. O

    First time tiling. Thought id give it a go

    So here I am. Giving tiling a go. Complete novice. Bought all the tools so it would probably have been cheaper to hire someone at this point. But hopefully it's a warm up for bigger things. Thought I'd start with a small area around a sink and counter top in my utility area. At least if this...
  20. S

    First time tiling a floor

    Hi, I've been planning on tiling my 16sq m dining room floor for ages, so have been reading these forums for months, planning and waiting til I have the time/info/courage to start. Feel like I've learnt loads from here already, but it would be great if someone could run through my list of tools...
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