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A member of parliament (MP) is the representative of the people who live in their constituency. In many countries with bicameral parliaments, this term implies members of the lower house, as upper houses often have a different title. Member of Congress or Deputy is an equivalent term in other jurisdictions. Parliamentarian is also sometimes used to describe members of parliament, but the term may also be used to refer to unelected government officials with specific roles in the parliament, such as the Senate Parliamentarian in the United States, or to imply the characteristic of performing the duties of a member of a legislature, e.g. "The two party leaders often disagreed on issues, but both were excellent parliamentarians and cooperated to get many good things done."
Members of parliament typically form parliamentary groups, often called caucuses, with members of the same political party.

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  1. Aethelweard

    Bathroom walls for diyer, new member

    Dear Tilers Hi all, I've just joined the forum. I am renovating my 30s semi. I am a diyer and I have just removed some original tiles from a 1932 bathroom in my house. They were in bad condition and cracked so had to go sadly. Thing is, I want to retile, probably porcelain. Underneath the tiles...
  2. S

    Training colleges, to many choices… help!

    Hi all, new here :) I know this question has been asked a few times so apologies advance. I’m looking train to become a tiller and a Google search and we find lots of training providers each offering tilling courses at different duration/ levels , most have great reviews so it makes it harder...
  3. J

    New member saying Hello

    Good morning all. I went back on the tools in June after 11 years in Facilities Management. Doncaster based, I provide a property maintenance and repair services. I have found myself doing plenty of projects involving tiling, so made sense to become a member.
  4. T

    New member seeking advice!

    Good morning, I've used this site a number of times for tiling info and have always found it really useful, but this time I wanted to post a question before I start a tiling job. I am about to start work on our en-suite shower. I need to remove the old tiles and (no idea what is under there i'm...
  5. T

    New member

    Hi All Used to be a forum member some years ago but took a sabbatical for health reasons. Now back doing a few jobs part time! Never been so busy 😂 Best wishes to all Pete Taylor
  6. R

    New member

    Retired homeowner and wanna be handyman. I'm currently rebuilding a 3'X5' shower in my little 44 year old home. After 2 months I finally have some mosaic floor tile down, grouting today. I now have a great respect for persons that install showers for a living. May be lots of questions before the...
  7. K

    Hello everyone I am a new member from India.

    I am the marketing executive of Radhe Ceramics. We are a manufacturer and exporter of ceramic wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles since 2011. Radhe Ceramics is a pioneer establishment in the ceramic industry in India where there was already an important manufacturing business network dedicated...
  8. P

    Wanted-Quality tilers for contracts in early 2021

    Hi there, new member on here. Just an initial post to enquire about tilers looking for work for upcoming contracts in the East Midlands in early 2021. Good rates paid for the right tradespeople. Please contact on here for more info.
  9. W

    New member

    New member, decided to become a part of the community and not just lurking in threads, Greetings from Miami
  10. C

    DIY Ardex

    Hi everyone, new member of this forum, thanks. Need advice on Ardex wpc. Applied a few days ago 2 coats as specified. I am tiling my shower area shortly but find the Ardex to be mildly tacky, is the tile cement and tile going to adhere or is there a problem heading my way. Many thanks ChrisD
  11. D

    Porcelain New member, need some tiling advice please!

    So it's my first ever time tiling and I'm using 25cmx25xm porcelain tiles. I'm tiling directly onto a concrete floor which is level but I'm not sure whether I need to prep the concrete first before applying the adhesive? Should I do this first and if so can anyone recommend a good primer for...
  12. D

    Hi New member saying hello

    Hi I currently have no experience in tiling at the minute but with being made redundant by the end of the year will be looking at doing an intensive course to learn the basics then build up my portfolio/experience working for friends and family. Just wondering if there is much work on around...
  13. G

    New Member, several tile jobs to finish

    Hi, I am an experienced DIY’er that has several tiling jobs that I need to complete. In the past I’ve installed ceramic tile on bathroom floors and tiled above a tub so I have some experience. As I go through these new jobs I know I will have questions so thanks in advance for the help. GPag
  14. A

    Hi new member saying hello

    Hello all, I currently have no experience in tiling atm. I plan on doing a 3 week tiling course by able skills later on this year, mid October time. I would get a city and guilds qualification on completion. My plan after that is to work on my own home, family and friends to build up a...
  15. T

    Late night hello as a new member :)

    Hi, I am George, a very stressed DIYer at the moment.. First of all I have to thank all the people who shared their knowledge all there years, answering questions or posting their complete jobs. The forum is providing a lot of answers on vital questions for simple DIY people like me and I fully...
  16. Dill69

    New member saying hello

    Evening All, I'm Jack and new to tiling, currently on a 6 week city&guilds tiling course at Able Skills in which I start my 3rd week tomorrow. I was looking for a career change so i left my existing job and done some labouring with friends and found out tiling was the trade for me. I've...
  17. TomMcgTX

    New Member in WV

    Hi everyone! I signed up to find some help with a small diy tiling job in one of my bathrooms. I hope to use this experience to do more eventually in my home. My experience with tile is zero, with the exception of a small craft when I was a kid. I'm a CAD Designer in the water/wastewater...
  18. J

    New member here in need of help

    Hi I'm Jenna I'm having my kitchen retailed to match the rest of the tiles and having a mare finding them. I'm looking for some tiles called elegance crema, by Halcon. There a polished porc tile either 60 x 60 or 57 x 57cm in size. Pls helpppp
  19. R

    New member here...question on adhesive for matting.

    Hi everyone, I have been following this forum for about 14 years now and have always found answers to my thanks for all the previous info you have all provided me. Excellent forum! I cannot however find an answer to this next question... ...I will be doing an 18sqm floor in...
  20. S

    New member from the plumbing forum! Hiiiii

    Hi all I found my way here as i user the uk plumbers forum on a fairly regular basis for advice on my diy projects (not sure if the two are linked but the look pretty similar) Anyway, ive done the plumbing part and now its time to start tiling so im here to hopefully get some useful tips off...
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